The Community Spotlight - 01/24/2014

Special Thanks to @chronicthehedgehog For This Amazing Work of Art!
Special Thanks to @chronicthehedgehog For This Amazing Work of Art!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am your host as always and everyone should rejoice! The reason is simple, the new 2014 subscriber t-shirts and posters are coming soon! Not to go from that to a low note this week marked a couple of anniversaries to denote how old we are. Not only did the first Super Smash Bros. game turn fifteen this week, but the original Brad Shoemaker photobomb that we all know and love turned four. As many of you might have noticed the staff and moderation team has been taking a tougher stance on inappropriate and rule breaking comments on the Live Chat. These words from Mr.@rorie have been true, and will always be true about those that think they have a "right" to say whatever they want. With that let's get on with the Community Spotlight!

Clips of the Week

We have THREE great clips this week! The first comes from @clintlandon who has created another Animated Bombcast clip which imagines Jeff as an Xbox One. Next, @turboman has created the final montage of the best moments of Vinny playing Dark Souls, including one more musical clipshow of Vinny's many deaths during his "Load our Last Souls" feature. Speaking of montages of our staff dying horribly our final video comes from Ian Minor who has a video of every single one of Brad's deaths while playing Volgarr the Viking.

Community Activities

  • Giant Bomb iRacing League: Season Two Preview - Learn About What the Race Club Has Set Up for Season Two Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Community Rust Server - Join the Community Server Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

As already mentioned the original Super Smash Bros. game turned fifteen this week, and you can read more about the game that started it all on our wiki page for the game. That said, please stop trying to add Project M to the database, you are all crazy people when calling that a "game."

Best of Blogs

DonChipotle is back to discuss the legacy, and future of the Lightning Saga and Final Fantasy XIII. Mento uses a collection of recent games to discuss creating the illusion of player choice, and he also has another edition of his always entertaining Commic Commish MS Paint webcomic. Shivoa discusses a recent topic from this week's "Worth Reading" about difficulty in games and debates if difficulty is helping further game design or not. SirOptimusPrime continues his attempt to finish System Shock 2, but has the new Shadow Warrior to boot in his latest blog. Chemystery continues his playthrough of old school JRPGs Final Fantasy VI and .hack Infection. Continuing the trend of users exploring oldish RPGs amlabella has started his own "Amateur Endurance Run," featuring Dragon Quest VIII, whereas demoskinos has started his own video Let's Play of the Hitman franchise and both blogs have the first parts to those follies. Speaking of user created videos EpicSteve has been hitting it out of the park with his "Amateur..." videos! He not only did he create an Amateur Quick Look for The Banner Saga, but he also has a Spookin' video for Babysitter Bloodbath as well as an interview of the developer of the game. Jim_Efantis has started a creative writing activity where users join him in writing letters on the status of Nintendo to Nintendo. Peezmachine is back with another update on his Giant Bomb x Windjammers game, SummerJammers. Video_Game_King is starting to kick his demons crutch with Gears of War 3 and Burai Fighter. Pezen contemplates on the good and bad of the Steam Greenlight system, whereas Sir_WilliamIII shares thoughts on Rust after playing the Alpha for three days. Wess continues his effort to catch every single Pokemon in Pokemon Y. Hailinel extrapolates on why he has burned out on Spelunky, and GrantHeaslip shares his exasperation and tiredness in regards to Super Mario 3D Land and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. MikeLemmer implores you to experience Ash Lake even if Patrick did not. Dankempster breaks down the thematic and gameplay differences between 2D and 3D Legend of Zelda games, and expresses his preference for one over the other. Finally DocHaus has the animeezy for sheezy that the Giant Bomb community voted for as the best anime of 2013...which you are all wrong for voting for Kill la Kill BECAUSE THAT SHOW IS MEDIOCRE AS HELL!

Fantastic Forums

ChrisHarris deserves an award for creating a new notification system to keep you updated on when Giant Bomb starts a new live stream. As seen above clintlandon made a new Giant Bomb Animated clip, and likewise ChronicTheHedgehog is the user to thank for the Spring Bomber fan art. We have a discussion thread for OlliOlli for all of you radical duders, and LiquidPrice wants you to join him in discussing the visual glitches you cannot stand. Finally dwigtk has a detailed post on his efforts to create his own arcade cabinet.

Lovable Lists

Pyromagnestir has created a list of games that he think have some novel ideas that other developers could borrow. List master Mento has annotated the biggest and most notable steel cities in video games. Finally Dimsey shares his excitement for the games coming out in 2014 on his latest list.

Useful User Reviews

Potent Podcasts