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    Jin Kisaragi

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    Jin Kisaragi is a Major within the 4th Thaumaturgist Squadron of the Novus Orbis Librarium. His Drive Ability is called Frost Bite, which freezes opponents.

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    Calamity Trigger

    As a kid, Jin was apparently a brother to both Ragna and Saya who loved his brother and felt jealous of the attention Ragna lavished on his sister. One day, something went wrong. Some say he went insane, others say he was possessed by the evil Terumi, but apparently Jin was the one who burnt down his own village and left his siblings for dead. Sometime after that incident, Jin was found by the highly-respected Kisaragi family and adopted as one of their own. 
    Jin entered into the military academy of the NOL, in the same class that would produce Lieutenant Noel Vermillion and Carl Clover (before he mysteriously quit). He quickly rose to the rank of Major after the Ikaruga civil war, where he was later called the "Hero of Ikaruga" for his actions in battle. However, despite his fame, he seems to show little emotion for anyone but himself and his siblings. He considers most people to be little more than obstacles. For example, Bang Shishigami blames him for the death of his master and the burning of Ikaruga, but when confronted he doesn't seem to care that much about it.

    In the story, Jin has heard rumors of Ragna appearing in Kagutsuchi, and abandoned his post to go find him without telling anyone, causing Noel to be tasked with hunting him down. He seems to have little else in mind other than finding Ragna so he can kill him again. It's revealed that Jin carries a "Nox Nyctores" weapon called Yukianesa, a long sword which grants him his manipulation over ice, but also seems to amplify his emotions to the point of insanity. When he does meet up with Ragna or Noel, he reacts with anger, but otherwise he doesn't seem to care who he kills with his weapon. At the end of the story, the NOL's Intelligence Chief tasks one of Jin and Noel's classmates, Tsubaki, with forming a unit to hunt them down for betraying the library.

    Continuum Shift

    After the events of Calamity Trigger, Jin ends up in a hospital airship idly hovering around Kagutsuchi for the injuries he acquired in a fight with Ragna. However, he gathers his sword and escapes the hospital ship before anyone notices, continuing on his desire to find Ragna again and probably to kill him despite his own injuries.
    As the story progresses, Hazama believes that Jin has outlived his usefulness and seeks to give him a hero's death. However, Makoto shows up to save him at the last minute before Hazama can kill him. After colllapsing in front of Bang Shishigami, Bang decides to take the two of them to Ronin-gai, as he does not see any honor in killing an already-wounded opponent. He even offers to let Jin stay and rest, but Jin escapes anyways, trying to ignore the voice of Yukianesa urging him to kill everyone in the village. 

    Jin eventually makes his way back to the Library branch of Kagutsuchi where he runs into his brother Ragna, but for some reason he cannot draw his sword. Ragna tells him that Yukianesa is the one controlling him, when it should be the other way around, then runs off. Tsubaki shows up a moment later to urge Jin to escape. Terumi intervenes and convinces Tsubaki to kill Jin, but Jin manages to regain control of himself and his sword. He beats Tsubaki back, then continues on to find his brother near the Cauldron. However, he instead finds himself facing Mu-12. Jin tries fighting her, but the form of Kusanagi is simply too strong until Ragna comes down to battle her.
    After the fight, Hazama threatens to kill everyone in the room when he is halted by the Imperator Librarius, who reveals herself as Jin and Ragna's long-lost sister, Saya. Jin and Hakumen both try to attack her, but they are both blunted by Tsubaki and Litchi. As the Imperator gives her speech, Jin gives Ragna a crucial piece of information from the past: The one who gave him Yukianesa several years ago was Saya herself.
    Some time later, Jin and Noel embark on a journey with a few others to find some answers in the ruins of Ikaruga.
    Rachel mentions elsewhere in the story that Jin is supposed to be the world's "antibody" to cure the "darkness" that has become his brother. Despite his attitude, it is Jin's destiny to become the hero that saves the world from the destruction to be wrought by the Black Beast, possibly foreshadowing his later appearance as Hakumen.


