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    Ryuhaku Todoh

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    Todoh first appeared in SNK's Art of Fighting as the first opponent faced in the single-player mode. He is Kasumi Todoh's father.

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    Ryuhaku Todoh is a character that first appeared in SNK's Art of Fighting as the very first opponent faced and later appeared as a playable character in Capcom vs. SNK 2, in which his daughter Kasumi appears in one of his intros. He is also seen in Gen-an's ending in Samurai Shodown II.  Todoh practices a form of martial arts based on Aikido and Kendo.

    Art of Fighting

    In Art of Fighting, the protagonists Ryo and Robert first visit Todoh in order to learn the whereabouts of Yuri, Ryo's captive sister.  Despite knowing nothing about her, Todoh refuses to answer their inquiries honestly and chooses to fight them instead.  Upon his defeat, he simply admits that he doesn't know where Yuri is, forcing Ryo and Robert to find another lead.  Compared to the other fighters that they face, Todoh's contribution to their efforts is easily the most useless.
    In Art of Fighting 3, Todoh's daughter Kasumi Todoh challenges Ryo to avenge her father's humiliation.  It is apparent that sometime after the original Art of Fighting, Ryuhaku went into hiding, as Kasumi's backstory in games such as SVC Chaos indicates that she's attempting to find him. 


    In the original arcade version of Art of Fighting, Ryuhaku only has one special move: Kasane Ate. Todoh swings his hands down, creating three small waves of energy. In the SNES port, Todoh gains a Desperation Move.
    For his appearance in Capcom vs. SNK 2, Ryuhaku was given some moves from his daughter in order to make him a more complete character: a command grab, an anti-air version of Kasane Ate, the Chou Kasane Ate Desperation Move, and a counter Desperation Move.

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