It took longer than expected, but now I hate Fable 2

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I delayed buying Fable 2 for a good while, almost half a year, because I just knew that in the end it would leave me with nothing but bitter dissapointment.  When I finally did purchase the game and began playing I was actually shocked.  It was quite fun.  I enjoyed interacting with the NPCs, the quests felt like they had some decent structure, and the charm factor was undeniable.  I actually got to the end portion with my second character, defeating Lucien and choosing Love so I could get my faithful furry companion returned to me and be motivated enough to continue adventuring and tying up all the loose ends left in the world.

I get to the castle Fairfax quest.  What follows next is spoileriffic, but if you intend on playing Fable 2 I suggest you spoil this for yourself so you don't end up where I currently am.  I get to the sex-change potion, save my game thinking "I just want to take a gander at what my avatar would look like", drink the poition and then' BAM!!!' auto-save immediately afterwords.  So now my character is in all actuality, a dead character.  There's no reason to play on them anymore but what's worse is now I have no motivation to continue playing the game at all.

Honestly, that was just the last straw though.  Between the absurd overabundance of flit-switches, the pathetic number of enemy designs and variety, the non-existant bosses, and complete lack of challenge the game had begun to grate on me long before this.  I was still going to attempt to forge on to play a couple of female heroes, but now that my villianous hero has been turned into a (quite hideous) female, I guess that's completely unnecessary. 

Congratulations Lionhead, you ending up taking what could have been an enjoyable, memorable experience deep into the realm of dissapointment and loathing.  After the first Fable I regarded all your projects as suspect for their potential to be underwhelming.  Now after playing Fable 2 I will view all your future endeavors with uncertainty for their potential to fill me with hatred.  You let curiosity kill my character, and for that I condemn you.

P.S. I know this is blog-worthy but I was halfway done before I realized and am way too filled with rage to copy-paste this bitch.

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I think it's kind of silly to hate the game because you messed up and took the sex change potion. It did warn you that it's permanent, and most the choices in the game usually follows an auto save. If you truly enjoyed the game, then it shouldn't be a problem replaying it. It's not like there's much to do at end game except wait for DLCs.

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Fable II was shit anyway. Enjoy controlling a character whos stuck in treacle. Forever.

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Hey man. You took a chance and used that dirty needle. You knew you could get the bug. But you did it anyway. Don't blame Lionhead man.

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Haha, that totally happened to me too.  My character turned into the ugliest woman in the game.  Even taking away all of the strength upgrades to slim her down didn't help.  Oh well, I felt like starting a new character anyways.

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I stopped at "spoilerific," because I just bought it yesterday.

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I didn't care for the game anyways. It was nowhere near as good as the original. You couldn't get armor or weapons from chests, there was no armor in the game period, there were absolutly NO boss fights, game was way to easy, the story was no where near as good, I could go on but Ill just say that I didn't care for the game at all. Oh and the main thing that turned me off of the game was the "final battle". So LAME!!

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To be fair, the real final battle is against the giant spire shard, but the final confrontation with Lucien was a letdown indeed.  I've calmed down a bit, but it still pisses me off.  I even have the DLC, and in a panic the first thing I did was run to Knothole Island to check if there was a sex-change potion hidden amidst the growth/shrinking potions but alas, there was no such item.  My only option is to now turn all orbs on and just sit and wait by the area and hope somebody willing to give me their potion strolls along but I don't think there's that many people playing the game anymore.  I'm not sure I'd be willing to do that anyways.  The fact that Fable 2 isn't a self-contained game, with items you could only acquire through internet website schemes and achievements only possible through trading with other players, already angered me. 

I'm just dissapointed that was once waning desire to continue playing has turned to complete apathy.  Fable 2 doesn't even deserve a spot on my shelf, let alone on my active-playing pile.  It's been relegated to the bin I keep all my last generation games in, and most likely wont be played again for a long, long while if ever.  I find it funny how people are blaming me for using the item, saying, "You should have known" because the game certainly does not establish the precedent of saving upon item usage, and certainly has no quest ever ended with said usage up until that point in the game.  So no, there was no way of knowing.  Curiosity got the better of me, and Lionhead let that decision essentially kill my character.  They had to do with tricks and deception what they couldn't achieve with gameplay, and that is kind of funny, but still cheap, unrewarding, and if you really think about it, more than a little underhanded.  The developers of that game aren't nearly as clever as they most likely imagine themselves to be, and their sub-par games prove it.

It will be a long time before I buy another game with the Lionhead logo on it, and even then, I'll never pay more than $10 for their games ever again. 

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I tried to play a girl too (why spend 20 hours looking at a guy's ass) but she ended up looking too beefy and thick even tho I was constantly eating celery. They should have made it so you could sacrifice kids to reverse the aging process. Even to the point turning you back into a kid yourself, but you keep all your stats and can still go around swinging giant swords and axes.

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lol I did the same thing, but instead of complaining about it I embraced it!

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The idea for Fable 2 save system is that every major decision you make have consequences that you'll have to live with. Lionhead wanted player to fell what burden it is to make decisions that will impact your character for the rest of the game. Plus, Didn't you notice that you only have one save slot per character??????

Secondly, The potion told you that once you drink it the transformation is permanent and can not be reversed. Don't blame Lionhead Blame your self. You being angry at Lionhead is as silly as a junkie being angry at the needle manufacturing company for giving him Aids.

I think you are really angry at your self for using that potion but as human nature is its always easier to blame someone else then your self. 
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The gameplay was alright, the storyline started well and went rapidly downhill.  Stephen Fry was the final nail in the coffin.

Lionhead haven't made a single great game imo, which is sad because Bullfrog made some genuine classics and I'm always megahyped for everything Lionhead puts out.

Molyneux (and Will Wright for that matter) need to stop 'experimenting' and trying to make everything as casual as possible and get to releasing some modern masterpieces.

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I think the game is highly overrated, but its still pretty good. Ya know what I mean? Not nearly as good as some people make it out to be. 

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I loved Fable 2, though like you, that sex change potion killed off the love I had for my character. I hate myself for being tempted by it. This female thing that has replaced my handsome bearded hero dude doesn't deserve my time. 

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Fable 2 was awesome, I don't know what you guys are talking about.

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I enjoyed Fable 2, but I do think it is hugely overrated.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but it says that the Sex Change Potion is permanent. I dunno what your idea of permanent is, SolemnOaf, but to me it means "unchangeable". Sounds more like your poorly informed choice ruined the game for you.

However! I do agree that it is kinda weird that you can't save then change your gender. Has anyone tried saving to a memory card (I guess as a male character), yanked that out of the system and use the Sex Change Potion to see what happens, then turn off the system to reload the old save off of the memory card?

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1. Buy expansion.
2. Realize that expansion has [SPOILERS]potions that completely negate every significant choice you made in the core game[SPOILERS].
3. ???
4. Profit!
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I enjoyed it i picked it up about a month ago for $30 so i thought it was well worth the money. About the sex change thing thats your own fault it tells you it is permanent and if you played any of the game before it you should have expected an autosave after you took it.

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They gave you a lot of warnings before taking that potion that the effects were permanent and irreversible. It's not really the game's fault that you drank the potion. I actually like game that force you to live by your choices and not just go back and change things afterwards.

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@suneku said:
" I think it's kind of silly to hate the game because you messed up and took the sex change potion. It did warn you that it's permanent, and most the choices in the game usually follows an auto save. If you truly enjoyed the game, then it shouldn't be a problem replaying it. It's not like there's much to do at end game except wait for DLCs. "
We still live in a society where people.. honestly don't really think much.

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