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One of the Greatest Games of All Time

You hear the phrase "Best Game Ever!!" bandied around a lot these days.  However, I am not exaggerating when I say that Chrono Trigger justly deserves that title.  It is my favorite RPG of all time, and justly deserves to be on any greatest games of all time list.  The art, characters, and story all present a charm and wonder even in the midst of the swarms of RPGs out today.  The story is engaging, as you zip around time and try to save the world (of course).  It's pretty cool to see the effects of your actions in the past show up in the future eras.  The combat in the game is also fun, which is rare for me to say about any RPG.  Using the appropriate mix of tech, magic, and team based attacks keeps you alert and ready to lay out another beat down.  There are multiple ways to finish the game, depending on what you accomplish and when you choose to fight the final enemy.  It of course made me, a total completion whore, obsessively work to make sure I completed all the side missions so I could get the "best" ending and have some satisfying closure for my characters.  Of course, some of the endings are just crazy, and are worth going out of your way to see. 

This is the PlayStation remake, but the game is essentially the same as the SNES version.  The only real addition to this version is the cutscenes.  These are 2D cartoons drawn by Akira Toriyama, of Dragon Ball fame (or infamy, for some of you).  He did the original art for the game, and returned for this remake to more fully capture some of the dramatic moments of the story.  I found the cutscenes to be neat additions, but they don't make the remake a must buy.  The game itself does that.  Of course, the game may not be easily found these days, but there is that DS version coming.  Heck, I'm probably going to buy it again, even though I've already beaten the game multiple times.  I recommend you do the same.  Any RPG fan owes it to themselves to play this game, and non-RPG fans should at least try it as well.  You just might find yourself pleasantly surprised.


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