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Pyoro stars in his own minigame in each WarioWare game, usually unlocked by clearing the main game:

  • Pyoro (WarioWare: Mega Microgame$): The player must use Pyoro's long tongue to grab falling beans before they hit the ground. If a bean does reach the ground, a block will be destroyed, restricting Pyoro's movement. Eating a white bean will restore a block. The game ends when Pyoro is hit by a bean.
  • Pyoro 2 (WarioWare: Mega Microgame$): Very similar to the first, but rather than stretching his tongue, Pyoro (who appears yellow) spits seeds at the falling beans.
  • Pyoro R (WarioWare: Twisted!): In this game, Pyoro stands on a grassy hill, surrounded by four flowers. He must use his stretchy beak to stop incoming insects from touching the flowers. If all four flowers are killed, the game ends. Certain insects require the player to shake the GBA to destroy.
  • Pyoro T (WarioWare: Touched!): Very similar to Pyoro R. Pyoro stands on a grassy sphere on the top screen, again with four flowers. The player has to use the touch screen to pull back Pyoro's tail and let to go to fire his tongue at the insects. Rather than shaking the console, certain insects require the player to rotate Pyoro to pull it in. Eating a star will restore one flower. If all four flowers are killed, the game ends.
  • Pyoro S (WarioWare: Smooth Moves): This installment plays more like a vertical shooter. Pyoro is controlled by the Wii Remote pointer, and pressing A fires his tongue. Similar insects to the previous two games are used, with some new additions. Killing a whole group of insects in one shot creates an apple to collect for points. Killing a group of flashing enemies will give Pyoro two smaller birds at his sides which fire their tongues in unison. Grabbing a beehive-like ball lets the player use it to smash up insects until it breaks. The game ends when Pyoro touches an insect.
  • BIRD (Game & Wario): Plays almost identically to the original Pyoro, but simultaneously appears as a Game & Watch-style LCD game on the Wii U GamePad and a colorful, HD game on the TV screen.
  • Pyoro (WarioWare Gold): A remake of the original Pyoro with redrawn graphics.
  • Super Pyoro (WarioWare Gold): The top screen appears the same as regular Pyoro, but the bottom screen shows a cave below the regular playing field. When a section of floor is removed, beans can fall to the bottom screen, where they sprout a beanstalk topped with a new bean, worth more points. When special beans sprout, they create a Star Bean that turns Pyoro into the much larger Super Pyoro.

Pyoro and Pyoro 2 were also released together as the standalone DSiWare game Bird & Beans (Pyoro in Europe). Other than making the play area bigger to make use of the DS's larger resolution, no changes were made to the gameplay.


  • While there's no new Pyoro game in WarioWare: D.I.Y., the final downloadable Weekly Game was based on the original Pyoro.
  • Pyoro is the game that appears on TV in the opening cutscene of WarioWare, Inc., which inspires Wario to start making games. Super Pyoro makes a similar appearance in the opening of WarioWare Gold.

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