First AC3 Screenshots

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#101 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Those screenshots look curious but still exciting.

I like the amount of things that they are changing for this game, hopefully it pays off.

#102 Posted by WilltheMagicAsian (1548 posts) -

I will be highly bummed if they wait half a year to release this on PC.

#103 Posted by DonutFever (3980 posts) -

Red Creed Redemption.

#104 Posted by StarvingGamer (10741 posts) -

Color me impressed. I am back on board.

#105 Posted by NickL (2264 posts) -

@HowDire said:


Seriously he sticks out like a sore thumb.

I must have missed the game where the main character didn't...

#106 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -
@altairre said:

I don´t think they have been posted yet (not only screenshots but also artwork):

So..... sexy..................... *melts*
#107 Posted by Tesla (2059 posts) -

Well, this certainly looks more interesting than the last couple of games.

#108 Posted by eternitymemory (154 posts) -

@NickL said:

@HowDire said:


Seriously he sticks out like a sore thumb.

I must have missed the game where the main character didn't...

Altair could kind of get away with his get up, maybe. But Ezio was almost shamelessly ostentatious with his outfits. He might have been able to blend in with nobility, though, as I believe they tended to wear some pretty crazy garb. Connor's definitely more subdued, and since he'll be lurking around in snow his outfit makes sense at least some of the time.

Then again, I'll admit that all of three of them always look pretty assassin-y no matter which costume you change them into. Wandering menacingly around the streets armed to the teeth and with your face in shadow tends to cast that sort of light on you.

#109 Posted by NTM (9012 posts) -

Huh. It's a little weird to see this, but cool. It looks kind of authentic aside from the whole assassin thing.

#110 Posted by Brendan (8900 posts) -

@demonbear said:

I want to play this game right noooooow!!!!

*Throws wallet at Ubisoft*

Ow! Fuckin kids...

#111 Posted by GaspoweR (4706 posts) -



#112 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2467 posts) -

I knew it was coming out this year. I knew it was too long between II. I knew it would be in a different time period, possibly modern, possibly the enlightenment or industrial revolution. But this...This I didn't expect. And It's awesome.

#113 Posted by AndrewB (7809 posts) -

I'd actually kind of happy I've held off on the Assassin's Creed franchise since the first (I do own the second, but didn't play *too* much of it). Even if the gameplay is a little samey, it won't be as stale to me, and everything I've heard about this has made me want to play it immediately.

#114 Posted by Rattle618 (1505 posts) -

Damn it. I didnt even start with Revelations yet.

#115 Posted by rockyhorrorgerri (402 posts) -

The beginning of Revelations had it set during a snow storm, and the graphics and dynamics of the snow were amazing. During one of the cut scenes I could not tell the difference between if it was a game or a movie I was watching, so hoping that the utilize the better graphics (snow and such) that the game play will at least be pretty. Kind of like Skyrim.

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