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    A kangaroo with boxing skills. He first appeared on Tekken 2. Father of Roger Jr.

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    Roger is a kangaroo who wears boxing gloves. His fighting style is similar to his counterpart Alex. When Kazuya Mishima took over Mishima Zaibatsu from Heihachi, the company became more corrupt than it had ever been under its original leadership. It took part in numerous illegal activities such as assassinations, species smuggling, drug smuggling and dealing. During such activities Kazuya recruited Dr. Boskonovitch to work for him and to work on his project of creating genetically engineered creatures. Dr. Boskonvitch created modified animals with DNA samples and Roger was created from kangaroo DNA.

    Tekken 2 - Kazuya's Rejection

    Kazuya did not appreciate the creation of Roger and his counterpart Alex. He attempted to kill them but they managed to escape. Finding Armour King they were taught to wrestle. Under his guidance they entered the Second Iron Fist Tournament. However during the Second Iron Fist Tournament Jun Kazama of the Wildlife Protection organization successfully infiltrates the tournament to arrest Kazuya on charges of smuggling and experimenting upon endangered species. She sends Roger and his counterpart Alex to live their lives out in Australia, hoping they would be safe.

    Tekken TAG Tournament

    This is the last Tekken game that Roger is playable in. He is the palette swap for his counterpart Alex.


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