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BREAKING: Is Giant Bomb's New News Editor Starting Tomorrow?

With this important change in place, Brad will finally get to focus on his seafaring video games round-up while Jeff will... also wear a hat.
I'm pleased to announce that as of Monday, seasoned newsman and all-around good guy Patrick Klepek will be joining the Giant Bomb team as News Editor. We've all thought long and hard about how best to expand our focus and provide higher-quality content for you, and adding Patrick to the team will bring exactly that. In addition to bringing his expertise to our current news output, one of the things Patrick will be focusing on is honest-to-goodness original reporting, ensuring that there are even more things on Giant Bomb that you can't find anywhere else.

Why news? Why now? Well, I should probably back up a bit.

Right around the time we started Giant Bomb back in 2008, I grabbed myself an RSS reader and subscribed to almost every single full-text gaming news RSS I could find with the idea that if we were going to start a site with no dedicated news person, I was going to need to be up on what's happening out there in the world. While we focused primarily on covering the games themselves, we'd dabble in news here and there, reporting things when they came our way and, more often than not, linking out to sites that were doing the legwork that we weren't. Beyond positioning some rugged soldiers like Brad Nicholson in direct path of the press release hose, It felt like it would be crazy to get into news. Other people--like Patrick, for example--had that buttoned up.

These days, I almost wonder if everyone decided that there's no money in news reporting or something. The sites that were fully devoted to it seem a little less focused these days. Some of them broke out and got into other types of content at their news team's expense. Others branched out into so much off-topic coverage that I had to cull them from my RSS feed. Still others straight-up vanished. Point being, I'm not getting as much news from the news sites as I used to, but the post count from these sites just seems to go higher and higher. I'm left with way too much digging to get to the important stuff from the authors that matter.

Actually, this addition also grants me more time to focus on reviews. Touchdown from all angles.
So I've decided to, in my own way, do something about it. We've all known Patrick for awhile and have crazy respect for the work he's done. Everyone's pretty excited about having him here. We've been tossing around names for potential news candidates for what feels like a year now, but none of them felt quite right. Once we began talking to Patrick about coming over here, it didn't take long for all of those other names to sort of fall by the wayside. He'll be working directly out of our office and we'll all be thinking about presenting you with the most important game news out there with the level of insight and experience that you've come to expect from us.

And we'll probably manage to have a good time while we're at it. That, after all, tends to be our way.

But enough about that. What I want from you right now is two things! First, join me in welcoming Patrick to Giant Bomb. Second, I think we all have some ideas about what an ideal news organization should look like these days, but I want to know what you think about it. How do you want your news delivered? Is text the thing? Should we develop some kind of weekly news wrap-up show? Call-ins? A daily podcast where the day's headlines are delivered directly to your earholes? Should we beam our news stories into space so that aliens can know about updated release dates and the reasons behind their favorite studio's layoffs? Should we rope Patrick into some kind of heinous Tested live show segment where he's blindfolded and eating some kind of awful "food" during his first week here? Like I said, let me know.

(Photo by Becky Pineo) Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
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Posted by OneManX

Giant Bomb with the number one pick... Draft Patrick Klepek

Now, just need a photo of Patrick holding up a GB jersey.
Posted by Duckchow
@extremeradical:  Sure, but why visit two pages if you can visit one?
Posted by clumsyninja1

This mate is what every editor should it a perfect match for giantbomb. He was great on G4 (maybe the only good thing on G4, other than the Sass). Can't wait to hear on the podcast.

Posted by Enigma777

Welcome to Giant Bomb, Patrick!

Anyways Jeff, I completely agree about the steadily decline in journalism and it's not just in gaming.

As far as your question goes, I'm fine with some good ol' fashioned AP-style articles though I will gladly accept any podcast that bears the Giant Bomb name on it. I'm not against a weekly video thing, but I feel like every other game website on the planet does that already and they're all pretty lame and largely uninformative. I'd rather see you produce original GB videos and Quick Looks instead. 

If I can file a single complaint against Brad Nicholson's way of doing things, it's that he's usually several hours too slow. There's nothing wrong with taking your time to write a good story, but if you're going to give me the same basic thing that Joystiq has had up for hours, I'm just not interested. Hopefully things will be smoother and faster with another person to help. 
Posted by Blunt

Text articles on the site as they happen with the occasional video for important or in-depth news, 'weekly news wrap up' video segment on the Happy Hour show. Important news already gets discussed on the Bombcast so no reason to tamper with that or make a new podcast solely for news.

Good to see that Giant Bomb's greatest weakness is finally being improved. That's one less gaming site I have to visit to get my news.
Posted by Alex_Carrillo

Listen, I don't know if you guys didn't notice, but god damn it if Giant Bomb wasn't in dire need of White dude 'fro. That serious deficiency is finally being adressed and I couldn't be happier.

Posted by fillmoejoe

If I remember correctly Klepek broke the Infinity Ward firings right? As for how the news about a simple article for slower a news day?

I'd like to see you guys try all the methods you can think of: a quick 5 minute  video recap, a short 5-10 minute podcast or like I said earlier one giant article that sums up the news. Then just see what works the best.

