GOTY 2016

One night I was bored and maybe a little drunk and wanted to test out my new keyboard. I ended up writing stuff about video games for the year. I am going to put it on here because I edited it a couple times and am tired of looking at it so now you can look it if you want. Feel free to comment below on why I am wrong or add your own list. It is your life, don't let me stop you.

Pile of Shame:

Overwatch - I think I would either love or absolutely hate overwatch. No clue which. Maybe next year I will find out.

Hitman - I really need to play more hitman and I am excited about what Season 2 will bring

Stellaris - No time for a massive space opera while I too busy even read about massive space operas.

The King of Fighters XIV - This is really on here because of how weird 2016 felt with fighting games. While the move to 3D didn’t help the art style one bit, the combat seems to continue its execution in excellence for the King of Fighters series. Now that a visual improvement patch is coming out in January, you best believe I hope to spend time breaking my hands on this game.

Hyper Light Drifter - I played a bit of this game before the new visual improvement patch was released. I can’t wait to come back to this apocalyptic sword-slashing hyper-future art style soon.

Tyranny - If it was not for Pillars of Eternity, I would probably already have 20 hours into this release. I just need more time.

Gears of War 4 - I like Gears of War. I have a PC and can play it. I just didn’t. That’s too bad because I’m sure some friends and I could have a blast with hoard mode.

Thing I am Excited to Play More of:

Let It Die - What a Grasshopper Games start to this game. I have played the first couple of hours and made it a couple floors in and already, this game is right up my alley. As long as the free-to-play mechanics don’t get in the way, I really want to see more of the weird mushroom lady and skateboard-riding Grim Reaper in my Dark Souls-esque rogue-like.

Best Old Games:

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - So, I think steam has something like 74 hours logged for Dragon’s Dogma while I think 30 to 40 of those are actually true. The combat of Dragon’s Dogma is smooooooth. Like liquidy smooth on pc. I had played a fair amount of this game for free when it was released on Playstation Plus and had a tough time with frame rate issues. In my mind, the art and scenery of this game had earned a deserved place at 60 frames a second. You were stabbing, and slashing, arching, and casting at a speed that 30 or less framed seemed inadequate for. I love that the day-night cycle affects gameplay in such an interesting way as well as how unique and weird the pawn system is. All of these systems make this very much feel like an import game of old.

Pillars of Eternity - The writing on Pillars continues to be some of the best in the business. The new expansion gave me a fantastic reason to jump in past hour 70-something to keep going and remember where in the story my Paladin was punching Dukes in the nose over land disputes.

The Pinball Arcade & Stern Pinball Arcade - Stern has some of the best tables in the business and Pinball Arcade continues to be the best way to experience them at home beside buying tables outright. They have now branched out and made some licensing deals with stern (one of the last manufacturing companies) to sweeten the pot when it comes to getting new tables like Ghostbusters. Pinball is great and this version feels great.

Diablo III - This is still good but I think 2017 will be a better year.

List items

  • This is the DOOM your parents were afraid of in the 90s. DOOM (2016) feels like the DOOM 1 and 2 of yore. You play as a guy dubbed “The DoomBringer” that shoots demons in the face with a shotgun while never not moving. This game undoes the sin of making DOOM 3 a pretty alright survival horror game. It makes you forget that the modes that are not the campaign seem to be forgotten and unused. The only thing I could think while knee deep in demons with the most metal of soundtracks was how much fun I was having. The collectables are smartly placed in a way that doesn’t feel cheap. The guns all feel good. The demons are varied and need different approaches. There is a chainsaw. It is just in there and you can use it and it rules. The heavy metal electronic soundtrack sounds stereotypical in a way that screams the 90s while sounding obviously modern and it too rules. You should probably play DOOM. It rules.

  • I really like solitaire. I do. The games easily slides into the part of my brain that loves patterns. Pocket Card Jockey tests you with a more simplistic rule set to solitaire while pressing you to do it as fast as possible. All of these hands are done in the effort of making you horse race faster and have more energy than other horses. Your horse becomes better and faster as you develop the strategy aspect around a couple hands of solitaire and start winning races. You can breed your good horses and make better horses that race a little bit like each parent. If the mobile version had come out in the US, I probably would have never stopped playing this tiny gem.

  • I don’t know if it is the super stark and simplistic style of Superhot or the novel and interesting mechanics that make it one of the best games I played this year. I would think that both contribute to punching a red “bad guy” in the face, grabbing the gun in mid-air, and shooting more bad guys in the face in slow motion. SuperHot’s combat puzzle is by far one of the best things you can spend time on this year.

  • Press this button to GO BACK IN TIME!? Titanfall 2 may be the best Gundam game I have ever played. Shooting missiles at in game villains while they spout their evil doctrine at you could not be more robot anime. The fact that you teach a robot how to love again while running on walls and shooting really fast guns easily makes this one of the best games of the year. The online multiplayer dynamic of people with guns and also giant robots adds mechanics that feel fresh even in a sequel. My only concern is the lack of people playing online.

  • Hitman is the “mathematically” best game of the year. Holy shit, did they add a lot to hitman. Did you see the levels of detail as you made out your mark across a busy market square teeming with people? Did you notice when Agent 47 looked a lot like a world famous model at the fashion show and you can just use that to your advantage? Or did you notice the marks in the Christmas level are literally the thieves from Home Alone? Hitman is a weird little stealth puzzle that continues to entertain each and every time you engage with it. The one-try-only missions in the game really test your patience and develop the best language to talk to your friends about how you totally screwed something up.

  • Playing Thumper reminds me of when I used to try and break down the drum parts to Prog-Rock songs. Thumper may be best played on feel while ignoring the 7/8 time signature. Also, it is violent and best played loud. I am hoping to set aside more time at the beginning of 2017 to improve my leaderboard position and get into some of that new content.

  • I wish I hated Clash Royale more than I did. The game does so many things right that it can be very hard to forgive the game it’s faults. When you hit against the players that have spent some real money on the game, the simple mechanics change for the worse as someone has paid for more and better aces up their sleeve. The gap of the have versus the have-nots convinced me to uninstall this otherwise superb strategy game from my phone.

  • Give me a game where I can use the keyboard over the mouse any day of the week. It might be my daily work usage of putty consoles that makes the movement and command abilities in Duskers feel intuitive to me. The act of slow navigation with drones into dangerous and dark spaces is absolutely thrilling. My heart is consistently racing while I navigate my tiny drone, harry, through typing which door to open as well as harry’s command to gather everything he finds in the room that may or may not have a monster, all in one line of input. You know, just like work.

  • Uncharted 4 may be the second best Uncharted game. That idea alone makes it one of the single best games of the 2016. The very-well-already-wrapped-up story of Nathan Drake shines through in this last chapter so well, I very much forgot how upset I was that they were making another game. This was an excellent Uncharted game that will not change your mind on what an Uncharted game is.

  • Put these Anime boys in this car and drive them straight into my heart. The redesigned combat really brought this game to 2016. It is too bad that so many other parts, like the story, stealth, and hunting missions feel like they came out of a game from 10 years ago.