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    Tomb Raider

    Game » consists of 22 releases. Released Mar 05, 2013

    A young and inexperienced Lara Croft is shipwrecked on a mysterious island in this reboot of the beloved action adventure franchise, which departs from the mood of prior games in the series.

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    Crystal Dynamic's reboot of the Tomb Raider series is a success. 5

    It's actually risky to reboot an iconic character. Not only do you need to bring fresh ideas, but to make sure that he character still has those traits that make the character memorable in the first place. Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry tried to reboot the Character of Dante with mixed results. Now Crystal Dynamics attempts to reboot Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. For the first time in 17 years, Lara feels like a real person. She is unsure of herself, cares for others, and feels pain as the events of...

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    Whether you're a Tomb Raider fan or just in the mood for some thrilling action, this reboot's got you covered. 3

    Lara Croft has had something of an interesting career in the video game industry. Once a pinnacle in the original Playstations' library of games, the Tomb Raider series began to lose some steam after the second or third title. With each new chapter, developers promised a return to Lara's golden days as an adventurer, but what players were left with was some poorly aging controls and questionable story decisions. So, when Square Enix announced that they would be rebooting the long standing series...

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    Lara's new adventure, while gravely steelier than usual, is perhaps her best yet. 1

    Lara Croft's been through some shit in her storied career as a beloved video game character. Angel of Darkness, sure, but I also mean figuratively. The newest Tomb Raider game, from studio Crystal Dynamics who have been developing for the series since its last reboot, has chosen to retell her origin story with this in mind: How the archeologist heroine acquired her ruthless survival streak that's been at the core of her character from the offset, along with her sardonic sense of humor and back-f...

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    The Will to Survive 0

    It’s hard to ignore the deep impression that the Tomb Raider series and its rough-and-tumble protagonist have made on gaming, but it must be admitted that Lara and her adventures seem closely bound to a bygone era of excess crate puzzles and comparatively rudimentary characters and environments. The series carried on long after its original reign during the Playstation One generation, but it’s felt like it’s never quite managed to find its footing as part of the modern action-adventure genre. Th...

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    Crystal Dynamics and Lara both take the Reboot term seriously, delivering an adventure worthy of a true survivor. 0

    Tomb Raider (2013) (Xbox360) REVIEW____________________________________________________________________________Long time veteran of the medium Lara Croft is no stranger to adventure, but in Crystal Dynamics new origin tale, we aim to achieve a closer relation to the newly redesigned heroine, and simultaneously bring a game long known for its puzzles and adventurous platforming into the new age of video game storytelling, all without sacrificing the tomb raiding the game built it’s name upon. Do...

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    I can't give this game 3.5 so I have to give it 4 out of 5 0

    Tomb Raider is an alright game. In fact, in many ways, it's pretty good. But for everything it does right, it does something a little wrong, and the main impression the game leaves is one of "Imagine what it could have been".STORY:This is a reboot for the entire series, setting up Lara Croft as a recently graduated archaeologist on an expedition to find the ruins of a mystical island civilization off the coast of Japan. On approach to the mystical island located in the "Dragon's Triangle", the s...

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    Amidst a PR flurry a survivor is born 0

    Reboots have it rough these days. Trying to appease both fans of old and series newcomers is a balancing act I don't envy. Crystal Dynamics set out to redefine how people perceive Lara Croft in their latest Tomb Raider reboot and distance themselves from the buxom, sex laden image of the past. Gone are the long camera pans creeping up Lara's backside or superfluous shower scenes, and in comes a gritty story of a young girl becoming a hardened adventurer through a trial by fire. While there migh...

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    A queen of legend gets resurrected. Fast paced, gorgeous, and an exciting new beginning for the franchise. 0

    The original Tomb Raider emerged as a significant and influential early 3D action game, taking the market by storm and spawning an industry of merchandising, sequels, and adaptations. She sprang into existence and seemed to become an instant archetypal touchstone. Something of a pop culture frenzy ensued, with major media outlets covering all aspects of the game.Everyone knew who she was. That popularity endured even as her games became more and more rote, and the gaming population's view largel...

