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Dragon Slayer (ドラゴンスレイヤー) is a series of video games developed and published by Nihon Falcom. The first Dragon Slayer title was an early action RPG (action role-playing game), released in 1984 for the NEC PC-88 computer system and ported by Square for the MSX. Designed by Yoshio Kiya, the game gave rise to a series of sequels, nearly all of them created by Falcom, with the exception of Faxanadu by Hudson Soft. The Dragon Slayer series was historically significant, both as a founder of the Japanese role-playing game industry, and as the progenitor of the action role-playing game genre. The Dragon Slayer franchise influenced various popular Japanese video games in different ways, ranging from Metroid and Castlevania to The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

The series encompasses several different genres, which include action role-playing, action-adventure, platform-adventure, open world, turn-based role-playing, and real-time strategy. Many of the early titles in this series were computer games released for the PC-88, PC-98, MSX, MSX2, and other early Japanese computer platforms, while some were later ported to video game consoles. The series also features video game music soundtracks composed by chiptune musician Yuzo Koshiro and the Falcom Sound Team JDK.


There are several different sub-series of the Dragon Slayer franchise:

  1. Dragon Slayer (1984) - action RPG
  2. Xanadu (1985-2005) - action RPG series
  3. Romancia (1986) - platform-adventure
  4. Legacy of the Wizard (1987) - action RPG
  5. Sorcerian (1987-2006) - action RPG series
  6. The Legend of Heroes (1989-Present) - turn-based RPG series
  7. Lord Monarch (1991-2004) - real-time strategy
  8. Legend of Xanadu (1994-1995) - action RPG series

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