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  The incredibly luminous fake NOS tank in the back of every cabinet seat.
   The dashboard and its non-functioning dials.
Dead Heat is an arcade racing game by Namco America Inc. and begun distribution on October 19th, 2010. It's a surrealistic racing game set 4 cities (New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London) and features a wide selection of cars, such as tuners and muscle cars.

It distinctly features incredibly flashy arcade cabinets and cameras installed above the monitors, allowing players to take pictures of each other before the race. These pictures appear above the respective player's car during a race and can subsequently be saved into the cabinet's memory. Dead Heat also features car customization via player profiles, giving players the option to register a PIN number to save their profile and customizations. 


 In-game screenshot.
Dead Heat is a pure arcade game, leaning on little-to-no real world physics in actual gameplay. Drifting through turns well over 200 km/h is not uncommon and there are multitudes of jumps and other obstacles on every track. Nitrous is available to players through a single-use tank, of which can later be upgraded to three single-use tanks upon registration of a player profile. 

The game features car customization if a player creates a PIN-based player profile, which is free to register (as opposed to card-based system which costs cabinet currency to "make"). Customization is unlocked subsequent to every race whether the player wins or not and upgrades always progress in the same order. They are all cosmetic excluding the first upgrade, which is the addition of two extra nitrous tanks. Cars are also cosmetic in nature, as no specific vehicle has any speed or handling advantage over another. This is emphasized even more by the game's very prominent rubber-banding, giving players in the back extra speed to catch up to the front of the pack-- even if the lead player is deploying nitrous. 

Dead Heat is also one of many new arcade cabinets to feature a built-in camera, allowing players to take pictures of themselves before the start of each race. Pictures will appear above each opponent's car and these pictures can subsequently be saved on the arcade's memory. Saved pictures will then show up as AI opponents when new players play the game, whom can then save their own pictures into the system. Picture saving does not require a PIN code.


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