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Disney Universe Game Trailer


Disney Interactive Studios announced today that Disney Universe, a fast-paced multiplayer action adventure game, is currently in development for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Wii™ and Windows PC/MAC. In Disney Universe, players will experience non-stop action through a mix-up of worlds inspired by both animated and live action films from Disney, including titles from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. Players will suit-up as iconic Disney and Disney•Pixar characters and embark on adventures to power up their hero, battle powerful adversaries and master challenging puzzles to save the universe. Disney Universe is slated for release in fall 2011.

"Disney Universe is a vast treasure chest of Disney properties with memorable characters, places and experiences that gamers, as well as Disney fans will enjoy," said Adam Sussman, senior vice president of publishing, Disney Interactive Media Group. "The fast-paced, frenetic gameplay combined with wacky humor and hilarious situations make Disney Universe the perfect game to play with family and friends."

In Disney Universe, players can select from more than 40 classic and contemporary Disney character costumes, including Alice ("Alice in Wonderland"), Mike ("Monsters, Inc."), TRON ("TRON: Legacy") and Stitch ("Lilo & Stitch") to explore six different worlds inspired by legendary Disney and Disney•Pixar films. Each world will allow players to experience objectives and missions that follow Disney and Disney•Pixar movie storylines. Players will select a character-based costume, with each costume offering a specific tool that changes and grows in power as players adventure through the game. Disney Universe offers frenetic gameplay, multiplayer with up to three friends and slapstick humor that will appeal to players of all ages.

The fun will continue on with plans for Disney Universe to be an expanding universe post-launch with items for download and new content available. Additional worlds, costumes, and more will be available for purchase, giving Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 system owners an ever-evolving gameplay experience. 

I am a big Disney fan so this is really exciting for me. A game where I can dress up a chibi like over than 40 Disney characters, yes please! I say we speculate what the other 36 costumes will be!  

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter:  @sora_thekey

@ the Whiskey Media Office

 Cue "Choir Music"!
Hey GB users! It's been a really long time since I've posted here on the site (Around 7 months now) but I wanted to share this with all of you. 
When it comes to the Whiskey Media sites, I usually spend my time at Comic Vine and Anime Vice. At the beginning of this month I had the privilege to accompany the Comic Vine staff once again as their convention intern for Wonder Con in San Fransisco. You are probably wondering, "what does this have to do with video games?" Well nothing, it has to do with Giant Bomb.
Since the comic book convention was held in San Fran, I took the opportunity to visit the offices of my favorite websites. I was there After Hours so I didn't get to meet everybody. I did meet Vinny, Drew, Melisa (Whiskey HR) and Alex Navarro from Screened for the first time. I got to see Ana (AHR), Ethan, Daniel (Rizener) and Norm from Tested once again and of course I spent my weekend with Joey, Sara (Babs), Tom Pinchuk and Tony Guerrero (G-Man) from Comic Vine. 
I was at the Whiskey Media Office... Of course I took pictures: 

Me (sporting my new GB shirt) and Cool Baby!
Me (sporting my new GB shirt) and Cool Baby!

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @sora_thekey 

In Retrospect - Whiskey Media's Big Live Live Show: Live

Originally posted over at CV

 So I'm guessing this was
 So I'm guessing this was "Live" right?
Is Whiskey Media the best or what?
If you dare say or what I will have to strongly disagree with you (among other things) because today's 7-hour Big Live Live Show proves you wrong!
Today was one of those: "One Small Step for Man" moments, where the Whiskey Media takes "one giant leap" of internet entertainment where not only did the sites get an upgrade with the new features that are given to those who are willing to become a Paid Member which includes a whole lot of great stuff and also the new site Multi-Pass which allows you all to to have one account for all the Whiskey Media sites. Awesome right? 
No Caption Provided
Comic Vine made homage to the Battle Threads by making their own battles on the spot, and also preforming a Preview Theater, doing the news segment and having a Comic Book Movie chat, all live. They also enlightened us with guest stars such as Tom Pinchuk, Matt Elfring, James Robinson and James Sime.

