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proof I have bad taste in games

This is a list of really bad games that I actually like alot.

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  • I would say greatest game you not only have never heard of but you never would think about.

    its a survival horror game minus the horror. instead of zombies you have a whole city fucking with you.

    by a whole city I mean the building, the ground everything is out to get you. If you have not played a disaster report or the badass sequel "raw danger" you are wasting your life.

  • I completely loved shenmue I must have played that game for a year straight even tho it's a really boring game.

    I actually bought the first xbox just to play shenmue 2.

  • beat down is no question a bad game, but still play it to this day.

    there is so much character customizing in it, you can recruit tons of really different people into your army, you can mug people beat info out of people, murder people in this kinda open world city. story was the worst thing ever but I really loved it.

  • I really liked the wheelman for one simple reason every mission was like my favorite part of a burnout game.

  • A very low point for Lucas games but didn't think it was to bad

    sure the entire concept of it's being was the dumbest thing I've ever heard but it was still fun.

  • Most people don't like this game, I thought it was better than kotor need I say more

  • I love dynasty warriors I love gundams

    the in game clock says I've play this game for 87 hours and 12 minutes and I've done maybe 60% of the things to do in the game.

  • I love the whole series you don't like them that's your problem.

    they give the player over 100 hours of gameplay like I said I played the gundam one for 87 hours and still have a lot to do in it

  • I thought the godfather 2 was better or more fun than gta 4 by like 20 miles

  • there is a non stop line of people that will tell you assassin's creed is a terrible game.

    it was my game of the year when it came out.

  • I bought wet for 10 bucks and I played it all in like two sitting not because it is really short, but because I could not put it down. I thought this game was really fun and the soundtrack has a lot of great rockabilly music.

  • I seriously do NOT understand the hate for this game.

    I didn't even like lost planet 1 that much and I think lost planet 2 is one of the best games this year.