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Touch Solid Snake All Over Your... iPhone

Remember that weird green Metal Gear equation Konami posted recently? They went and solved for i. iPhone, that is.

Apparently Apple wasn't beating its chest about the iPhone being a "gaming console" just for kicks. Konami has demystified the Metal Gear teaser site it posted a couple of weeks ago by announcing--drum roll--Metal Gear Solid Touch, an iPhone-specific mission for Solid Snake based on the story of MGS4.

You know what this means. We have to actually start caring about iPhone games now.

Here's all the revealed info so far, straight out the press release.

METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH is an original game that brings to life the world and characters of MTAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS (MGS4).

With direct control through the touch panel, it's simple for anyone to move their alignment or switch to zoom mode. Each stage's location and characters are based on the story of MGS4. The initial download will contain 8 stages, with additional stages to be added later. There are many ways to enjoy the game as points earned by clearing stages unlocks images and wallpapers from the METAL GEAR series.

Aaaaaand screens!

A one.
And a two.

Doesn't look half bad, honestly. We'll see how well it runs, though, and more importantly how well it plays. Console-style games don't have the best track record on the iPhone/iPod Touch so far. Why is that? Oh, perhaps the lack of any traditional controls whatsoever? Let's hope Konami figures out a way to overcome that limitation.
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Posted by Otacon
I'll download this, wasn't expecting a massive significant game to come out of the teaser. 
Posted by TwoOneFive

how come you don't get points for submitting games, i uploaded this but no points? man no fair lol. whatever i'm not even that into submitting stuff anyways. 

so anyways, i'm getting an ipod touch for christmas, i will get this game, even if it sucks. but hopefully kojima makes sure its fun. 
Posted by Shadowsquire

I was expecting a new storyline or something for the metal gear franchise. Not a stupid iPhone game. I don't even own a 360 or ps3 and I'm dissapointed with this.

Posted by NinjaHunter

That looks like that flash game Kojima Pro. put on the MGS4 official site before the release of MGS4.

Posted by Damonation
NinjaHunter said:
"That looks like that flash game Kojima Pro. put on the MGS4 official site before the release of MGS4."
That game was ok for free, but I wouldn't pay to play it on my phone.
Posted by Bill_Hickz

LMAO @ thiago

Why are you so glad its not on the 360, it equals more money for Kojima which equals higher production quality for the next metal gear game. Damn i would love a 360 port of MGS that game looks swt. Media bias since when, you sound like someone who watches Fox News and sez every other news corp is bias. I know i shouldnt respond but we dont see many of you fangirls around these ways.

Posted by HatKing

Hey look another system I'll never play a Metal Gear game on!

Posted by tj_chisholm

Yeah I think I'll pick this up because I already have an Ipod Touch.  I think its a bit of a risk though as despite what apple says its not a recognized gaming platform.  Many people who would otherwise be interested in this game won't have Iphones and many people with Iphones aren't intrested in gaming.

Posted by mubress


Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Nope, still dont care about iPhone games.

Posted by brainwins

Uh !!

Posted by thiago

"Media bias since when"

Since when it is not based on facts, but on wishes. If it is a wish then it can't be "news", it is just wishful thinking.

The hard reality of numbers tell a different story. The Wii is the clear winner, but nobody will concede that because Nintento aims for a wider audience and not only the particular tastes of this or that game reviewer. PS3 is far from the being a failure, and the numbers prove it. X360 has little to celebrate, since it was released one year earlier and still it lost shamefully with hardware problems and flawed design (3rl, disk damaging DVD drive, overheating, batteries for the joystick, etc).

And BTW, your console can't handle MGS4. It is just not going to happen.

Posted by sdauz

man ppl complain about controls of FPS on the PSP, god i cant imagine how it'll work out on an iPhone......a bit sad MGS4 isnt comming out on 360, but that's OK

Posted by Bill_Hickz

@ thiago

you make no sense for a 25 yo man/woman unless you work for sony. And you didnt even answer my question where is the media bias here, you so caught up in ur facts uhhhhhhhhhhh i cant be bothered talkin to some fanboy.

Posted by thiago

Maybe you need to reread it. I can't help you there.

Posted by Aaox

Awww.... I thought Knami was making my awesome idea 'M3T4L C0R3 BUCK3T'

And I hate fanboys.
Posted by Alex_Murphy

I guess the Xbox green was just some sort of head fake.

