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What drugs can do kids.

Saints Row: The Third is a game where reality is thrown completely out the window and the idea of tedious things such as opening silly car doors and simple gravity are put in the burn barrel. And for the most part tossing all reality out turns out to be beneficial in the fun department.

The gameplay is like that of similar sand box titles like GTA and Just Cause but holds a tighter play style. Character actions are snappy and fast not allowing for many “syrupy” car crashes and missed punches. We are given a very wide range of weapon types ranging from modded out giant dual wielded pistols, laser guided aerial missile strikes and giant purple dildos, yes, giant purple baseball bat size dildos you can bloody up old women and cops with. IT appears the Saints Row crew wanted to give you the ability to go near 100% pedal to the metal in every sense of the term at all times. No building up your arsenal from a pea shooter to finally get the grenade launchers here folks.

The story is another gang takeover when looked at through a larger lense but honestly that’s not what really matters. The new characters and gang types are what matters and yes, they are as goofy as ever. Luchador wrestling gangs all the way to Tron style cyber punk gangs. The characters are really the best part of the story aspect and really all it has going for it. You meet up with pro wrestlers, seemingly kinky female computer hackers and a pimp in full attire who only can speak in auto tune, yea that’s right…. Also lots and lots of hookers, lots.

The engine here isn’t stunning but to keep the frame rate tolerable with the absolutely insane amount of things that can be going on this game it’s no wonder on current consoles, obviously a good PC could pump more out and this title is stable on Windows. Bottom line, the cars, guns, and punching all look and feel good enough.

Saints Row: The Third is a game you should play but not one you need to run out and get. It does the no holds barred sand box thing quite well and will offer you interesting characters to meet along the 12 or so hour main journey. It’s proves to be a good alternative to the ever so more serious GTA series, but I still remember having a bit more fun creating mayhem and experiencing the full array of fuckery in Just Cause 2.

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