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    Hands free immersion 0

    It’s become rather conventional for today’s games to open with a roller coaster of CG animation, scripted sequences and quick time events. It’s just what big name titles have to do these days to engage the player, like the first episode of a debut TV series where you can practically see the producers in the background throwing money at huge props, computer graphics, and expensive explosions. But what glorified linear sequences in games and grandiose episodes of TV series have often taught us is ...

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    A reboot that completely ignores what Tomb Raider represents. 0

    Spoilers are PresentTomb Raider has always been about free form puzzles that encourage the player to use their knowledge of the game mechanics and design to solve obstacles with little input. This produced both satisfying and engaging game-play that lead to the huge success of the original games. While the lack of narrative was a weak-point, they tried to rectify this with the next gen releases. Tomb Raider: Underworld being their last attempt before they wiped the slate clean and started over. ...

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    Uninspired, competent and faintly disturbing. Tomb Raider does nothing new but plenty well. 0

    Something occurred to me during my time with Tomb Raider. As I repeatedly saw the numerous hard surfaces of Tomb Raider play hot potato with the new, young Lara Croft, it was like the team at Crystal Dynamics was trying to show me how serious they were about making a Tomb Raider game that wasn’t a pastiche of Indiana Jones and softcore pornography. The new Tomb Raider is nothing if not a very serious game. It wants you to believe Lara’s transition from a naïve young archeologist to assertive and...

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    Tomb Raider (PC) Review. 0

    It'd be easy to look upon Tomb Raider with a cynical eye, one tinted with the knowledge that the men and women of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal had at some point, played the highly successful Uncharted franchise and said 'hey, let's make that game but featuring Lara Croft' and to be fair on face value that's how Tomb Raider appears, a less captivating Uncharted as it attempts to reboot a franchise many would called outdated.I can't remember the last time I saw an island filled with junk lo...

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    Tomb Raider (2013) Review 0

    I first played Tomb Raider about 4 months ago and I got 1.7hours into the game on steam. At that point I found the game very boring and I thought the quick time events were ruining the game somewhat. However I went back to the game 3 days ago and carried on from where I was not imaging it would improve much. However like out of nowhere the game started to get intense and I can now realise they decided to make the game progress really slow. You will watch as Lara goes from young and naive to a su...

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    Crystal Dynamic's reboot is a promising new start for the series 0

    Lara Croft is no longer the cocky, cold-blooded killer she once was. After she’s forced to make her first kill in the new reboot of the Tomb Raider series, she doesn’t spout a cheeky one-liner, instead she trembles falls to her knees, sobbing in horror at what she has done. Moments like this lend a humanity to a character whose personality, in the past, has been mostly one-dimensional. It also sums up the new direction for the franchise, aiming for a more realistic, gritty approach, as opposed t...

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    A Survivor is Reborn. 0

    With the latest, freshly rebooted Tomb Raider game, a lot of emphasis is placed on rebuilding Lara Croft as a character. Lara begins the game insecure, inexperienced, and indecisive. She was created as someone for the player to empathize with. In order to hammer this point in, Tomb Raider takes every opportunity to abuse the living hell out of Lara. The game more or less begins with her dropping straight onto a conveniently place piece of rebar and getting pierced through the side. I consider m...

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    Very enjoyable game but can't help but feel they could be doing a lot more. 0

    Let me start by saying I have never been a fan of the Tomb Raider series before now.I always thought there was more they could do with the character of Lara Croft. She always came off to me as a shallow male fantasy and never betrayed her as a real person it's only now that I'm older that I can look back at the previous games with any sort of reflection.I can see now what the entire series up to this point was trying to do it wanted to bring Pulp Fiction style Serial Adventures to gaming, which...

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    Breaking my Suspension of Disbelief with Lara Croft 0

    We can almost assume that everybody knows by now that cut-scene bullets are the real deal, they cause pain and/or death and lead to "real life" repercussions in the game world that we are experiencing. Think Aries in Final Fantasy VII, your protagonist in Fallout 3 or any of the Modern Warfare games for evidence of thisCut-scenes need to have this power in order to bring some real consequence to the loop holes of conventional gaming mechanics; we can accept that our protagonist can take several...

