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    X-Men: Mutant Academy

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jul 11, 2000

    Fight it out between the characters of X-Men.

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    X-Men Mutant Academy is a fighting game based around the X-Men franchise, but featuring costuming from the 1999 X-Men movie, for the PlayStation and Game Boy Color.  In the game, each and every mutant must prove his or her worth in battle against the others. They must learn to harness their rage and utilize their individual special powers. This was also one of the games that uses the Thrill Kill game engine. It was released on July 11, 2000.


    Mutations have occurred since life began. It was inevitable that eventually, a mutation would result in a being with extraordinary abilities. These are the X-Men: men and women whose actual genetic structure endows them with super-human powers. Professor Charles Xavier has made it his life's work to train the X-Men to use their powers for good. But still, those born with an ordinary genome hate and fear the X-Men. These unusual warriors learn to project those that reject them.


    Story Mode

    Story mode is for one player only. Who you fight against in story mode depends on the current game's difficulty level. With a difficulty level set at 1 (easy), you will only fight against characters in your own group. For example, if you choose to play as Wolverine, you will only fight other X-Men. If you choose to play as toad, you will only fight against other evil mutants. When story mode is set to 2 (normal) difficulty, you will first fight all of the other characters in your group and then fight against all the characters in the other group. In this mode  you will be introduced to a new character in the game. When story mode is set to 3 (hard) difficulty, again you will first fight all of the other characters in your group and then fight against all of the other characters in your group. Hard difficulty offers new challenges and will introduce you to the toughest characters in the game.

    Vs Mode

    Vs mode is where you can play head-to-head against a friend. Each of you can choose to play as any of the game's characters. The hidden characters will only be available by inputting their passwords at the title screen.

    Battle Mode

    One or two players can play battle mode. When you choose to play one player, it's you against the computer. Choose three characters for each team, X-Men or evil mutants. The characters on each team will appear in random order. Battle mode is hard core brawling. If your character defeats your opponent in the first fight, that character will go on to battle against the next rival team member in the line-up. Your character will retain the health and mutant power at the same level as the previous fight. If the computer-controlled character wins the first fight, it too will fight the next rival character with the same health and mutant power. Battle mode with one-player continues on through the line-up. Battle mode with two players works pretty much the same.

    Survival Mode

    In survival mode one player is pitted against as many opponents as possible. Choose the character you wish to play, then fight and defeat as many other characters as you can. Each time you begin a new fight, you will retain the new mutant power that you had at the end of the last fight, but only a small portion of your health will regenerate. In survival mode, no points are awarded for how well you perform in battle. Fight as dirty as you want...only winning is what counts.

    Training Mode

    Training mode is a one-player game designed to allow you to learn everything from the most basic to the most advanced fighting moves. Choose a character to train with and practice performing its moves on a holographic image. In training mode you will have unlimited health and you will be able to choose both the character to practice as and your opponent. This is because different mutants take different damage from the same attack. Practice with different characters on different opponents to discover the most effective attack against each mutant.

    Playable Characters

     - Beast -

     - Cyclops -

    Cyclops' eyes constantly fire red energy beams. At full power, these beams can punch through mountains. However, Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men, cannot control his power and is forced to always wear a ruby quartz visor.

    Special attacks
    • Eye Beam: Cyclops fires three beams of energy at unwary adversaries.
    • Rising Eye Attack: Cyclops performs a running uppercut.

     - Gambit -

    Gambit can charge objects with kinetic energy, causing them to explode. Gambit is extremely agile and quick, and well trained in the martial arts. His thoughts are hard to control, and his voice is somewhat hypnotic.

    Special attacks
    • High Assault: Gambit charges forward stabbing his opponent with his staff, in an upward movement. The opponent will then receive a damaging charge of Kinetic energy.
    • Spin Assault: Gambit plants his staff firmly into the ground before spinning 360 degrees around with a kicking motion.

     - Magneto -

    One of the most physically powerful mutants, Magneto has control over all forms of magnetism, including electromagnetism or electricity.

    Special attacks
    • Mago Beam: Magneto fires two beams of blue energy from his out-stretched arms.
    • Mago Wall: Magneto glides towards his opponent, forming a ball of pure energy in his hand that can blast an opponent to the ground.

     - Mystique -

    Aside from having naturally blue skin, Mystique is a metamorph, able to change shape into anyone she's seen. She can modify the transformation somewhat, and even change only a part of herself, like morphing angel's wings when she needs to fly.

    Special attacks
    • Combo Kick: Mystique charges towards her opponent, and on contact, performs a powerful kick combination.
    • Head Rush: Mystique charges towards her opponent, and on contact, performs a powerful punch combination.

    - Phoenix -

     - Pyro -

    Pyro controls fire, as his name suggests. He does not, however, generate flame, so he wears flamethrowers and a fuel pack. Pyro can enlarge or diminish flames, and can even make detailed fire constructs, which respond to his will. He can also increase the intensity of his fire to the point where bullets melt before they reach him.

    Special attacks
    • Inferno Blast: Pyro activates his flamethrower to shoot a ball of flame towards his opponent.
    • Fire Spirit: Pyro activates his flamethrower to smother himself in flames. If an enemy touches him while he's on fire, they will surely regret it.

     - Storm -

    If it has an atmosphere, Storm can control it. Storm can generate or disperse all forms of weather. Her body automatically adjusts itself to the surrounding temperature and she can use
    herself as a lightning rod to channel lightning through her body.

    Special attacks

    • Lightning Storm: Storm summons a bolt of lightning down upon her opponent.
    • Whirlwind Blast: Storm projects a whirling cloud of wind that sucks her opponent in for close-range fighting.

     - Sabretooth -

    Sabretooth has enhanced senses, speed, and strength, along with razor sharp claws.

    Special attacks
    • Ripping Claw: Sabretooth slides forward along the ground slashing his claws from his adversary's feet on up.
    • Head Smash: Sabretooth charges forward with a powerful repetitive head butt.

     - Toad -

    Toad possesses an incredible jumping ability. Toad was essentially Magneto's yes-man and whipping boy in the original brotherhood. When the alien Stranger kidnapped him and his "master," Toad was left by Magneto on a distant planet. The method by which he returned to Earth is still unknown.

    Special attacks
    • Poison Sting: Toad spits poison at his unhappy foes.
    • Sneaky Hit: Toad will jump forward sticking his arm out. His move is so fast and unexpected, it knocks his opponents to the floor.

     - Wolverine -

    Wolverine is one of the best close quarters fighters in the X-Men. His primary weapons are his claws.

    Special attacks

    • Tornado Slash: Wolverine lunges towards his opponent while furiously spinning with his claws.
    • Blade Dance: Wolverine jumps up into the air and begins to spin with his claws extended.

    Rage Bar

    - While fighting, the character's adrenaline goes up and its rage bar will begin to fill. The amount will depend upon the strength of the attack: the more powerful the attack the more the bar fills up. When the bar is full, your character can unleash the Rage Attack.

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