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Timeless, unique, and a modern classic

I chose this as my first review on Giant Bomb for a reason.  No other RPG, or game in general for that matter, has ever captured me the way Chrono Trigger did.  I spent countless hours playing and replaying this amazing (if a little short) adventure.  The visual design is beautiful, the combat engaging and fast paced, but the true power of this game lies in its story.  It takes place in a fantasy world, and begins with the main character stumbling upon a time portal to the past.  Due to changes made in the past the future is altered, forcing the heros to tinker with time and ensure a character does not disappear from the time line all together.  However, this is just the beginning, and you'll find yourself swept from the prehistoric past to the grim distant future all in order to stop a cataclysmic event from ending the world.  
If you haven't played this game, do yourself a favor and pic it up.  Just make sure to avoid the PlayStation version.  It had some neat new anime sequences, but the gameplay was apparently problematic.  If you really want the anime sequences or don't have a SNES you might go with the forth coming DS version which according to early impressions plays perfectly.  Do what you have to to get your hands on this game.  It will amaze you.
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This game is so mind boggling good that you'll feel a revival deep within your soul after playing it. The whimsical and mystical world of Chrono Trigger lives with me daily!

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