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    Murder Girl Fun Time 0

    AHHHHHHLara just fell onto a piece of rusted rebar. It's okay, she got it out. Wait, she's bleeding out. It's okay, she put her hand over the wound.OOOOOOHLara just stepped onto a bear trap. She's fallen and she's in pain. It looks like that might have broken something(s). Wait, no, it's okay, she's gotten up.OuchLara's fallen from a thing. That was a huge fall. It's okay. She's okay.Oof?Lara just parachuted into a tree and hit a branch before falling sideways onto the earth. Okay, anyway, movin...

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    Tomb Raider is definitely a step in the right direction, though far from perfect 0

    I can't say I didn't like Tomb Raider. In fact, I can't say I fully liked it either. The game is solid overall: the graphics are great, the cinematic action sequences are honestly amazing, the gameplay (though nothing overly original) is up to the task, the story is serviceable, the characters are (somewhat) likable, the length of the game is appropriate and the performance on PC shows a good porting job on Nixxes' part. That being said, I feel that its negative aspects weight more than its pos...

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    A Solid Reimagining, And Taking the Uncharted Formula Further. 0

    I'm probably like most of y'all, who were quite skeptical with how this game will turn out based off the early previews and footage, but by the end of the ~10 hr game, I feel like I quite enjoyed it. It borrowed heavily on Uncharted style , but it smartly noted the criticisms people had with Uncharted games (way too linear, combat sections are too long, huge disconnect between cutscenes and gameplay aka mass murderer psycho Drake), and addressed them in a way that the game feels different and po...

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    Tomb Raider Review 0

    It is finally time to see how Lara Croft got her start, and in this game you get to peer behind that very curtain. You of course will be playing the part of Lara, a very, very reluctant archeologist/adventurer. She is accompanied by a band of friends, and one arrogant prick of an expert. You are in search of a hidden city that is said to be the throne of the Sun Queen, a being that was said to be able to control the very weather. Lara finds that they might be headed in the wrong direction and a...

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    A strong start for a new kind of Tomb Raider game 0

    The Tomb Raider franchise has been all over the place in the decade and a half since it began. The first three games were quite loved, but soon the quality started to decline and followers began to drop off. A reboot, Angel of Darkness, was meant to start a new trilogy but failed to entice customers. Crystal Dynamics was passed the torch, and they began a new trilogy. These games were well-received, but Crystal Dynamics wasn’t happy with making the same old games. They wanted to take the protag...

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    Tomb Raider is a hell of a Game 0

    An arc is very important to any fictional character. At the end of their journey the hero must have changed either for better or worse as the narrative dictates. A few games have undertaken this narrative tool and attempted through various means the transition a routine video game character must undergo through any myriad of tasks. This being video games and that meaning being married to the gun, bow, and knife most of these character changes revolve around going from an innocent human who may o...

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    Tomb Raider: The Quicktiming 0

    I haven’t played a Tomb Raider game since the first one came out on the PC. At the time, the graphics were pretty mind-blowing: it was the first 3D game I had ever played. Guiding the angular Lara Croft through polygonal puzzle-solving and platforming was fun even though combat could be pretty frustrating. So when the latest was available on Xbox Live for only $6, I decided to see how much it had improved. Few things can truly show you just how far technology has come like skipping a few ...

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    Tomb Raider 0

    Great adventure, though I don't think they quite succeed with the whole "a survivor is born" story arc that they were ambitiously aiming for. But they were admirably close. It's a game that borrows heavily from the Uncharted formula, but it improves the combat while at the same time not quite reaching the same level of spectacle. The game does feel too long, with some unimpressive story padding bogging down the pacing in the later third of the game. There is a great, small moment towards the end...

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    A great game with a not so great story 0

    Tomb Raider is Uncharted. The similarities can be seen with every step, from the movement and traversal of the protagonist to the action set pieces. Where Tomb Raider fails to deliver is the lackluster story, which at first promises a gritty look into how some unforseen circumstances cause Lara to come out of her shell and become the hero that she did not think she could be. This is completely discarded in the first half of the game, and by the time you're using a grenade launcher to kill your g...