Posted by JoelTGM

um... lol, wow a cellphone game

Posted by Chytynous

Goddamnit!! iPhone?!! Really!!????!!!! Fuck, man!!!!

Posted by pirate_republic

...yeah no thanks. But why did they make the teaser green? Surely they know the color of their competitor's brands.

Posted by MisterSpiffy

Damn, I was sure hoping on a 360 version..

Posted by insane_shadowblade85
Posted by Will

Now thats a suprise

Posted by DECA555

you hear that?

thats the sound of a million pissy xbots whinning about how MGS4 isnt coming to that peice of shit excuse for a console
Posted by StaticFalconar

There you go, the answer to the trailer, its not on the 360

Posted by TripMasterMunky

"you hear that?

thats the sound of a million pissy xbots whinning about how MGS4 isnt coming to that peice of shit excuse for a console"

Looks like someone is a little biased.
Posted by ThomasP

That is pretty cool. I rather it go to the iPhone then the 360. Hopefully this will attract more devs to the iPhone.

Posted by TheNostalgicGamer27

A new metal gear... on the iphone... THAT'S THE BEST THEY COULD DO?!

Posted by Meteora

In my opinion, this is weak. Seeing how MGS4 has a shitload of cinematic, I would probably blind myself trying to watch all of it on that small screen. Meh.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

The what?!


Posted by Lunx

Humm Interesting Ii would have never guessed.The only thing is it's not worth paying the cost of the iphone for one cool game. If I knew lots of cool games are coming to the iphone that would be different, besides I don't live in USA so I probably wouldn't be able to download it :(, that's the problem with downloadable games on the cell phones not everyone can download them.

I agree even a Wii version would have been better but then again kojima productions never let's us down so even in the iphone or ipod if you can get i think will be a good choice.

Posted by Psynapse

Pfft, so should of been 360 release :P

Posted by CreamyGoodness

ahhh man i was hoping for something on the 360. meh itl have to do. i guess it will work with the ipod touch too

Posted by Hector

Hope its good!

Posted by keyhunter

Cool. Less reason to care about Metal Gear.

Posted by AURON570

i just noticed something. almost all pictures, screenshots of things ON the iPhone, show the actual iPhone... is it actually that much cooler just cuz it's on the iPhone. I think not!

Posted by hazelnutman

Hopefully, this won't turn out to be a crappy touch-and-shoot game with MGS characters just plastered over it.

Posted by TOYBOXX

Visually it looks good, but as this blog post stated, how well will the game play out with using only a  touch screen? I know the answer to that question already but I'd like to hear it from the reviewers themselves to confirm it.

Posted by makari

Finally, people will be able to touch their solid snake public and not get locked up. Thank you Konami for this great service.

Posted by PercyChuggs

Ugh. What a complete waste.

Posted by Jayzilla

i think that was a really lame tease then, what with it looking like it was going to be an xbox thing. way to let the masses down. it's inevitable that the controls will be pretty lame.

Posted by Baillie

This ain't gonna be great, but for an iPhone game, Star Wars: TFU was actually pretty good. I have an iPhone, so I don't see a reason why I won't be picking this up.

Posted by Baillie

Looking over the posts, I seem to be the only one to be doing so. I may be called up to review, haha.

Posted by regularassmilk
niall077 said:

But Kutaku said it was teh 360 port.... kutaku wouldnt lie would they?

well you spelled kotaku wrong. So your dumb as hell.....
Posted by TechnicallyProficient

So, the E missing from "MTAL" in that press release is a teaser for the 360 game, right?

Posted by MaddProdigy

WHAT. make an iphone version when they coulda made a 360 one? their trippin, and this is probably gonna blow. we'll see though

Posted by nnaka261
PapaLazarou, I care about MGS and I own an iPhone! But alas, I suppose you're right. The iPhone owner in me couldn't really care less about MGS, and the person who cares about MGS in me doesn't really want to play it on my iPhone. I'll just keep playing MGS4 on my PS3. There's a reason the best games on the iPhone are often the simplest.
Posted by coakroach


Posted by macattack

stupid stupid stupid if this doesn't sell well they really got what was coming to them

Posted by HartKnight

Let's hope this announcement has finally put to rest the rumors for MGS4 on X360.

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