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    WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2011

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Oct 26, 2010

    WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2011 is the twelfth installment of the popular wrestling series and introduces a brand new physics system to the gameplay as well as a new WWE Universe mode.

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    New Features

    • A new physics engine has been built for the game. When a Superstar goes through a table, the area and force of impact will change the animation. The table will also crumble in line with the impact. Such as if the opponent is thrown through the side of the table the table in buckle and fall instead of breaking.
    • A new weapon system is in place. Weapons will break depending on where it is impacted. Weapons can also be used in new ways; for example, a chair can now be thrown at an opponent.
    • Players no longer have to grind levels for their created Superstars. All points will be available as soon as you create your Superstar.
    • The most requested match upgrade has finally been addressed. The Hell in A Cell match now has a larger cage similar to its real life counter part and you now have the ability to use weapons within the match. You are also now able to send your opponent through the cell which will also use the new physics engine. The door from the cell is gone with only way out being to do a "Cell Finisher" in which you throw your opponent through the cell.
    • WWE Universe Mode. Gone is the Career mode of old. In its place is the living WWE Universe mode. When turned on, the game will automatically create a show with a match card based on the rivalries and friendships that you have in place, in which you can adjust to your liking. The game will remember your changes for future shows. It also plays cutscenes before, during and after your matches. These cutscenes are based on many factors such as if you have a rivalry with an opponent, a title mach coming up, etc. This mode can be turned off.
    • In Ladder and Money in the Bank Ladder matches, instead of waiting for the belt meter to empty, the player will engage in a minigame which requires in pulling the right thumbstick in a certain direction. Also winning this match in WWE Universe mode will allow you to cash in the contract at any time for a title match.
    • Road to WrestleMania has been greatly overhauled, allowing you to play as one of these WWE Superstars: John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Christian, Chris Jericho, or the Undertaker . Road to WrestleMania now allows you to roam backstage and interact with other WWE Superstars and pick fights at will. But when you enter the ring, it takes the same form as previous years with matches and story segments happening in front of the crowd.

    Match Types

    One on One

    • Normal Match
    • Inferno Match
    • First Blood
    • Hell in a Cell
    • Iron Man
    • Ladder
    • Last Man Standing
    • Submission
    • Steel Cage
    • Table
    • TLC
    • Backstage
    • Extreme Rules

    Two on Two

    • Tag Team
    • Tornado Tag
    • Mixed Tag
    • Hell in a Cell Tornado Tag
    • Ladder Tornado Tag
    • Steel Cage Tornado Tag
    • Table Tornado Tag
    • TLC Tornado Tag
    • Elimination Tag
    • Backstage
    • Extreme Rules

    Triple Threat

    • Normal
    • Hell in a Cell
    • Ladder
    • Steel Cage
    • Table
    • TLC
    • Extreme Rules


    • Normal
    • Battle Royal
    • Hell in a Cell
    • Ladder
    • Steel Cage
    • Table
    • TLC
    • Extreme Rules


    • Battle Royal
    • Normal Tag
    • Elimination Tag
    • Elimination Chamber
    • Armageddon Hell in a Cell
    • Ladder


    • Gauntlet
    • One on Two Tornado
    • One on Two Tag
    • One on Three Tornado
    • One on Three Tag
    • Two on Three Tag

    Royal Rumble

    • 10-Man Royal Rumble
    • 20-Man Royal Rumble
    • 30-Man Royal Rumble

    Championship Scramble


    Active (Can only be defended in WWE Universe Mode)

    • WWE Championship
    • World Heavyweight Championship
    • Intercontinental Championship
    • United States Championship
    • Unified WWE Tag Team Championship
    • Women's Championship
    • Divas Championship

    Unlockable (Can be defended in Exhibition Mode)

    • WCW Championship
    • ECW Championship
    • Hardcore Championship
    • Cruiserweight Championship
    • Million Dollar Championship




    WWE Legends


    Downloadable Content

    Fan Axxess (released October 26, 2010)


    • All Unlockables
    • WWE Superstar Attribute Editor
    • Customizable Leaderboard Fan Axxess Badge
    • Pre-payment for all future downloadable content

    Online Axxess (released October 26, 2010)


    • Online Multiplayer Unlocked
    • WWE Community Creations

    WWE Discount Pack 1 (released October 26, 2010 -- free with all new copies of the game)


    • Chris Masters

    Alternate Ring Attire

    WWE Discount Pack 2 (released December 21, 2010)


    Alternate Ring Attire


    • NXT (Season 1 stage)

    WWE Discount Pack 3 (Early 2011)

    Alternate Ring Attire


    • WCW Nitro

    Bret Hart DLC (Early 2011)

    Previously a Best Buy exclusive, Bret Hart is now able to be purchased by all users.

    Pre-order Bonuses

    Best Buy

    • Receive Bret Hart as a playable character

    Toys 'R' Us

    • Receive The Undertakers Ministry of Darkness alternate attire

    • Receive "The Viper pack" containing 3 alternate attires for Randy Orton (Referee, Suit, alternate shirt)
    • Receive $10 off a future video game purchase with Amazon.


    • Receive the Tribute to the Troops arena


    • Receive $20 off either WWE Survivor Series (11/21/10) or WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs (12/19/10)

    Special UK-Exclusive Editions (360 and PS3)

    Hit Man Edition

    • Bret Hart Themed Box
    • Bret Hart Art Card
    • Bret 'Hit Man' Hart: Best There Is, Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be DVD
    • Exclusive Bret Hart DLC Character
    • Available from GAME and Gamestation

    Lord of Darkness Edition

    • The Undertaker Themed Box
    • The Undertaker Art Card
    • Unforgiven 2007 DVD
    • Undertaker Ministry Attire Unlock
    • Available from

    Viper Edition

    • Randy Orton Themed Box
    • Randy Orton Art Card
    • No Mercy 2007 DVD
    • Randy Orton Three-Attire Pack (T-Shirt, Suit and Referee)
    • Available from Tesco

    Xbox 360 Installation

    The amount of memory it takes to install this game is 5.3 GB.

    Known glitches/bugs

    User created crowd signs will cause the to Wrestlemainia campaign to freeze.


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