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Tobal 2 is a 3D sci-fi fighting game developed by DreamFactory and published by SquareSoft for the Sony PlayStation exclusively in Japan on April 25, 1997.

The sequel to the 1996 game Tobal No. 1, Tobal 2 features improved character models and gameplay mechanics (including an improved combo system and a universal projectile system), as well as a revamped Quest Mode and a new "Monster" system (where players can unlock over 180 enemy and NPC types for use in the standard game modes).


Tobal 2 improves upon Tobal No. 1's fighting system by adding a link system, via which the player may chain together combos. It also adds a fireball for each character, that takes part of the player's life away, but can deal massive damage. A fireball charged for two seconds will kill the opponent in one hit. To compensate, the fireball is easy to avoid.

The quest mode returns from the first game, but greatly expanded with the addition of a central town, allowing you to train and rest your character, leveling him up until each individual body part deals more damage. The player will navigate six different dungeons each divided into levels, all populated with a large variety monsters that the player can capture using a purple stone when low on health (very similar to Pokémon).

The six dungeons are: Practice Dungeon, Pyramid, Desert Spaceship, Molmoran Mine, Castle and Final Dungeon.


The game includes 16 standard playable characters (six of which are unlockable) and 185 unlockable "Monster" characters. Most Monster characters have a very limited amount of attacks, with many Monsters being simple model or texture swaps of others.

Toriyama Robo from the previous game is not included as a standard fighter and is instead playable as a Monster (#140 for his standard "Trix" form, #141 for his upgraded "Super Trix" form).

New Additions

Returning Characters


One unique feature of the game is its "Monster" system, in which player can unlock a wide variety of characters based on Quest Mode's NPCs and enemies. Most Monsters have simplistic movesets (with a limited amount of attacks), and many Monsters are simple model or texture swaps of other Monsters. Most of the above playable characters are also available as Monsters (including both the Chocobo and Dog characters, as well as "Psycho" clones of the 10 starting characters).

Most Monsters can be unlocked by "capturing" them in Quest Mode with the Purple Stone (in similar vein to the main Pokémon series). Some are instead unlocked when a certain condition is met (such as completing Tournament Mode without using continues).

Players can also use their character progress from Quest Mode (including alternate attack/defense levels) as special Monsters.

  1. Dog
  2. Brown Lizard
  3. Wyvern
  4. Deino
  5. Cougar
  6. Shopkeeper
  7. Brown Ape
  8. Skeleton
  9. Silver Wizard
  10. Chocobo
  11. Silver Gorem
  12. Azurite Gorem
  13. Bronze Gorem
  14. Mono Eye
  15. Wraith
  16. White Ferret
  17. Thin Man
  18. Zircon Gorem
  19. Hound
  20. Nebak
  21. Red Zeppel
  22. Zombie
  23. Dragon Puppy
  24. Tategami
  25. Mad Plant
  26. Lich
  27. Ripper
  28. Totem 1st
  29. Totem 2nd
  30. Totem 3rd
  31. Mujaki
  32. Phantom
  33. Axe Beak
  34. Blue Emu
  35. Cockatrice
  36. Blue Jelly
  37. Tie Tamper LD
  38. Bear
  39. Owl Bear
  40. Red Jelly
  41. Green Jelly
  42. Yellow Jelly
  43. Executer
  44. Punk Head
  45. Blind Beast
  46. Deep Blue
  47. Star
  48. Blue Star
  49. Red Star
  50. Green Star
  51. Black Star
  52. Gray Ghoul
  53. Green Ghoul
  54. Blue Skeleton
  55. Wight
  56. Ikkaku
  57. Black Dog
  58. Grell
  59. Penguin
  60. Grimlock
  61. Knocker
  62. Red Cap
  63. Jaki
  64. Dark Elf
  65. Red Crest
  66. Gray Mouse
  67. White Mouse
  68. Brown Mouse
  69. Black Mouse
  70. Father
  71. Green Lizard
  72. Gray Lizard
  73. Battle Emu
  74. Gaze Eye
  75. Small Helm
  76. Violet Worm
  77. Repair Droid
  78. Patrol Drone
  79. Alien's Cocoon
  80. Attacker
  81. Hammer Head
  82. Dual Hammer
  83. Great Hammer
  84. Carrier
  85. Empty Carrier
  86. Heavy Attacker
  87. M1 Droid
  88. Power Carrier
  89. Red Attacker
  90. Thor's Hammer
  91. Gae Bolg
  92. Giga Pile
  93. Pile Driver
  94. Brown Mole
  95. Gray Mole
  96. Red Frog
  97. Green Frog
  98. Yellow Frog
  99. Gray Frog
  100. Green Man
  101. Laser Drone
  102. Vortex Shell
  103. Gharbi
  104. Frost Bear
  105. Purple Bear
  106. Dark Thing
  107. Silver Ape
  108. Gold Ape
  109. Coelophysis
  110. Struthiomimus
  111. Dagger Tail
  112. Shilhpid
  113. Dryad
  114. Big Hand
  115. Snaky Head
  116. Bishop
  117. Undine
  118. Water Devil
  119. Tie Tamper
  120. Giga Hammer
  121. Gravel Carrier
  122. Power Carrier 2
  123. Black Ferret
  124. Dual Pile
  125. Seeker
  126. Analyzer
  127. D Purple
  128. Feeler
  129. Dark Feeler
  130. Red Spike
  131. Rock Breaker
  132. Lode Hammer
  133. Carrier LDE
  134. Power Hammer
  135. Black Worm
  136. Black Chocobo
  137. White Dog
  138. Ohma
  139. Ohma 2
  140. Trix
  141. Super Trix
  142. Wiseman
  143. Priest
  144. Miner Boss
  145. Worker
  146. Inn Master
  147. Gate Keeper
  148. Elder
  149. Archaeologist
  150. Wizard Phantom
  151. Taxim
  152. Ghost
  153. Blind Master
  154. Violet Penguin
  155. Ancient Horn
  156. Dual Horn
  157. Tri Horn
  158. Spike Sheild
  159. Brown Ferret
  160. Mohican Penguin
  161. Orc
  162. Dark Orc
  163. Orc Guard
  164. Silver Emu
  165. Blue Lizard
  166. Killer Ape
  167. Violet Devil
  168. Kasyabo
  169. Joker
  170. Psycho Chuji
  171. Psycho Epon
  172. Psycho Oliems
  173. Psycho Ill
  174. Psycho Mary
  175. Psycho Fei
  176. Psycho Hom
  177. Psycho Gren
  178. Psycho Doctor V
  179. Psycho Chaco
  180. Black Attacker
  181. Box Man
  182. Puppet
  183. Specter
  184. Loader
  185. Berserker

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