100 things you've learned playing Far Cry 2

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  1. Africa only has access to left-handed guns.
  2. Gun dealers sell weapons by driving around in circles.
  3. Africans come back to life soon as you turn your back on them.
  4. Two opposing factions fight a war by setting up and guarding various guard posts.
  5. A shot from a flare gun to the frame of a jeep will cause the driver and gunner to die.
  6. You can somehow jam a single-shot rifle.
  7. Civilians do not live in towns. Instead they only exist in underground hideouts surrounded by bad guys.
  8. Enemy weapons do not jam.
  9. Only civilians trying to get out of Africa have medication for Malaria.
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10. Africa has magical bus stations that do not require drivers

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11. The G3KA4 is the most commonly used weapon in africa.

12. Solders shoot anyone that doesnt belong to their own faction.

13. you can survive a grenade blast if you are at least 10 feet away from it.

14. Arms dealers only sell rusty beaten down weapons to solders.

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15. Solders shoot anyone that doesnt belong to their own faction.
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16. Zebras, Gnus, African Buffalo, Boars, and Gazelles all have very weak necks that snap at the slightest provocation by a moving vehicle.

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17.  Your machete is the dullest blade ever because it kills animals without breaking their skin.

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18. Africa has more Russians, Israelis, Algerians, Irish, English, Brazilians and Americans than blacks.

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19. Fire spreads differently in Africa.

20. Africans have explosive barrels of oil lying around their camps and outposts.

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21. Africans have skin made of kevlar.

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22.  AKs jam(contrary to what any true /k/ommando would say)
23. Scope wobble is a myth
24. Real men cauterise their own wounds with cigarettes

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25.  Any vehicle can be fixed up good-as-new as long as you tighten the magical bolt for a few seconds.

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atejas said:
"20- AKs jam(contrary to what any true /k/ommando would say)
lol at that :P

26. Africa has no lions or other predators, clearly all a myth made up by the government.
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27. Sniper rifle can kill a dude with one bullet, even if it hit the leg or arm.

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28. You can only drive in first or second gear down dirt roads.
29. Wandering into the desert will cause things to go blurry then remove you from any vehicle you might be in and send you back towards the closest savannah.
30. Hills are forbidden places.

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31. When aiming a rifle, your arm is so perfectly steady that your view never sways a bit.

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32. Once you remove a bullet for your body it will automatically stop bleeding and it will closet itself.

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33. Darkness does not exist in Africa
34. People dont mind you taking random cars since they're littered everywhere
35. you can only learn 100 things max from far cry 2

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36. The tool of a First Aid kit is a Knife and Pliers. Something your teeth.

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37.  There are no civilians. (Atleast I have never encountered one)

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38. Mortars are a vital part of the defense of a village.
39. Animals are suicidal and will seek out your vehicle for an end to their dreadful lives.

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40. There are probably more guns in this game that you see in 5 minutes than you see wildlife for the entire game.

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41. You can contract malaria five minutes after landing in Africa but it is impossible to get an infection.

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42. any vehicle can stop on a dime, even when barreling down dirt roads or driving through sand

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43. When you get hit dead on by an explosion and survive, as long as you spit out a tooth, you're somehow suddenly ok.

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44.  You can commonly find pristine white boxes full of health in obscure desert guard posts.

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45.  You can only sleep after killing some mercanaries and taking their house

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46.  You can swim in African rivers and lakes and not catch disease.

47.  If you are white with a gun in Africa, then you know what it feels like to be black with a gun in America.
48.  To heal a broken arm, just push it in the opposite direction of the break.
49.  You can be riddled with bullets from a PKM, but as long as your buddy taps you on the shoulder while you are on the ground, you will be in perfect health.
50.  Rain does not stop the spread of a wildfire.
51.  Water puddles can burn.
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52: Africans are all totally innocent people who have been exploited by the white man.

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53. In Africa trains only run when you're not looking.

