The Community Spotlight - 07/06/2012

Many Thanks to GB User B0nd07 for the Banner! 
Many Thanks to GB User B0nd07 for the Banner! 
Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Gary Whitta and his wife Leah have had a child! Fans of Big Jeffrey's Amusement Park are growing as GB user dvorak has created some fan VHS screen grabs, and GB user Crushed has made a Big Jeffrey's t-shirt. On Formspring Jeff has confirmed that the current set of review avatars will not be appearing on the site anymore after the re-design rolls out. On Twitter Jeff confirmed that the discussion and planning process for the third Big Live Live Show Live have begun, and posted this picture. The next BLLSL is all set to go sometime this September.  Now unfortunately there is some bad news that happened this week. Patrick's father has passed away, and if you can please take the time to issue your condolences over here.  Finally check out GB user BRYN's Animated version of the Bombcast discussion about knives versus baseball bats: 

Game Nights and Activities 

  • Official EVO 2012 / 2K12 Livestream Discussion Thread - Discuss Everying that Happens During EVO Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Spelunky Protips Thread - Figure Out Secrets or Advice With Enemies? Post Your Tips Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Spelunky XBLA Leaderboard - Add Fellow Giant Bombers to Your Seplunky Leaderboard By Posting Your GamerTag Here!
  • Dwarf Fortress Help/Hint Thread for New Players - Help Out New Users or Ask for Help Over Here!
  • Secret World Giant Bomb Guild - Join the Community Guild Over Here!
  • We are the Track Maniacs - Giant Bomb Community Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta Group - Sign Up for the Madness Here!

Wonderful Wikis 

To continue the trend of awesome wiki concept pages being added to the database GB user Hamst3r has added "Skull for a Head" to the database. Speulnky has received a wave of new attention on its wiki page with its XBLA release. The Secret World comes out this week and the wiki page gives you a good idea of what it's all about. Pokemon location and game pages have seen an odd spike in wiki edits, and finally the Fire Emblem community has done good work on the Eliwood character page.

Great Guides 

GB user Hunger has created a great guide about how you can improve your situational awareness in Battlefield 3. Also GB user Villainess is working on various translation guides for Japanese only games and this week published a guide for Branmarker 2. 

Lovable Lists 

In response to Hailinel completing his End Boss blog series GB user Mento has created a list of his favorite super bosses. I on the other hand have written a list of the forgotten bosses of Super Mario Bros. 2 beyond just Birdo. 

Best of Blogs

The highlight of the week this time is Marino's Data Dump related to community stats for all of July. Beyond that GB user Jan created his very own complete fan trailer for a sequel to NiGHTS. Hizang explains why he thinks Rainbow Moon is great and DrRandle details why he thinks Nintendo has one of the best interfaces in the console market. Sparky_Buzzsaw concludes his retrospective of Grandiafollowed by Hailinel who wrapped up his blog series related to the best final bosses this week. GB moderator Gamer_152 has broken down the good, bad, and everything in-between when it comes to the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3. Video_Game_King finally got around to playing, blogging, and reviewing Persona 4. EquitasInvictus got his history on during 4th of July with Empire" Total War whereas Animasta details why the visual novel Cinders is worth checking out. MMMman details the trials and tribulations with his PS3 whereas takua108 asks for your help in figuring out how to design a good loot system for his game. TrueEnglishGent details his impressions of what he's seen of the 3DS XL as DoctorWelch continues to try and teach himself how to program. RecSpec and dankempster both give weekly updates about the slew of games they finished this week. Nightriff thanks the staff and you, the community, for the great memories he has had with the first year on Giant Bomb. Apthylad details the time he spent at the 2012 Anime Expo whiel in the land of the rising sun CharlesAlanRatliff shows off another arcade in Tokyo. User Red get nostalgic about his JRPG history whereas Mento makes RPG history with a slew of blogs and write up about various CRPG and classic DOS RPG games. 

Fantastic Forums 

Again if you have not already issued your condolences to Patrick for the loss of his father please do so on the Patrick Appreciation Thread. If you are looking for some light hearted PC gaming related fun post images from games with the lowest setting on and post your images on the Low Settings Screenshot Thread. There's also a new purchase bragging thread for the month of July. Finally Brackynews gives you a primer on the plans for Space Neon Lobster Star Trek Online Guild. 

Useful User Reviews 

User Created Podcasts