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A location that few men dare to travel to, Valor is home to many mysteries. Since ancient times, a large structure known as the Dragon's Gate has stood on the heart of the Isle. This gate works as portal, linking Elibe to another world where men and dragons live in harmony. When the Dark Druid Nergal began his experiments in releasing the dragons, he set up his base of operations at the Dragon's Gate.

In Fire Emblem: Awakening, Valor reappears as the setting of the Red vs. Blue DLC campaign.



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When the Scouring broke out, a young Nergal sent his children through the gate, and returned to the mainland looking for wife Aenir. As he traveled the land, he met the hero Athos, and together they went on a quest for knowledge. The two discovered the village of Arcadia, and spent centuries studying magic. Over time, Nergal became corrupted by Dark magic, and was banished by Athos and the villagers. Nergal continued on his quest, and soon began crafting the abominations known as morphs. When his plan was almost complete, Athos and Lord Eliwood teamed up to stop him. Defeated, Nergal used his remaining strength and released a powerful dragon into the world.


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A powerful morph created by Nergal, his work was so amazing, she believed herself human. Years before the Black Fang incident, Nergal and Sonia murdered a family of sages, and stole some powerful artifacts. Sonia was about to kill their baby, but Nergal could sense great power, and forced Sonia to raise her. Years later, Sonia married Brendan Reed, leader of the Black Fang and used her position to manipulate the group. After she murdered Brendan, Sonia was confronted by Nino and Eliwood, and was defeated. As she retreated, she was met by Limstella and destroyed for her failure.


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The most powerful of all Nergal's morphs, Limstella is devoid of a gender and personality. Created specifically for the purpose of doing menial tasks, Limstella is valued as great servant of Nergal. When Eliwood and his party arrived at Valor for their final showdown with Nergal, Limstella was filled more power than it's body could handle as a way of ensuring victory. Despite that, Limstella was overcome, and Eliwood met with Nergal.


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Another of Nergal's morphs, Ephidel was created with a knack for trickery and persuasion. Ephidel was sent to Lycia, where he convinced Lord Helman and Lord Darin to rebel against Lord Uther of Ostia. He easily influenced Darin, and took him away to the Dragon's Gate to meet Nergal. After Darin was killed, Eliwood arrived at the Dragon's Gate, and prepared to fight Ephidel. However, Eliwood would not get his chance, as Ephidel was killed when Nergal failed to summon a dragon.


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One of the first morphs created by Nergal, Kishuna was rejected for being incapable of fighting or harvesting quintessence. Since then, he's been wandering the land, using his magic power to negate the power of all spell casters. Before the last battle with Nergal, Hector found Kishuna, and destroyed him, ending his eternal suffering.


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A morph created by Nergal, his only reason for being is to deliver a message to Eliwood.

Lloyd Reed

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A reanimated morph of Lloyd Reed, he carries the great Regal Blade.

Linus Reed

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A reanimated morph of Linus Reed, he carries the great Brave Sword.

Brendan Reed

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A reanimated morph of Brendan Reed, he carries the great Basilikos.


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A reanimated morph of Uhai, he carries the great Rienfleche.


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A reanimated morph of Ursula, she carries the great Excalibur tome.


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A reanimated morph of Lord Darin, he carries the great Rex Hasta.


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A reanimated morph of Kenneth, he carries the great Luce tome.


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A reanimated morph of Jerme, he carries the great Runesword.

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