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The ship Opa-Opa.

In Contrast to the many dark fantasy and sci-fi shooters of its time, Fantasy Zone had bright and colorful pastel environments and enemies that were strange and often abstract looking.

Gameplay-wise it is pretty standard for the genre, but with some twists such as being able to walk on the ground. Upgrades are bought from shops appearing in the world as red balloons with the word shop on them.


Fantasy Zone was originally an arcade game but was ported to several consoles, not just those made by Sega. The gameplay was mostly the same in all versions, but the graphic quality varied on the platform.

The Famicom version is an official port by Sunsoft but the NES version was an unlicensed Tengen release.

Virtual console

The Master System port of Fantasy Zone was released on Virtual console on march 11th 2008 in Japan April 11th in Europe and April 14th in the US.

3D Classics

In March 2014, Sega released a 3D Classics version on the Nintendo 3DS eShop as part of the second run of Sega 3D Classics remastered to be displayed in stereoscopic 3D for the platform.

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