Edited by Portis

KLEPEK! i love that dude!

Posted by Brake

Welcome aboard Patrick.

I would love to read my video game news projected on the moon. Honestly I think that's the most practical solution and it'll reach the most people with the least amount of effort.

Posted by galloughs

I'm fully behind the idea of a weekly, or semi-weekly news video segment, on top of the standard text-story delivery.

Posted by Rhaknar

oh shit, exxy on the GB? well, thats fucking awesome

Posted by megalowho

Always been a fan of Patrick's work. Welcome to Giant Bomb, good sir. Sleuth up that news!

Posted by Mendelson9
1. Keep it text. Video is inconvenient.
2. Avoid most business stuff, just as you have been.
3. Don't worry about the 24 hour news cycle. We don't care if your article comes out an hour after IGNs, as long as it is better written and fact-checked.
4. Post interesting rumors, but clearly define them as such (just like you did with Gamespot).
5. Be willing to post things and ask questions even if it will jeopardize your relationship with publishers and developers. It sounds obvious, especially here, but you cannot ever sacrifice this principle.
This looks good to me.
Posted by Tonic7

I say this is a great development, overall.

One of the problems with an overwhelming amount of text-based news it that it can occasionally bump really good video content off of the front page. But really, that's still the best way to go about the stories, in my opinion.

I'd be interested in some video/audio news format, too. Let's see what you got!

Posted by hagridore

Nice addition. That kid's got moxie I say!

Posted by Spectre_Sigma

Holy crap, this is exciting news! Patrick Klepek is an awesome guy who does awesome work. I think he is going to be a great fit for the Giant Bomb team.

I definitely do like the idea of a weekly news round up show.
Posted by Falconer

Oh, and as for feeding news to the readers/viewers. How about a recap video at the end of the week? You are a video content producing site after all. And when you post the news story for the video, you can have the links to the actual news posts that are relevant to the video if anyone wishes to read them if they haven't already.

Posted by blackthunder

Text is king, however I would love some kind of weekly news wrap up show to drink that down with as well. As for your last question about the blindfolded strange/horrible food eating thing do you even need to ask. If you did btw it's a HELL YEA!

Posted by Bobafeet

Stoked to hear about this. It would be cool to have a news video. Hope he makes some appearances on the bombcast!

Edited by transience

this news makes me want to listen to the 'live' bombcast where all the IW stuff was happening. anyone know what day that was?

edit: that makes me realize how crazy it's going to be when 'this year' gets to the bombcast. that's gonna be like a 15 hour show.

Edited by Surkov

Honestly, I'm just glad the didn't hire Leigh Alexander. 

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff
@patrickklepek: Welcome!
Posted by Death_Unicorn

Welcome to the club, Patrick!

I'm a little saddened at this shift to news focused, as I would enjoy more content that is more about analysis, something maybe along the lines of Screened's Besties. This doesn't mean it can't happen or anything, I'm just throwing that out there.

I would enjoy getting my news in the plain ol' text format. Maybe some sort of video-content for news, but I don't know.
Posted by ghostmind

Welcome to the madness Patrick!

Daily podcast FTW
Posted by Portis

And hell yeah, he's going to be in the office? Get that mother fucker to sit in on some Quick Looks and TNT's!

Edited by tracerace11

I do not know much about Klepek but I do know that he broke the Activision story, and that GB wants him.  How can I say no?!  Welcome!

About the news, I like either videos or podcasts.  This website and its stance of using all forms of medium is exactly why it is my most visited website.  Sure some stories must be written, which is fine, but give those of us who wants other original content just that!
Edited by shadyspace

 Dat Klepek?!
Posted by JJWeatherman

This is the last news update you'll ever have to write, Jeff. How does that feel?

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition
@patrickklepek:  Welcome aboard! As for suggestions, I'm content with text for news and maybe a weekly wrap-up.

Posted by DrBeardface

Get him into Yoostar 2 during a GB segment.  And if he doesn't do well, make him try it again!

Posted by sandal_hat

Oh Klepek does good work, glad to have him aboard... THE TRAIN BABY WHOO WHOO!

We all know this was a move to bolster Nintendo downloadable game coverage. But seriously, glad to have ya Patrick!

Edited by BraveToaster

Video news reports for the major stuff and text for minor.

Also, welcome!
Posted by Sparklykiss

More videos is always cool with me. And force feeding "food" with the guys at Tested as a welcoming? That sounds like something you do before you fire someone!

Posted by adummy

A segment during the Happy Hour for sure.

