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    Unit 13

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Mar 06, 2012

    Unit 13 is a third person military shooter from SOCOM developers Zipper Interactive.

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    Unit 13 is a newly announced squad-based shooter for the Vita. It features squad elements and a basic cover system. The game is designed to encourage players to move quickly into the action, giving them the choice of one of six Operatives, each with unique abilities. There are 36 missions, across 9 locales. As you progress through the missions you unlock the right to take on tougher High Value Target enemy battles. Unit 13'a live notification interface, which is enabled through the use of 3G, has leaderboards, Daily Challenge content, unlocks, High Value Target missions and challenges from friends.


    The gameplay is similar to that of the SOCOM franchise. The camera is positioned directly behind the character in the third person perspective and switches to over the shoulder when the player aims. There is the option to aim in first person with certain guns and their attachments. The objectives can be completed in any order for each mission, some will require certain conditions such as stealth to achieve the goal whereas others will allow the player to take any approach to reach it.

    The missions come in different sizes in difficulty, some smaller battles and some longer more challenging multi-objective missions. As you progress through the missions you unlock the right to take on tougher High Value Target enemy battles. Once completed, the Vita's NEAR feature enables you to share them with friends and nearby players.

    All the missions can be played co-operatively with the option of voice chat on the Vita. Furthermore, each mission features an unlockable "Dynamic" Mode, which changes the objectives and their locations, the enemy weapons and locations, to random values and places in the environment.


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