    (as of Continuum Shift)


    • A balanced character who works well at both close and long range.
    • Icy projectiles can keep foes away.
    • Specials are simple to learn and easy to combo with.


    • Not exceptionally skilled in any one specific area.
    • Some specials require 25% Meter to use.


    • Frostbite: Jin's Drive allows him to freeze his enemies in blocks of ice, blunting their rush and giving him a few seconds where he can wail on them without worry if it connects.

    Basic Special Moves:

    • Hishouken (236A/B/C): Jin's ice blade projectile that flies horizontally across the screen. The A version comes out slow, the B version comes out faster and has more recovery time, the C version has a bit of delay at startup before the ice blade launches forward. Use the different versions to confuse and damage your opponent.
    • Air Hishouken (236A/B/C in midair): Just like the ground version, but the different attack buttons launch the blade in different angles: The A version flies at a steep downward angle, the B version shoots at almost a 45-degree angle, and the C version flies straight ahead. Use the correct button to match the situation, and keep in mind that Jin can't do anything else afterwards until he touches the ground.
    • Hishougeki (236D): Think of this as the "EX" version of Hishouken. This launches a slower-moving ice blade, but it hits the enemy three times when it connects and takes out a guard primer on block. Requires at least 25% of your Meter to be filled.
    • Air Hishougeki (236D in midair): Also requires 25% Meter like the ground version, but launches all three versions of the Air Hishouken at the same time. On top of that, each blade can freeze the opponent if it hits.
    • Musou Senshouzan (214A/B/C): Better known as the infamous ICE CAR maneuver, where Jin rides a long block of ice on a horizontal line into his enemy. A version is shorter and hits the enemy once. B version is longer and hits twice. C version takes longer to start, but hits the enemy twice and can knock them down or remove a guard primer on block.
    • Air Musou Senshouzan (214A/B/C in midair): Pretty much the same thing as regular Musou Senshouzan, but in the air. Just like the above version, Jin can only ride his ICE CAR in a straight line, but when Jin is finished he can't do anything until he touches the ground, so be careful when using this move.
    • Musou Tosshugeki (214D): Again, think of this as the "EX ICE CAR." Requires 25% Meter, but can freeze the enemy if it hits.
    • Air Musou Tosshugeki (214D in midair): Requires 25% Meter, and...c'mon, do I really have to explain this?
    • Fubuki (623A/B): also called "Blizzard," this is Jin's Iaido-based anti-air strike. The A version has a long range, but it will miss crouching enemies. The B version is slightly slower and slightly more powerful, and it will hit crouching enemies but only if they are sitting right next to you. Can be used to combo into ICE CAR if timed right.
    • Rehyou (623C): also known as "Violent Ice," very slow, though powerful sword attack that is invincible on startup.
    • Hirensou (623D): A two-hit special sword strike that can freeze opponents (and again, requires 25% Meter). The D can be held to delay the release of the second strike, and becomes unblockable if held long enough.
    • Sekkajin (mash C repeatedly): Jin does several light and fast sword strikes. By the eighth strike the opponent will be launched into the air. Works best when the opponent is close on startup, but can be used to annoy and keep them at a distance.

    Distortion Drives:

    • Touga Hyoujin (632146C): Jin flings a wave of ice along the ground with his sword. Useful for punishing enemies that throw projectiles at you, but otherwise easily blocked.
    • Hiyoku Getsumei (632146D): Jin launches an arrow made of ice into the air. Perfect for ending a combo or punishing an aerial enemy. Does some more damage than the previous DD and it's invincible on start-up. If you have to use one DD, make it this one.
    • Yukikaze (236236D): Similar to Hakumen's counter DD ( gee, I wonder why?). If an enemy hits you while the glowing circle is up, Jin slices right through them. Also works with upper-body projectile attacks, but the enemy has a small chance to dodge the hit.

    Astral Heat:

    • Arctic Dungeon (charge 2-8D): Jin plants his sword in the ground and freezes the enemy slowly until he sheathes his blade and shatters the enemy due to critical mass. Only hits if the enemy is on the ground.

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