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54. A .50 rifle can blow up in your hands and you'll just shake it off like you got slapped.

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55. All radio towers contain important mission contact information.

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56.  Africa is littered with hidden briefcases that typically contain one, but no more than four uncut diamonds - and never anything else.
57.  African militia troops can easily survive being hit by approximately 17 rounds of light machine gun fire to the torso.
58.  No matter how close to death one of your buddies is, a small syrette of morphine will instantly have him back in fighting shape.

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59. In Africa they REALLY love the JEEP brand, so much so that they only drive jeep automobiles and generic no names.

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60.  Every tire on every vehicle in Africa is bulletproof.

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61. Mercenaries cant be black...however, they can be American, British, Russian, Albanian, Irish, or Chinese.

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62.  There is not a single other machete or melee weapon of any kind in the entire country besides the one you're carrying.

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63. People only want white people assassinated

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64.  Even though your character isn't strong enough to jump more than 12 inches in the air, he can easily flip over a Jeep with a flick of his wrist.

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65. Your buddy will always come and rescue you, even if you are miles away from the last house you met him.

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66. Weapons ordered online have incredibly short shipping times.

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67. Weapons delivery convoys drive in circles for hours, and don't actually carry weapons.

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68. Billboards don't light on fire when you throw a molotov at them, only when you set the grass below it on fire.
69. You can run into explosive barrels with a car and keep driving.
70. After a mission a buddy's gun jams horribly and apparently needs hours of fixing.
71. Sometimes an assasination target will commit suicide because you're taking too long getting to them (you still get paid though)

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72. If you're approached by any vehicle at all whether or not it's an assault vehicle always shoot it with a RPG.

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73. The only animals that live in Africa are zebras, wildebeest, goats, chickens, antelope and some kind of tri-polygonal bird.

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74.  Mecenaries love hiding diamonds under bridges, up on roofs, even somehow placing them on a mountain that by all appearences is completely inscalable. 
75.  Sniper rifles can shoot through trees, buildings, rocks, even hills with deadly accuracy at a distance up to at least 2 miles.
76.  A guy will drive his vehicle right off a cliff into the goddamn water in order to persue you until either you or he is incapacitated.
77.  Getting hit by a flare shot out of a gun would suuuuuuuuck.  Big time.

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78. The Jackel is an asshole
79. All african people speak English
80. Crappy buildings CANNOT BE KNOCKED DOWN. you blow them up they go on fire, people inside die and it cannot go down.

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81. Africa isn't filled with little anorexic children that play with tires like in the commercials.

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82. In Africa all cars have magical automatic transmissions,even though they all have manual transmissions,.
83. Everybody in Africa cast a shadow, except yourself.
84. You are only a floating torso with no legs, except when you are in a vehicle.

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85. In Africa, you don't have to start the engine of car, it will start by itself.
86. If you're tired of sprinting, stop for 1 second and you're ready to go again.
87. All cars have really really really good breaks.
88. The character you select at the beginning of the game is mute.
89. You can magically transform a gasoline plastic bottle into molotov cocktails.
90. Guards take your weapons when you go in a building, but they never give them back. you somehow still have them.
91. Darts are bullets that don't make boom when you shoot.
92. You can carry 150 bullets for an "uzi", 90 for ak, 200 for that automatic special weapon but you can only carry 5 darts.
93. You can finish the game without sleeping.
94. You have the watch on your wrist only when you're sleeping.
95. Your paper map is interactive.
96. Some briefcases have 3 diamonds in them but you see only one.
97.You can sleep 12 hours. If you want to sleep more you have to get out of bed and then get back in.
98. You have a weapons transporter in each safehouse.
99. You have to look with your monocular at a car and then machine guns, medpacks, explosives appear on your map.
100. The game is good but not as good as we expected.

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VICTORY! now we finished 100 things.
101. Farcry 2 has made me learn 100 new pointless things that I will never have to know in the real world.

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