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    Detective Dick Gumshoe

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    Detective Gumshoe is the hapless male detective who, along with a prosecutor, investigates murders. He also likes Ramen and isn't paid very much.

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    Detective Dick Gumshoe (糸鋸圭介/ Keisuke Itonokogiri in Japan) works for the police force, who in turn work for the prosecutor's Office when investigating crime scenes. He specifically works in the homicide division of the police force and is often the head detective on the scene in the Phoenix Wright games. In the original Phoenix Wright game, Dick Gumshoe works under the watchful eye of Miles Edgeworth, of whom he is very fond.

    In 'Justice For All', Gumshoe has to work under Franziska Von Karma, who regularly whips him into shape and berates him for his mistakes.

    Detective Gumshoe develops a love interest in the form of Maggey Byrde and she buys him a new coat to replace the rather shabby one he usually wears. This is to thank Gumshoe for his work in proving her innocence in 'A Recipe For Turnabout'.

    Gumshoe also has an enthusiastic interest in the 'Blue Badger', a mascot designed by the police chief, which appears in the extra case of the original DS game; Turnabout Goodbyes. Gumshoe creates a moving cardboard version of the Blue Badger, and this appears in the evidence room during the investigation.
    Detective Gumshoe makes a brief appearance in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney as a witness during a trial before Phoenix lost his attorney's badge. For some reason, he is not wearing the coat Maggey gave him after Trials and Tribulations.

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