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    Tobal No. 1

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 30, 1996

    The first game by DreamFactory, Tobal No. 1 is a 3D fighting game published by SquareSoft and features characters designed by Akira Toriyama (of Dragon Ball fame) and a bonus action-RPG game mode.

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    Tobal No. 1 is a 3D sci-fi fighting game developed by DreamFactory and published by SquareSoft for the Sony PlayStation in Japan on August 2, 1996, in North America on September 30, 1996, and in Europe on January 1997.

    The first game by Japanese studio DreamFactory, Tobal No. 1 is a five-button (three attack, one guard, one jump) 3D fighting game known for its unique grappling system, characters designed by Akira Toriyama (of Dragon Ball fame), and a bonus third-person action-RPG game mode known as "Quest Mode".

    The game takes place in futuristic 2048, on the fictional planet Tobal. A number of humans, aliens, and robots compete in a tournament to see who has the rights to a special ore called "Molmoran" (which can be used as an energy source).

    One of the biggest selling points of the North American version of the game is its inclusion of a sampler disc that includes a pre-release demo of Final Fantasy VII. The game received a Japanese-exclusive sequel a year later, as well as a mobile spin-off in 2008.



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