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The Blue Badger makes its first appearance in the added case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The Blue Badger is revealed to be the idea of the police chief, and Detective Gumshoe was tasked with constructing and painting the dancing Blue Badger that sits outside the police department.
After cameos in the next three games, the Blue Badger appears again in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. In this case, the Blue Badger as well as three new variants are mascots of Gatewater Park, an amusement park partially funded by the police. The three new Badgers are:

  • Proto Badger - The police chief's original design of the Blue Badger. Has a thinner face and completely black eyes.
  • Pink Badger - A female version of the Blue Badger.
  • Bad Badger - The villain of Gatewater Park. Carries a gun, and only appears during a special event each day where he fights the other Badgers.
All of the Badgers except for Bad Badger patrol the park in three-wheeled vehicles that serve as mobile shops.

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