No Caption Provided
Giant Bomb did not disappoint with all of the interviews, game play, music and more. It was so much that the only way to describe is by showing you the video (which I don't have!). You would think that highlight would probably be that the they were alongside people from Harmonix, used the Kinect to dance and rocked out with Rock Band 3 but the highlight was definitely Jean Baudin who played music on an 11 string bass. Awesome! 
No Caption Provided
Screened disappointed in the most awesome way possible by streaming a movie; Denizen. Of course not only did we watch this bad horror movie but we got cometary from various staff members on different parts of the movies. Also some lucky users won original movie posters for free!!

No Caption Provided
Tested was probably the most random event of the day as they took apart a PS3 and tested a sauna, a glove, some bacon, an dozen eggs, some glasses and the Rock Band instruments. I am not going say anything else because that is something you will have to awe about, by yourselves.
 Matt and Tom:
 Matt and Tom: "Long Live CV, GB, AV Screened and Tested"

 Live feed of the Block Party w/ Daniel Miesner, Ana, Will Smith and Rorie
 Live feed of the Block Party w/ Daniel Miesner, Ana, Will Smith and Rorie
It was a great day of content and after that they had a party in which they were happy to stream live for all of us who couldn't go. Yesterday I got some stitches on my toe so I can't walk, and I decided to continue watching all from the comfort of my bed. I've been watching the live feed of the party and got some pictures! 
They are all on my CV gallery! (I'll be updating it!)
  Also I tweeted this: 

sora_thekey : YEAH! I got my drunk shout outs on the Big Live Live Show Block Party from @ inferiorego @ TomPinchuk @ nchan and @ frailgesture! You are all awesome! 

...and I did I got a shout out from these guys during the Live stream! 
Thank You Whiskey Media for the awesome entertainment! Hopefully this whole show will be available later on for all of you who missed it! (and for all of use who want to see it again)  
EDIT: Watch the complete show here (On the last video I get a shout out from Rorie, Matt, Tom Pinchuk and Norm: 40:50 - 41:42 YEAH!)

-- Geo ( sora_thekey), long time user, blogger, wiki editor of the Whiskey Media Sites, and an all time geek!

E3: Kingdom Hearts might have Pixar Worlds in the future.

If you've played Kingdom Hearts then you know that the levels or "worlds" are in fact Disney movies. Most people speculate on which world will be used for the various KH games and most KH fans have asked for a Pixar world for so long...
I mean imagine Sora entering a world where he is an action figure, Donald is a wind up toy and Goofy becomes a plushy in a Toy Story world. Or Imagine Sora and company becoming monsters and taking Boo on a wild ride along side Mike and Sully in a Monsters Inc world. Or maybe even have Sora become a moon fish, Donald a duck fish and ironically Goofy a cat fish in a Finding Nemo world.
Well Nintendo World Report reports that Tetsuya Nomura (creator of the KH games) is considering Pixar worlds for future Kingdom Hearts games, in an E3 interview.

“I am aware of the fan requests for Pixar characters,” said the Square Enix director. “I will do my best. Maybe one day Pixar characters will be featured in the Kingdom Hearts series.”

So what Pixar world do you want to see?

No Caption Provided

Picture by danidipps


Whiskey Media is Expanding... so Thank You for That!

