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    Shikamaru Nara

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    A ninja of The Hidden Leaf Village. Possessing a genious level intellect, he became the only student from The Leaf to become a Chunin during the period of rank leveling exams. To the discomptempt of many who admire his potential, his probably the laziest and with more lack of enthusiasm ninja in his whole village.

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    Character Description

    Shikamaru Nara is in Team #10, which is Asuma Sarutobi's team, along with Ino Yamanaka and Choji Akimichi. Nara can use shadow Jutsu with a limit of about five minutes. He's a good team leader and really intelligent, but everything is annoying to him!

    Shikamaru Nara is a lazy genius. He finds many things in life to be annoying or troublesome and is usually foul mouthed. But, deep down, he is a kind person. Not only is he kind, but he is a genius with an IQ of 200 . He is a brilliant strategist as well as a level-headed thinker. He also enjoys the game "Shougi", which is basically like chess.

    Though he lacks motivation, this allows him to think clearly without becoming overly excited. These qualities were recognized by others for they could see he was a great leader, worthy of becoming a chunin. That is why he was the only one ofNaruto's class mates to become a chunin on his first try.

    Apparently, Nara also likes to look at clouds. When he was remembering how he andChoujimet, and how they became friends, he toldChoujithat the seat was reserved for him, and that he would get lazy and just sit back and watch the clouds.

    How to act like Shikamaru

    1. Think that everything is a drag, a pain, or troublesome. Say that something is any of these things when you think of them.
    2. Be lazy all the time, even at school.
    3. Complain about pushy girls/women.
    4. Act like nothing matters.
    5. Be a little quiet sometimes.
    6. Watch the clouds outside a lot. Mention that they look like deer for extra effect.
    7. Play a lot of shougi (Japanese chess) and go, but mainly shougi.
    8. Be very (extremely) clever and have a strategy for everything.
    9. Make friends with a kind of dumb guy or someone like Naruto.
    10. For most of your day read, watch TV, watch clouds.
    11. Act smart but too lazy to do anything.
    12. Complain all the time, even if what you're doing is very easy. Complain even more if it's hard.
    13. Join a team with a spunky blonde girl and a fat guy who eats a lot. Also, as a leader, have a guy who smokes and is tough.
    14. Be very close with these teammates, and go out to eat barbeque with them once in a while. Shikamaru has a very tight, unbreakable bond with his team.
    15. Hate to fight at all costs.
    16. When stuck on a move in shogi or go or when you want to win a battle, put your fingertips into a circle and at least pretend to think
    17. You have to have a sexist personality. (Optional)
    • For more ways to act like Shikamaru Nara go to and type in Shikamaru and watch all of his videos or watch Naruto with Shikamaru in it.
    • Memorize handseals for Shikamaru's signature "Shadow Posession" jutsu, as well as any other jutsus he uses.
    • Find someone like Ino (a loud, funny blonde girl), Chouji (a fat guy who eats A LOT), and Asuma (a tough guy who chain smokes) to form a team with.
    • Shikamaru is forced to fight with girls all the time. So if you ever stage a fake battle, you should battle a girl. (Optional)
    • You (Need) to have a ponytail to complete this step for the guys trying to do this.
    • Be sure not to act too whiny or lazy around family members, as you could irritate them and get in trouble.
    • If you stage a battle, make sure to use jutsu or safe weapons only, so you don't hurt anyone for real. I suggest getting fake kunai with rubber ends, or making your own out of cardboard/duct tape/something else. (see related articles)


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