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    Terminal Velocity

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released May 01, 1995

    A sci-fi "flight combat" game developed by Terminal Reality. Travel to various worlds with your powerful TV-202 starfighter and eliminate all threats to humanity.

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    Terminal Velocity is a sci-fi flight combat game developed by Terminal Reality and published by 3D Realms for the PC on May 1, 1995. It was also released in physical retail form by FormGen (for the PC) and MacSoft (for the Mac).

    The first game by American studio Terminal Reality, Terminal Velocity follows the exploits of an Earthling pilot in control of a powerful starfighter (the TV-202) during a war with the ASFAR (Alliance of Space-Faring Alien Races) in far-future 2704. It was programmed by Mark Randel, who formerly programed Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    Originally released as shareware, the game included three episodes (with the first publically released) and six multiplayer maps (with the first two available as shareware). Networked multiplayer includes free-for-all and team modes with four playable ships (two "Arctic" and two "Canyon") and support up to four players (eight in the registered version). The game later received a CD-ROM version featuring bonus pre-rendered cutscenes, high-definition textures, and support for eight-player network multiplayer.

    The game received two spiritual sequels (Microsoft Fury3 and Hellbender) and later received mobile ports (by Mark Randel himself) for iOS and Android devices (with a 2015 release by Trebuchet Entertainment). It was also digitally re-released for the PC and Mac on May 5, 2015 and was included in the 3D Realms Anthology compilation.


    Over the course of the game you are given orders to infiltrate different planets and take out key installations that pose a threat to your employers. Each mission is preceded by a text overview and words of caution about some of the enemies you might encounter.

    The game's multiplayer featured eight players over LAN, and two players over modem. Since at the time voice chat was not a common option and typing was difficult in a fast paced dog fight, the game had a dozen pre-recorded clips that could be played as taunts by pressing certain keyboard shortcuts.


    Episode One: Tactical Strike

    • Ymir (Barnard's Star)
    • Crythania (61 Cygnus)
    • Moon Dagger (Wolf 359)

    Episode Two: Heavy Fire

    Only available in the Registered Version.

    • Tei Tenga (Ross 154, 2nd O.B.)
    • Ositsho (Sirius, 2nd O.B.)
    • Erigone (Epsilon Eri)

    Episode Three: The Mad God

    Only available in the Registered Version.

    • Centauri III (Alpha Centauri, 3rd O.B.)
    • Ceres Asteroid (Sol Asteroid Belt)
    • Proxima Seven (Proxima Centauri, 1st O.B.)

    Hidden Stage

    One level only available in the Registered CD-ROM Version. Only playable if the player enters "Terminal" as the pilot name and "Reality" as the callsign.

    • Unknown Body (Proxima Centauri, 4th O.B.)

    Multiplayer Maps

    • Pentamonium (based on Ymir)
    • Battledrome (based on Crythania)
    • King of the Mountain (based on Tei Tenga) - Registered Version Only.
    • Devil's Forge (based on Ositsho) - Registered Version Only.
    • Power Pill (based on Moon Dagger) - Registered Version Only.
    • Towers of Babel (based on Crythania) - Registered Version Only.


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