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Rush is Mega Man's robotic companion created by Dr. Light. Making his debut in Mega Man 3, Rush came with many helpful ability's. Rush could transform in to a coil, a hoverboard, and a submarine. He gained many upgrades over the life of the Mega Man series. He was given the ability to fuse with Mega Man in Mega Man 6, allowing Mega Man to use the Power and Jet Suits. Mega Man 7 saw the return of the jet and coil ability's, along side his ability to search and to go in to detection mode. The suites from 6 were combined and renamed in to the Super Adapter. Mega Man 8 gave rush more ability's then before, transforming in to a Motorcycle and Healing powers to name a few. In Mega Man Battle Network, Rush appeared as a rare virus that you could encounter.

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