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    Anthropomorphism is the concept of an object, concept or character that has human qualities or traits, such as speech, a level of intelligence similar or higher than a human's and self consciousness. "Anthro" means "of human" and related to the concept of humanity.

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    Anthropomorphism is the concept of taking any non-human item, whether it be an animal, inanimate object, or a conceptual idea, and personifying it with human characteristics. These characteristics in turn may either be physical or otherwise. Anthropomorphism has been depicted throughout the history of mankind in mythology, storytelling, entertainment and religion.


    Animal Based Anthropomorphism and the Furry Fandom

    Animal anthropomorphism is not the only category of anthropomorphism, however it easily the most prevalent kind. The concept of anthropomorphism is often used interchangeably with the animal subcategory, partially due to the popularization of the term and the concept by the furry subculture.

    A notable force on the internet, furries have developed countless games featuring anthropomorphism, including Furcadia, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Overgrowth. Additionally, some games have gained some level of association with the furry fandom, such as The Elder Scrolls series, the Star Fox series, the Sly Cooper series, the Sonic series, and Final Fantasy XIV for its several anthropomorphic and adjacent playable races.

    In some cases, entirely new species are created for games that, while not based on pre-existing animals, share many traits with animals and humans combined. Typically, these are very similar to anthropomorphic animals, despite being unique species, such as in the cases of Lombaxes. Alternatively, they can resemble humans with animal features, such as catgirls or the Viera, in which case they are typically not considered anthropomorphic interpretations of animals.

    Gijinka Anthropomorphism

    A stylized subset of anthropomorphism that was born in Japan, Gijinka typically attributes "moe" / anime characteristics to everyday objects. Such targets of this style have included video game consoles and computer operating systems. Such characters are sometimes referred to as "-tans." (ex: console-tans, OS-tans.)

    The game Hyperdimension Neptunia features a number of such gijinka characters. The main character, Neptune, is a gijinka inspired by the never-released Sega Neptune console. Other characters, such as IF and Nisa are personifications of video game developers like Idea Factory and Nippon Ichi Software.

    Other Forms of Anthropomorphism

    Soul Calibur's infamous possessed sword, Soul Edge, could be deemed to have these attributes. Artificial Intelligence and robots, such as terminators and EDI, bear qualities such as speech and speech with self consciousness, respectively.


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