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    Tsubaki Yayoi

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    A soldier in the Novus Orbis Librarium. A classmate and friend of Noel Vermillion who has been tasked with hunting both her and Jin down for the NOL in the epilogue of the story.

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    Official Biography

    Height: 160 cm

    Weight: 47 kg

    Birthday: March 14

    Blood Type: A

    Birthplace: The 3rd Hierarchical City "Naobi"

    Hobbies: Painting

    Likes: Historical dramas

    Dislikes: War

    CV: Asami Imai

    Calamity Trigger

    Tsubaki Yayoi is a very smart and cultured lady who studied at the military academy of the Novis Orbis Librarium in the same class as Noel Vermillion, Jin Kisaragi , and Carl Clover (before he mysteriously quit). In one of Jin's alternate story arcs, it's hinted that she might somehow be related to him. She's normally been a good friend of Noel, as they both graduated and became soldiers in the service of the NOL.

    Her role in the main canon of BlazBlue doesn't really pop up until the epilogue of the True Ending, when the NOL's Intelligence Chief Hazama puts Tsubaki in charge of a special unit to hunt down both Noel and Jin for going AWOL. In reality, Hazama wants them hunted down because they have found out his true identity as the evil being Terumi, who is responsible for almost all of the bad things the major characters have faced in their respective histories throughout the game.

    Tsubaki is an unplayable character in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

    Continuum Shift

    Tsubaki is a playable character in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

    Through flashbacks in the story, it is shown that Tsubaki was the product of a family that was once one of the most powerful within the Duodecium, the 12 families that secretly influence the Novus Orbis Librarium. Tsubaki's sheltered upbringing and reddish hair is due to the fact that her family was only concerned with maintaining the purity of their bloodline, to the point where the Yayoi family engaged in incest in order to raise "pure" children. After a few generations, the magic power of the family's offspring began to wane, assuming the children survived at all, and the family was no longer the most powerful within the Duodecium. However, Tsubaki became an exception to that trend, showing immense natural ability with magic and Ars Magus, rocketing her to the top of her class in the Military Academy.

    The story picks up from the epilogue of Calamity Trigger, when Tsubaki is asked by the head of the NOL's Intelligence Branch to hunt down and kill both Jin and Noel for desertion and possible treason against the Library. Hazama also asks her to collect their Nox Nyctores as proof. Tsubaki finds herself between conflicting emotions: On one hand, her family had constantly drilled into her head that the Imperator was just and the Imperator's word was final, and that the Imperator's wishes were to be served without question. On the other hand, Jin was one of the few people she met outside of her family when she was a kid, and she developed a small crush on him as a result. Also, she sees Noel as a friend from their time at the Military Academy together. She decides to go to Kagutsuchi and find them both, but with the caveat that she will first try to get them to change their wicked ways.

    To help her in this task, she took a Sealed Weapon from her family's possession called "Izayoi," with the form of a large knife in one hand and what appears to be a giant book with an eyeball on the spine in another. Izayoi functions by absorbing light from the surrounding area and using it to power the user's attacks. However, this Nox Nyctores comes with a powerful side effect that whoever uses it too much will slowly lose their eyesight until they eventually go blind.

    As Tsubaki travels around Kagutsuchi, she eventually runs into Noel and fights her, but ends up losing as she can't bring herself to kill her. When Hazama catches up with her afterwards, he uses his power of suggestion to convince Tsubaki that everything bad that's happened to her is Noel's fault. Noel was the one who stole Jin away from her, who forced her to take a less-respected position within the Library hierarchy as the "Library's garbagemen" in Squad Zero while she got to be Jin's personal secretary. After this, she ends up going to the Library branch and fighting Jin when he shows up. Though she tries to warn him off at first, Terumi intervenes and causes her deepest emotions to rise to the surface, causing Tsubaki to attempt to kill Jin. However, Jin defends himself and leaves Tsubaki on the floor as he tries to get to the Cauldron.

    Later, Tsubaki ends up siding with Litchi, Hazama, and Relius as she helps them defend the Imperator from attack. However, after the heroes begin their journey to the ruins of Ikaruga, Tsubaki watches Jin and Noel leave with a sad expression on her face.


    Tsubaki is somewhat of an easy character to use for beginners. Her normal B and C attacks can be used twice in quick succession leading to simple to pull off and more lenient combos. However her more advanced combos make use of Instant air dashes and Dragon punch motions into whiffed dives which require a higher level of execution and pin-point timing.  

    Tsubaki's drive is called Install. Pressing or holding the D button will charge up Tsubaki's Install meter. A maximum of 5 charges can be held at a time. Charges can be done in the air, in neutral or in crouching position with each having different charge speed and recovery. If all air actions have been expended and Tsubaki lands after charging she cannot block momentarily. Install Special attacks are used by inputting a Special command but substituting the regular attack button with D. This powers up Tsubaki's special attacks and grants them various new properties. For example the Install version of Sanctus Aequum will charge through the opponent and place Tsubaki on the opposite side, while a fully charged D Sanctus Decus becomes unblockable.1 stored charge is used up with every Install enhanced special attack that is used. 

    Tsubaki has a low damage output and must frequently fill her Install meter to give her access to more damaging combos. The player must often choose between continuing to pressure the opponent or refilling their charge meter. Due to these problems and a number of poor matchups Tsubaki is frequently placed close to the bottom of tier lists. Despite her weaknesses Tsubaki is still a viable character and boasts a wide range of inventive combo opportunities.


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