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Elite Beat Agents DS

Elite Beat Agents is a blast to play but there are a few things that really bothered me in this game and really took down the game.

The game overall is fairly simple to play. The player taps along with the beat using the stylus on the touch screen and there are only three types of notes to perform. The note you will see the most is just taping a small numbered circle when the bigger outer circle makes contact with it. In a series of notes they will be the same color and hitting them all perfectly in the right order creates a nice combo. The second type of note is the rolling ball note where you must first tap the note and then keep the stylus on a rolling ball that will be laid out in a track. It is kinda like the long notes in a guitar hero game. The last type of note is just a wheel you must spin as fast as possible using the stylus. More note variety would have improved the game a little.

Since this is a music rhythm game I would expect there would actually be more tracks and better quality tracks. Some of the songs are great such as Skater Boi(yes I am a big Avril fan) and Jumpin Jack Flash, but overall the soundtrack could have been 10 times better. What really sucks is that there is only 19 tracks in all which is really lame for a music game even if it is for the ds. The audio quality was great but I was still disappointed in the music.

The biggest complaint I had about this game was the random ending difficulty and the shortness of the game. I was able to completely beat the game in 4 and a half hours, but the last song took me three of those hours, and the rest of the game only took and hour and a half. I passed every song with flying colors until the last song which took me a good 50 tries or so. What a cheap way to make an extremely short game longer by making an incredibly hard ending song or boss fight. I hate games that do that and in all honesty this game should have only been 2 hours long which is ridiculous. The different stories told in the game are in cool anime cut scenes but the actual stories are horrible.

Overall the gameplay is fun but the game is shallow and at times insanely difficult.

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