How To Build A BETTER Bomb

Is it just me or is the Blog toolbar broken? Instead of appearing as a neat strip mine has been staggered into one toolbar per icon so my blog box is MASSIVE. Anyone else having this problem??

As for my response to the "How can we improve GiantBomb" connundrum my suggestion would be to add Gamertags and console ID´s to each profile. Also maybe compact the User Feed because it does take up a lot of space... And maybe a way of keeping track of individual forums as oppose to "general discussion".

MOST IMPORTANTLY I think it should be easier to link pages when blogging and posting. If I highlight "Gears Of War" and click the [LINK] button then could it not suggest the most likely links instead of making my type the title out again?? Its not a biggie but making it easier would encourage users to link pages more often, especially when you are typing something with lots of referances in it (see below).

Also In other news, I had my first surf lesson today off the coast of Peurto Escondito in Mexico. I had to get up at 6 am (its harder than it sounds) and treck down to the beach. It was mind blowing, I loved every second of it, although I am now ridiculously tired.... Anyways I now want to play a surfing game. The last I can remember was Kelly Slater Pro Surfer after Tony Hawk went global, but that was a terrible game... NEXT GEN SURFING - somebody get working on it right away!

Lastly I am slightly confused as to what games to buy upon my return (2 days). I was going to buy Civ Rev but after Geometry Wars 2 got released and is obviously amazing I might just get that and then wait for Too Human and Castle Crashers... I can also re-activate my wow account for 1 month while I wait. Maybe I will pick up a pre-owned copy of Civ Rev when the price has dropped, because I really enjoyed that demo.

Long Post today. Pokefans will be pleased to know that the Pikachu and Professor Oak pages are done, although my "Team Rocket" submission got declined for some reason... do they go in character or concept? Tìs a puzzle to be sure....

*EDIT* Team Rocket page now up and running!


GiantBomb, I choose you!

When I return to England in.. 3 days? I will at last have the oppurtunity to devote a chunk of my free time to Giant Bomb, giving it the respect it deserves. I am therefore setting myself the challenge that upon my return I shall complete the Giant Bomb pages for each and every of the original 150 pokemon. I just did Snorlax and it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I know lots of people still have fond memories of the Pokemon Franchise and, like me, are waiting for the game that revitalises the series. Well untill that day, Im going to Bomb the pokemon pages. Wish me luck.



My Party Pokemon List

Things I want To Do Before I Die

A short list of stuff to get done before I kick the bucket.

  • Hug A Bear - Swimming with Dolphins is for pussies
  • Party With Cliffy B - Preferabely in Las Vegas
  • Go Skydiving
  • Work on a AAA game and have it published - When drunk I told my friends I was going to make GTA6
  • Write A Book
  • Play Alan Wake - You never know...

I will probly think up some other stuff soon but yeah my list of lifelong ambitions looks fairly attainable. I will let you know if any of it actually happens...

Mexican Insanities (And my first Points!)

Hey there people im sorry there has been a blogging lapse but im on vacation in mexico atm so BACK OFF.
Anyways I finally found a hotel with the internet so im going to offer you a few quick reflections on my summer so far.

Television - all the classy hotels have cable which means I have been able to watch stuff like HBO, ESPN and CNN which we dont get in England. PEOPLE OF AMERICA. Your TV sucks.

Music - MTV LA contains a ton of junky american emo music which i have never heard before... is that all you guys listen too? Whiney teenagers? But also there aint many British bands on there apart from Coldplay and U2 and stuff (VH1) so I thought I would shout out a few decent British bands so you can educate yourselves. I dont know what stuff is popular in the USA so let me know if you have heard of any of the following:

Rock Stuff

  • Bloc Party
  • Arcade Fire

Rap/Hip Hop/Electric I dont know, genres confuse me.
  • The Streets
  • Plan B
  • Goldie Lookin Chain
  • Audio Bullys

If you want to know what English youth culture is really like in london then Plan B, The Streets and Audio Bullys are top dog. Urban poetry is the way forward.
(Goldie Lookin Chain are jokes, they will crack you up)

I have noticed quite a stong British presence on the Giantbomb site, more so than at other sites, but maybe I´m just picking up on it more because the community elements are much stronger here. Time Will tell.

Anyways While Ive been away ive been missing my Xbox 360. Also I´m looking forward to heading back to Azeroth when I return on Sunday. I will have 2 months of freedon left to live so I may as well clock some Wow time.

Lastly I am now the proud owner of 3 wiki points for adding the concept DEATH. Mwahahahahaha, it was so simple. Although my SEX submission did indeed get rejected...


Red Ring Of Death Anyone??

Like the millions of other pissed off Xbox 360 owners my Xbox 360 caught the red ring of death plauge that was circulating the gaming population. That was last november, and since then I have been very happy with my new replacement console. At the time the red ring phonemenon was in full swing, but now I find less and less people to be complaining about dead 360´s. Is the Red-Ring plauge finally over? Can we sleep safe at night knowing that our consoles are free of the evil tyranny that once haunted us and made us cower in fear at the precarious fragility of our beloved consoles? Are we SAFE??


E3 - So many games, so little time...

Now E3 is over we have been left with the all too familiar sense of super-positive previews and consequent frustration that these games are still so far away. As a 360 owner I was fairly unimpressed. The prominent titles on display were already at the top of my shopping list. As Mr Gerstmann said in a Bombcast, I´m sick of watching Gears Of War 2 videos. I just want to play the damn thing... Drip feeding me new weapons and characters is fine up to a point but now i just WANT IT. Similarly Resident Evil 5 looks to be a gaming highlight, but my anticipation is literally killing me, my brain slowly melting from overexposure to screenshots and videos.

I am dissapointed with E3 because it didnt change my mind about any of the games on show. Just as I already knew I would be pre-ordering Gears Of War 2, I knew I would not be purchasing Fallout 3 - and E3 did nothing except confirm my preconceptions. It was, essentially, more of the same.

However I still enjoyed E3, and its heartwarming to see games that have been forgotten about given a fresh platform in the spotlight, such as Castle Crashers. That game is going to be awesome...

Anyways in terms of GiantBomb I have submitted a bunch of stuff and i´m waiting on them to be given the OK by the bomb crew, so stay tuned. I added "Sex" as a video game concept, I hope they dont dismiss it as a joke...

Whats Wrong With The Bomb?

I cant seem to edit my Giant Bomb profile?! I´m trying to change my email and console preferance but every time I click save it just reverts to the old ones. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just this crappy mexican computer im using??

Apart from that i´m loving GiantBomb so APOLOGIES for taking the jam out of the Giant Doughnut.


It begins...

So this is my new blog. I have blogged elsewhere on the Internet, mainly on IGN - but I have always been a big fan of the giant bomb crew and so i´m moving here to show my support. (nobody mention "G***spot").

GiantBomb. Its a whole new Internet phonemenon.

Anyways my profile is full of wonderful information about myself. And as an introduction to my blog itself I would just like to point out that this blog will never be "Teh Bestest blog ev@r". Never. Such attempts at internet popularity will be frowned upon. From a distance. This blog will be a place to explore both concepts and design elements of video games. As well as an occassional place to rave about zombies.


So far so good GiantBomb. I´m looking forward to spending many a happy hour in the bomb shelter. (We dont call it the bomb shelter!) Jeff Gerstmann I salute you.