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    Travis Grady

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    Travis Grady is a trucker that finds himself lost in Silent Hill after rescuing a little girl from a burning house.

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    Travis Grady is a trucker that upon taking a shortcut to reach his next destination, finds himself going through the abandoned town of Silent Hill. While passing by Silent Hill he sees a little girl in the middle of the street and stops immediately. After leaving the truck, he sees a burning house in the distance and hears someone inside. After rescuing the burned little girl from the burning house, Travis passes out and wakes up in a street on Silent Hill. Decided on knowing what happened to the girl, he finds his way to the hospital in the foggy town.

    Voiced by Mikey O'Conner.

    NOTE: The birthday is apparently unknown, only the year of birth is known as 1945. If anyone has a firm date, please update!


    Travis is a mentally disturbed trucker. It is revealed that he was abused by his mother, who attempted to kill him at a young age. She was subsequently admitted to Cedar Groves Sanitarium, where she rationalized her actions. She mentioned that Travis was a pest, and that he also had a devil in him. Whereabouts after Silent Hill: 0rigins are currently unknown.

    Other Media

    Travis Grady makes a cameo appearance in 2012 movie Silent Hill: Revelations, where he picks up escaped Heather Mason and Vincent Wolf.


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