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    A pretty good slice of action/adventure gaming and a great way to kick off the franchises reboot. 0

    The RadGood balance of combat, puzzle solving and platforming.Good characterization, voice acting.Great visuals.The BadUnnecessary multiplayer.Open world and survival aspects severely downplayed.Tomb Raider is one of those franchises that I don’t have a lot of experience with. When I was a kid I played the first game, but never got anywhere. Of course I’ve seen the movies, but the only Tomb Raider game prior to now that I’d played to completion was Legends. And that was pretty good in it’s own r...

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    It's Bow Time. 0

    Reminiscing about this game is honestly a challenge. I cannot say that there was any one moment from the campaign that stuck out to me. The entire game was just one solid piece of content from start to finish, and I mean this in the best way possible. Forgetting about the cognitive dissonance to Lara's mindset and her actions, this was easily one of the most polished experiences I've had in a while. Whether this was due to the incredibly smooth bow mechanics or the finely tuned upgrading system,...

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    Fleetingly thrilling, but mechanically dissonant and narratively incoherent 0

    Lara falls off a cliff and is caught by a rushing mudslide. As mud and debris rush down around her, she pulls out her shotgun to blast away a man-made barrier that is for some reason in the middle of this waterfall. She succeeds, but she sees another drop where the mudslide stops. She falls over the edge, crashing down onto the ground face first. “I bet the others found a faster way down,” she pants as she rises, zero bones broken and only minor lacerations across her arms.In rebooting the waywa...

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    Decent reboot that can't decide if it wants to be an action-comedy or a serious horror movie 0

    [Warning: Some spoilers might follow]The Tomb Raider reboot is overall a rather uneven mix. It completely fails to find a consistent tone. It start out like a horror movie. After getting ship wreaked, Lara gets captured and tied up. On her escape the has to wade through dead bodies and past the remains of ritual sacrifies. This portion of the game is heavily driven by cutscenes and quicktime events and in general just not a whole lot of fun to play.Soon after the game switches to the survivalist...

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    Solid, familiar gameplay that looks and feels great 0

    The 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise isn't a very special or unique game, but its a good one.If you haven't played the game, take a look at some screenshots. Both graphically, and in style, the game is very, very pretty. Particle effects are everywhere, water looks like its really flowing, and the long draw distances create landscapes so beautiful that you will consider just stopping and staring at it for awhile. This game will definitely be a definitive graphical benchmark for the next...

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    Game Review for “Tomb Raider” (2013, Xbox 360) – Highly Recommended 1

    Tomb Raider and I have had an interesting, if fleeting, past. I really did not play the original games in the late 1990′s, not sure why exactly. Likely I was deep into other games at the time. I actually had more familiarity with Lara on the movie screen and enjoyed both outings of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and The Cradle of Life. It wasn’t until Tomb Raider: Legend that I actually played a Lara Croft game from beginning to end and though I quite enjoyed it, I really didn’t play any more of...

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    "It's great to see Lara finally back at the top where she belongs." 0

    Reboot. The word can give mixed feelings to an audience. The potential is huge as a once great series that has lost steam can be rejuvenated when a good reboot happens. On the other hand, if done badly it can spoil a franchise and with no potential sequels or fresh ideas on the horizon can almost bury it without a trace. Lucky for us Tomb Raider is most definitely a reboot that rejuvenates the series. Whilst not without it's problems, it's great to see Lara finally back at the top where she bel...

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    Lara's reboot brings fun gameplay, great graphics and solid story to the Tomb Raider franchise. 0

    Crystal Dynamic’s latest Tomb Raider offering is a complete reboot on the series, and attempts to create a more gritty and realistic world for, and character in, Lara Croft. The story starts you off on a ship, on your way to your first adventure as a fresh-faced, naive to the dangers of the world Lara. Naturally, things go wrong and Lara finds herself trapped on a remote and mysterious island, forced to learn quickly as she desperately fights for her life.Lara starts out with a bow, but graduall...

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    A tomb worth raiding 0

    Despite having owned, and still owning, every generation of Playstation consoles I don’t really have any affection for the Tomb Raider franchise. Though the original game and its sequels were released on multiple platforms I have always considered Tomb Raider as a Playstation franchise, at least in its early years, but I could never get into the games back in the old PS1 days. Mostly because I hated the controls of the first TR games. Even back in the nineties I found the platforming and s...