Posted by sirchode

Jeff, regarding your question of news delivery, I don't think video is really the way to go unless you're doing a live manned 24-hour video stream or something. Or if you go the TMZ route where it's a fun casual roundtable kind of thing, but speaking personally I'm not sure I'd be able to find the time to watch it every day. The live stream would be cool, though, especially if you just had a playlist of Quick Looks and cut in with live events and news throughout the day, I'd totally tune into that and leave it in the background while working. But that's a little off-topic

In terms of text, I have a few thoughts on that. What I totally DON'T want are quick little 2 or 3 paragraph blurbs filled with witty jokes and sarcasm and hivemind-sourced jabs at games or developers. I have always thought that MacRumors does a great job with their editorial: they are consistently neutral, the news is informational and filled with links to past developments, they provide context on all the news they present, the news is well-written and through all this they still remain on the pulse and present breaking news. I think there's room for that kind of voice in the game journalism circle

What I'd also love to see are more long-form articles and features, both written and video. Ars Technica publishes a multi-page Feature article on a daily basis and those are really great reads, especially because they're so technical. They assume the readers are geeks and make the most of that assumption by getting really nitty-gritty with technical terms and procedures and explanations. The end result is that you usually walk away from a Feature feeling like you actually learned something, and again I'd love to see more of that in the game journalism circle. Patrick specifically could probably do a great and enlightening summary article about the Infinity Ward/Activision situation, explaining what kind of terms are being fought over, pulling back the curtain on developer agreements and expectations, and getting some legal opinion sprinkled in there. Another possible subject I'd love to see explored is the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network and Steam backends. Those are massive networks that we all rely on constantly, but do any of us know what any of the servers we connect to actually look like? Or where they are? Or how they're managed and maintained? Or how often they get expanded and upgraded? I'd find that stuff to be fascinating, either in text or video format.

This ended up being a lot longer than I intended, sorry! Super stoked for Patrick's arrival!

Posted by Olivaw
@Mendelson9 said:
" @nintendoeats
1. Keep it text. Video is inconvenient.
2. Avoid most business stuff, just as you have been.
3. Don't worry about the 24 hour news cycle. We don't care if your article comes out an hour after IGNs, as long as it is better written and fact-checked.
4. Post interesting rumors, but clearly define them as such (just like you did with Gamespot).
5. Be willing to post things and ask questions even if it will jeopardize your relationship with publishers and developers. It sounds obvious, especially here, but you cannot ever sacrifice this principle.
This looks good to me. "
I might include a weekly recap podcast of running down the headlines for those of us who can't check the site every day, or maybe some kind of new video feature because I like all the video features, but yeah, this list looks pretty solid to me!
Posted by shodan2020

Totally awesome. I wonder if Mr. Klepek will also be doing news duties on the Bombcast..???

Posted by guiseppe

Welcome Mr. Klepek! It's good to see the site grow :D.

Posted by pbhawks45

Bravo, Giant Bomb. You've eliminated the one criticism I have had of your site. I'm so fucking tempted to subscribe now. God damn you so much.

Posted by Milkman

I don't check Twitter for a couple hours and suddenly, everything changes! That's awesome. Welcome aboard, Mr. Klepek!

Posted by Renegade_Kid

I want my news delivered in a concise hour long (or even shorter) podcast. The bombcast is fine though a bit dragged out. This would be a DEDICATED podcast. It needs to be fast faced, energetic, It needs to be HOT you know? A HOT SPOT if you will.  The wrap up video thing is something IGN has tried doing and isn't great on account of how it can sometimes over simplify stories in order to stay within time constraints.

Posted by Daniel_Newton

Weekly news wrap-up video would be ideal. I check the site often, but a run down of the week's news would be great to watch in case I miss anything.

Posted by Undeadpool

PK, you bring the Thunder! (and Fire!)

As for the news question: the more Whiskey Media podcasts I can get, the happier I'll be, but if it dilutes the Bombcast (say taking it from ~2 hrs to ~1), then nix that idea quicksmart. Some kind of weekly wrap-up could be pretty cool, especially in video form. I'd love to see the hijinks that could be gotten up to in a weekly news update-style format.
For just general, daily news stories though, stick with what you've got. Sure, I could probably go to Kotaku or Joystiq and get the news faster (and with substantially more digging), but I come to Giant Bomb, and Whiskey Media in general, for personality and verve, not to read what everyone else is reporting HOW everyone else is reporting it.
Posted by HatKing

Hey, sounds good to me.  Welcome, Klepek!


I think a weekly news report roundup video thing sounds great.  Though I love all your video content and will eat it up no matter what it is.

Posted by Afroman269

Awesome news! Text news fine. I like the idea of a weekly news wrap up show. No need for a daily podcast, that would be a bit much. Getting equipment to broadcast to outer space would be ideal too.

Posted by Flatterlr

I think a weekly wrap up show would be cool. You could take questions from a forum and talk about the big stories. 

Posted by brocool

I don't know who this dude is, but if you say hes cool, hes cool.

Posted by EnchantedEcho

Wow this is awesome, welcome to Giant Bomb Patrick.

I think that a weekly wrap up show would work the best, as much as I love podcasts (I tend to spend more time listening to people talking about games than actually playing them) I don't think that a podcast directly focused on news would work.

Posted by Rmack

I'd really, really prefer news to remain text based. Aside from reviews, I barely read anything on here, which kinda bums me out.

Posted by Olivaw

Gee I wonder what Jeff means by "off-topic coverage."

What do you think BRIAN ASHCRAFT