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Saints Row: The Third

So as Grand Theft Auto continues to get more series with each iteration, Saint's Row continues to try to stay a bit crazy. In this version of the game you'll have to take on Luchadores, have the option of hitting individuals over the head with a dildo bat, and go on a game show where the main objective is to shoot as many mascots as possible. Then again if you were doing anything else, this might not be a Saint's Row game.

Graphically for the most part the game looked like all the Saint's Row games with a couple of tweaks here and there. During some of the cutscenes it appeared as if my character's face would morph a bit, but not enough that it drove me nuts. There were also some collision issues with the game (ie. cars accidentally being in the pavement, bodies stuck in walls or other objects). There's a good range of character models, though when you play the game for a while you do notice an abundance of duplicates.

The music in the game is all over the place. It feels like someone wanted to make sure that everyone had at least something to listen to while driving around the city of Steel Port. You'll be able to listen to Classical music, rap, alternative rock, and Adult Swim flavored music. Sure the song lists aren't all that long, and after a while you're going to know all the songs on at least a couple of stations, but isn't that really what actual radio is? The voice acting isn't half bad in the game, it is a bit weird to constantly hear Hulk Hogan as he voices a Luchadore in hiding, but overall not that bad.

The controls in the game are the same as they have always been for Saint's row. You're going to have a sprint button, a grenade/moltov button, a button to target, a button to shoot, a button to switch weapons. The of course the controls will morph for driving a car, flying a plane, flying a helicopter, and more.

You and you're gang are trying to get a movie actor some in person material to help him learn how to play a Third Street Saint, but something goes wrong with the bank heist. Turns out that the Syndicate is ready to destory the Saints and bring in their own team. Well that just won't do. You'll find away to survive the ambush, and then you'll get to unleash yourself upon the streets of Steel Port. You'll find that as the game goes on, and you start taking over more and more of the businesses, you're going to start gaining some serious wealth that you can then use for upgrades to make your organization something that no one wants to mess with. There are a ton of side missions as well in the game ranging from picking up "working ladies" and getting them to a predetermined destination, driving around town with one of the "working ladies" and a client, trying to avoid the paparazzi, driving a tank around the city blowing things up for maximum damage, and so much more. As the game progresses you'll get your chance to take down the leaders of different organizations, though oddly enough even with their boss gone, or de-throned, you'll still find plenty of their henchmen causing you problems.

Because I knew that this game was going to be a little odd, and sometimes borderline offensive to people, I was able to see past that and enjoy the game. This is not for everyone, with the amount of violence and destruction you can cause, this definitely earns its ESRB rating. To me this was a stress relieving game because I didn't believe a thing that was going on, and the ending put a cherry on top of that thought, I just enjoyed playing the game to drive around and be stupid. So if this sounds like a game for you get it, if not then there are a ton of other games out there for you to enjoy. This game gets an 8.5 out of 10.

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