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    Zero (occasionally stylized as "Zer0") is one of the four playable characters in Borderlands 2, representing the Assassin class.

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    Zero's wanted poster
    Zero's wanted poster

    Reminiscent of the Lance Assassins from the first Borderlands game, Zer0 wears a dark-coloured costume and wields a fierce-looking sword.

    Zero sometimes speaks in Haiku. His gender, race, age and appearance are all unknown. He has devoted his life to the perfection of his combat abilities as well as searching for challenges. If he kills an unworthy opponent or overcomes an unworthy challenge he seems frustrated and disappointed.

    Zero greatly enjoys combat not so much because of killing enemies, but rather the way he kills them. He strikes at critical spots or weak points on the enemy's body. He also likes to kill unaware enemies. Zero is proficient in both melee and long range sniping, although players can use whatever weapons they like without restriction.


    Like all Borderlands playable characters, Zero doesn't speak during interaction with NPCs, but only when certain actions are preformed.

    • As my voice changes I can not help but feel wrong, I sound like a jerk.
    • My skills are sharp.

    In combat:

    • Critical killing is an art onto itself and I am Rembrandt!
    • You've fought well creature, but I fought so much better!
    • The critical hit, so satisfying! I live for such kills.
    • I enjoyed that.
    • Assassins never die!
    • I won't be defeated!
    • Bow to my weaponry!
    • Fear my skills!
    • This is how you die a spectacle of violence! Gorgeous and ugly!
    • I'm covered in slag, I must seek cover quickly or pain is coming.
    • Disgusting, this slag inelegant chemical, increases damage.
    • I feel the burning eating through my equipment. Must stop, drop and roll.
    • I strike from nowhere obliterating my foes. How enjoyable.
    • Over here you fools, that was but an illusion. I am your true foe.
    • How hilarious, you've just set off my trap card. Your death approaches.
    • The true world revealed weakness is known to me. Time to go to work.
    • A critical hit showers me in blood and spit, how enjoyable.
    • I got a second wind, metaphorically speaking. Breath is overrated.
    • I'm back from the dead to continue to raise hell. Get out of my way!
    • This does not end here! I have much further to go before I fall dead.
    • I won't die today, not while I still have ammo. I'm a badass!
    • Nice try savages but I am not the dying type. You will die!
    • Recovered at last. For a moment there I thought it was all over.
    • Warning, badass!
    • Badass approaching!
    • Badass incoming.
    • Throwing grenade!
    • Nade!
    • Unworthy opponents.
    • Curses, empty.

    While driving:

    • What was that speed bump? Was that thing alive?
    • Bump.
    • Funny.

    When examining equipment:

    • Impressive!
    • Nice.
    • Hmmm.
    • Well, well.

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