I don't know if you've heard but the most recent addition to the Whiskey Media sites has launched:

No Caption Provided

Well I wanted to take up this opportunity to talk about how awesome Whiskey Media is...
I've been a user on Comic Vine for almost 2 years now, I'm going to reach my one year mark this July as a user on Anime Vice and Giant Bomb, and well I've been a user on Tested since the begging.   
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I have to say that I completely blame Whiskey Media for the fact that I use the internet so much. I literally check all of the Whiskey sites before opening my e-mail every time I log into my laptop.
No Caption Provided
The reason to this was because Whiskey Media was smart when making these sites. All the sites include all the qualities of a fun friend that makes me stay at a party I might be to tired to stay at has. They make it fun, funny, interesting, entertaining and even though I am out of adjectives I can assure you there are a lot more that can describe the sites.
So to the people who are doing Unscripted videos and writing articles to the people who spend their time on codes for the sites and who edit all those amazing features, I say: Thank You
So come up with your thank you to Whiskey Media guys, (Yeah I'm talking to you users) because they truly are: Makers of Fine Websites 

No Caption Provided
If you like one of these site (any of them) go and join the others, I can assure you you will find something you will like there... 
and if you do, look me up:
- Comic
- Anime 
- Giant 
Thank you Whiskey Media for making my internet experience as awesome as it is now!

Are you going to play?

EDIT: Desription of the Game:  
Digimon RPG is a free to play micro-transaction supported MMORPG in a setting based on that of the Digimon media franchise, specifically the Digimon Tamers anime. It is currently only available to play in South Korea, but fan-created English and Spanish translation patches exist. In addition Bandai and Digitalic are working on an official English version of the game that is planned for Global launch in March 2010 by WeMade Entretainment.    

Well March is here!  
As soon as I get home from work I'm playing this... 
I've seen videos on the game and although they are not the best graphics.. I am intrested to see how the gamplay will be like... 
I am a fan of the Digimon franchise (anime) but the games have never lived up to the hype, and if I remeber correctly the Digimon Tamers Anime had a card base battle system on the show (Call it Yu Gi Oh)... Maybe it will be applied on this MMORPG since it's based on that show! 
Are you going to play?


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep has been released...

 Before you get excited... It has been released in Japan... 
 but that gives us info that we didn't have before... 
Like the Kh: Birth By Sleep Intro video: 

Plus do you want to see what the gameplay is like?  
Since the leak of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, many Japanese gamers have been playing the game early. Justin.TV User, Inunonanahou, is currently broadcasting a LIVE stream of himself playing through the game.  
So go watch it at Justin.TV... just remeber this is live! So there might be spoilers...     
Like in my case I watched for a little while and entered the part where Aqua saves young Kairi (witht the help of Mickey) from a heard of Unbirths... 
After the fight Kairi gives Aqua some flowers with a very cute Arigato!
So if you have nothing to do go and watch as the game is played....           

KH: Birth by Sleep Info and New Trailer

Here's some random info about the game's stoy.... This is all found in 
 This game seems so cool... This info goes along with the new trailer: 

-- “The future that will be opened with the keyblade...”
“The opening movie tells of the future”
“Hikari”, the first KH song, plays in the opening movie. Scenes that weave the story together are shown, and within them we can see somewhere that looks like “The place of awakening”. We see Terra and his friends go up against Xehanort, then fall. Does this show a fate that cannot be avoided?

“The charms they carry, will become their strength...”
“Why do those two fight?”
“Those who change the three heroes’ fate”
“The end of a cruel and heartless fight”
“The Kingdom Hearts glitters in the sky...”

-- “The feelings and bonds that head towards tragedy”
The scene that we can predict to be the climax of the story is shown. An uncountable number of keyblades are thrust into the earth as they go against Xehanort. This world’s name has yet to be revealed, it is a world we don’t yet know. Is this a place where many keyblade heroes died during the “Keyblade War”? There is a scene where Terra and Ven are with Xehanort, but why?

“The remains of the Keyblade War”
“The grave of the keyblades of past heroes”

Xehanort: “The remains of keyblades that took on the power of their masters”  

Ven’s Story
They are up against Xehanort. Does Ven know how strong he is? He entrusts his friends with his last wish, “Please kill me...” We can also see a scene where it looks as though he has been defeated by Xehanort. Then Xehanort says unmerciful words to him. We can also see a scene where Ven has vacant eyes, and he seems to be working with Xehanort...?    “Entrusting your friends with your future”

Ven: “I ask you this because you’re my friends.”

