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    Miles Edgeworth

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    Miles Edgeworth is considered to be one of the greatest prosecutors of all time. He has earned the reputation of doing anything to get a "guilty" verdict.

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    Miles Edgeworth (御剣怜侍 /Reiji Mitsurugi in Japan) became a lawyer at the age of 20. His first case was against Mia Fey; the case's outcome was inconclusive. After that he won every single case, becoming known as the greatest prosecutor of his time, whilst creating rumors that he was someone who would do anything to get a “guilty” verdict. His winning streak ended when Phoenix Wright, his childhood friend, defeated him in the case of Mia Fey’s murder. After losing another case against Phoenix, Edgeworth was put on trial for murder in which he was prosecuted by his friend and mentor: Manfred Von Karma. Although Phoenix cleared his name, Edgeworth disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note which said, “Miles Edgeworth chooses death…”

    Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor?
    Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor?

    Edgeworth reappeared in the second game during the final case. It is revealed that he was so overcome by his losses against Phoenix Wright that he wanted to die. He came to realize that there is more to law than getting his guilty verdict, however. He has learned that defense attorneys and prosecutors are both striving to find the same thing: the truth.

    Edgeworth is portrayed as being extremely arrogant and haughty character, even after his realization that finding the truth is more important than victory.

    The first spin-off of the series, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (Gyakuten Kenji in Japan), features Edgeworth as the protagonist.

    Early Life

    As a child, Edgeworth idolized his father, Gregory Edgeworth, who was a renowned defense attorney. Young Edgeworth dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps, leading him to defend Phoenix Wright in a classroom trial. Phoenix had been falsely accused of stealing, but Edgeworth successfully showed that there was no real evidence against him.

    The course of Edgeworth’s life was changed by tragedy - an earthquake trapping Edgeworth in an elevator along with his father and another man. Tensions rose, and events led to his father being seemingly murdered before his eyes by the other man. From that day forth, Edgeworth became motivated by a deep hatred of crime and resolved to become a prosecutor rather than a defense attorney. These events also led to a life-long phobia of earthquakes.

    Voice Actor

    Edgeworth is voiced by Seon King.


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