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    Despite falling just short of perfection, Tomb Raider is well worth your time. 0

    I got my first game console when I was 12. Back then, my parents weren’t fond of the prospect of games taking up my free time. However, I was able to convince them that all I wanted for that 12th birthday was a Dreamcast and the latest Sonic games, Sonic Adventure and Sonic Shuffle (I was a bigSonic kid). For weeks after I got the system, those were the only games I’d play, but after my excitement for them had died down, I discovered that a demo disc had also come with my system. Not having anyt...

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    My Tomb Raider Review 0

    I have never played any of the previous Tomb Raider games. I have seen some of the first couple played from time to time, but nothing about them caught my interest at all. So I can not do any comparing really from those to the new rebooted Tomb Raider that has given birth to a new Lara Croft. Crystal Dynamics did what I think a lot of developers wish they could do with big budget well known game series. Not only did they go out on a limb to reboot Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise, but th...

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    Lara is Reborn 0

    The original Tomb Raider games we're fun and offered PlayStation players one of the best playable female protagonist characters with Lara Croft, an adventurous, dual pistol wielding explorer who could take on bears, dinosaurs, and mercenaries. Ever since the PlayStation era of Lara, Crystal Dynamics has had a hard time creating a Tomb Raider title that was both critically and commercially successful, and many thought the series would simply fade, especially since Uncharted has been on a role sin...

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    9/10 This new Tomb Raider is just the reboot that this series needed 0

    The first Tomb Raider practically redefined the action adventure genre. For such an old game, it was brimming with adventure and discovery as you guide Lara Croft through ruins and ancient tombs. Lara has returned for several more adventures since then, but the series was starting to show its age as it was surpassed by others in the genre like Assassins Creed or Uncharted. Finally, in 2013, Crystal Dynamics took it upon themselves to reboot the series with new gameplay mechanics, a new story and...

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    Exhilarating 0

    Lara's newest adventure took us back to her origins, shipwrecked on the mythical island of Yamatai and out to save our crew members. Right away, the plot sounds a bit cheesy, but it's not so much the story you'll find yourself fascinated by, but instead Lara's stellar character development, information about the island, and drive to save the others. That being said, you could debate that Lara's character development is really what makes the plot tie together. While you're stuck on the island, y...

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    What do you get when Uncharted, Arkham, Die Hard, and the original Tome Raider get tossed into a blender? 0

    This game is the answer. If that sounds like a fun time to you. Just get it and play it. You will not regret it. When you start the game you find Croft on a boat looking for a island, something goes wrong and the boat sinks. When the game really starts you are tossed into a world that is just beating you down for most of the game. And Croft takes it all, and grows from it in both her character and her combat skills.She will never just die. And the enemies start to get that...Throughout the game ...

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    Plain. 0

    In keeping with the reboot rulebook, Tomb Raider aims to offer a more realistic interpretation of the series’ gameplay, which was starting to feel as ancient as the tombs themselves hahaX1000. Essentially this “more realistic” take comes in the form of covering Lara Croft in cuts and bruises and asking a voice actor to record a few hundred versions of a pained grunt, whilst keeping a very similar jump/climb/shoot loop of the older games. This isn’t necessarily a problem, ...

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    The rebooting of an icon with positive results. 0

    Originally written: 8-9-13Lara Croft, a young archaeologist is searching for the lost city of Yamatai with her expedition team. The ship is heavily damaged by a raging storm and they're forced on an island. Lara is captured by an unknown assailant and she later awakens in some cavern. She plans her escape with intentions on finding her teammates. -summaryTomb Raider 2013 went down as the most highly anticipated game of the year. The screen shots for the game were more than enough to leave even t...

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    New look same game, but is it worth it? You decide. 0

    Originally written 2-1-14Lara Croft, a young archaeologist is searching for the lost city of Yamatai with her expedition team. The ship is heavily damaged by a raging storm and they're forced on an island. Lara is captured by an unknown assailant and she later awakens in some cavern. She plans her escape with intentions on finding her teammates. -summaryIn 2013 Lara Croft was reintroduced into the gaming world in the Tomb Raider reboot that was met with high praise. Many gamers argued during its...

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