Xehanort: “Why couldn’t you forgive [someone] for going on a journey?”

Terra’s Story
Terra can feel there is something wrong with his friend’s heart, and he explodes with anger. He challenges Xehanort with an attack that “Lingering Sentiment” used in KHIIFM?

“Trouble in Terra’s heart”

Terra: “What did you do to his heart!”

Terra: (Land of Departure) “I’ll use my strength for my friends!”

Terra: “Did you call me, Master Xehanort?”

Aqua’s Story
Aqua fights alongside the King in a land of darkness. It looks as though they are fighting Xehanort and Vanitas, but we can’t see Terra or Ven anywhere. Where could they be?

“Fighting alongside the King against a difficult adversary”

Aqua: “Terra, Ven, lend me your strength”

Aqua: “I will not listen to your nonsense!”

Beneath Vanitas’ mask...
Master Xehanort’s apprentice, the masked boy Vanitas. He uses the keyblade well, and he has enough power to over power three people [I can’t tell whether this is talking about TAV or not.] but we don’t know what his true form is. But when he is up against Ven, his mask melts off, exposing his face to the day. And that face is...?

“Will a prophecy of the future come true?”
“Vanitas’ golden eyes pierce Ven”

Vanitas: “The being called “Terra” will disappear.”

-- “The King with join the fight, holding a keyblade!”
The King will also appear here with our three heroes. He is holding the Starseeker that he had in the KHIIFM secret movie, but we still don’t know what his motives are. We can also see a scene where he shows the “star fragment” to Ven, which he uses to travel between the worlds.

“The cry of the King’s heart”
“Led by the power of the stars...”

Mickey: “The keyblade isn’t something you use to hurt people!””

Mickey: “You [?] didn’t just get [here?] on a whim, you must have reacted to something and been led [here]” [sorry, can’t tell exactly who/what he is talking about here without more references.]

“Create new Commands by fusion”
“Command Charge” is a system where you can put two Commands together to create a new Command. You can access it any time from the menu. If you add in fusion materials during Charge, you can get special abilities.

You can fuse “Aerial Break Lv 3” + “Aero Lv 3” to get “Aera”. If you add a “charged crystal” you can get “Air Combo Plus”. If you add the “shiny crystal” you can add “Blizzard Guard”.

“Add the best abilities to your Commands.”

“You can also by ice cream!”
At Moogle Shops in all of the worlds you can buy Commands (and sell them as well.) And in the series first ice cream shop in Disney Town, you can gather materials and make your own ice cream. If you put the ice cream you’ve made into your Deck Command, you’ll be able to change immediately to the Style in the ice cream. It seems there are 7 kinds of ice cream?

The example shows “Volcano Curry” (if you use it you can change into Fire Blazer)

“The Moogle [is a?] hologram?”
“Get the Commands you want at a Moogle Shop!”
“Make your favorite ice cream!”

-- “Memories with friends you can never forget”
“Radiant Garden” is a world where many important characters in the series live. It has been revealed that Kairi and those who will become members of Organization XIII are here. This time we will introduce you to the two humans that look just like Axel an Saix. They look young, but you can imagine that this is how they would have looked as humans.

Lea: A mischievous boy who plays with a frisbee that has a fire symbol on it. He is characterized by his red hair that looks like fire. If you add an X to his name and switch the letters around it becomes “Axel”.

Isa: A cool and collected young man. You can tell that this is the human that would become Saix, but he doesn’t have the scar on his forehead at this time.

“Sounds like Axel”

Lea: “Got it memorized?”

Isa: “Well, at least we won’t forget [you?], in any case.”

Isa: “It seems [someone] is already prepared.”

-- Of course Winnie the Pooh will be here!
The world of “Winnie the Pooh”, “The 100 Acre Wood” will be appearing on the Command Board system. With the special “Honey Paradise” you will be able to take the pot of honey and gain BP.

“Pooh and Tigger face off!”

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