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Azusa Nakano is second-year student at Sakura High, and a member of the Light Music Club. Azusa has the distinction of being the first underclassman to join the Light Music Club (Keionbu), she is later joined by Ui Hirasawa and Jun Suzuki after the original members graduate. Azusa is a talented guitarist, while she claims to be a beginner, she has been playing since she was in fourth-grade. Both her parents are in a Jazz Band, although never seen on screen, because of this Azusa often enjoys visiting jazz clubs.

Azusa at first was unsure about joining the Light Music Club, and originally showed interest in joining the Jazz Appreciation Club but was hesitant against joining beacause "It didn't quite seem the same as real jazz." Azusa finally decided to join the Light Music Club after Ui brings her to there live performance at the school festival. After joining she is shocked to find how lazy they are, as the rest of the Light Music Club often slack off to eat Mugi's cake and biscuits, and to drink tea. As such she often expects more of the club than the other members are prepared to give.

On the first day after joining club she was forced to wear cat ears by Sawako, and was given the nickname Azu-nyan by Yui, even though she finds it embarrassing. Azusa looks up to Yui, she shows this by calling Yui, Yui-senpai. Although Yui, and the rest of the club memebers, are surpised at how telanted Azusa is on the guitar. Yui is threaten by Azusa's skill although later on in the seires Azusa ends up teaching Yui some of the basics of playing a guitar. After Azusa joins the club she becomes the bands rhythm guitarist. Both the opening and closing songs, 'Cagayake!GIRLS' and 'Don't Say "Lazy"' repectively, where changed to include Azusa's rhythm parts.

Azusa is easly sun-burnt, even when wearing sunblock.

Azusa Nakano is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu in the original Japanese dub, and Christine Marie Cabanos in the English dub.

K-ON! After School Live!

Azusa in K-ON! After School Live!

Azusa appears as a playable character in K-ON! After School Live! along with some of her songs off 'K-ON! Character Image Song Series Vol. 5' such as 'JajaUma Way to Go' and 'Watashi wa Watashi no Michi o Iku'. Azusa's gameplay centers around the rhythm guitar and follows the secondary guitar track of a song.

Azusa also appears in the main menu, aka the club-room, at random and can active special events if in the room at the same-time as other members.

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