Convince me why I should be excited about XIII

#1 Posted by Corsaer (71 posts) -

All I know about this game is it's title, and while for some that might be enough, for me it's not.  To be perfectly honest, I've been slowly losing faith in Square Enix.  However there seems to be a lot of people who are extremely excited about XIII.  That intrigues me. It sounds like I'm trying to taunt.  I'm not.  I would love another great Final Fantasy game, really I would.

Well, you've got a clean slate.  I'm doubtful yet optimistic. 
Will someone tell my why I should be excited about Final Fantasy XII?

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4D Graphics?!? They show gameplay but it looks a heck of a lot like FFX did back at E3 2000 where they showed what they refered to as gameplay and it was just CG cutscenes. I bought a PS2 for that game but at least I had GTA3 and Ace Combat 4 to look foward to.

#3 Posted by Corsaer (71 posts) -

So sounds like it has some pretty awesome graphics.
I'm actually saving up for an HDTV right now lol.

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Id say wait a couple months before getting excited for this at all.  not much info has been released from what i can tell so who knows what the battle system will be like.  basically wait til some good clips of actual fighting come out than determine whether the game is for you or not.

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When does it come out?

#6 Posted by evilhomer (437 posts) -
Corsaer said:
"When does it come out?
" one knows
#7 Posted by Corsaer (71 posts) -

Well I guess this thread will stay pretty empty then.

#8 Posted by Ossi (1279 posts) -

Uhh, it's Final Fantasy?! If you're not already interested then it might not be for you. But it's truly about the story.

#9 Posted by Mourne (798 posts) -

I would say something more along the lines of "Don't get excited." This game won't be out for at least two years, maybe even three (in the U.S., that is).

There's a long wait, still.

#10 Posted by yorro (560 posts) -

Have you seen VERSUS XIII?

#11 Posted by evilhomer (437 posts) -
yorro said:
"Have you seen VERSUS XIII?
Actually I havent.  whats the deal with that game, is it coming out before the main installment of XIII?  what makes it so special?
#12 Posted by hidys (1063 posts) -
evilhomer said:
"yorro said:
"Have you seen VERSUS XIII?
Actually I havent.  whats the deal with that game, is it coming out before the main installment of XIII?  what makes it so special?
All i know is it's being made by the kingdom hearts team and has different characters to XIII.
#13 Posted by Trickster (67 posts) -

We dont know anything about the game at this point, so no one can really tell you why you should be excited about the game if the fact that it's the next Final Fantasy game isnt enough.

#14 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -
evilhomer said:
"yorro said:
"Have you seen VERSUS XIII?
Actually I havent.  whats the deal with that game, is it coming out before the main installment of XIII?  what makes it so special?
It's not coming out before the main one since part of the versus team is helping out with XIII.

Anyways, I know I'm excited because of the FF name alone... but this is going to be the first FF on the next gen and they've been teasing for too long with these awesome footages that are still a mystery, whether its in game or rendered.
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No, I'm good. Gamefly the motherfucker if you are still on the rocks over the next several months.

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The name Final Fantasy should say it all, even if your like me and weren't a massive fan of XII. hopefully the battle system will revert to how it was before.

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In my opinion there has never been a bad final fantasy game (I even liked 8,9 and X-2, so sue me). And so the name alone is enough to get me excited.

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Well from the screenshots it looks like it will be using active battle system (not turn based), who knows whether they'll keep the random encounters out of the game, but most likely they will, cos the mainstream wouldn't dig that. So looks like back to fast paced battles with a very dynamic camera during battles.

Gameplay looks pretty action packed and exciting so far, but these are only short snippets of the game so who knows!

It will be more accessible thats for sure, but hopefully they won't dumb it down too much for the loyal FF fans from way back!

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#20 Posted by clubsandwich (3965 posts) -

because yes.

#21 Posted by jangofett88 (363 posts) -

Psychological thriller.
(does jazz hands)

#22 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

i will care about this game when it comes out in 2010

#23 Posted by Redsand26 (146 posts) -

Because Microsoft blew their wallet to break exclusivity with Sony.

#24 Posted by SmugDarkLoser (5041 posts) -

Because it's Final Fantasy and it uses FF7 as inspiration?
But seriously, the last real game square made was the last remnant which is damn good if you like rpgs.  It doesn't hide the fact that it's for jrpg fans though.  Final Fantasy has a broader approach and appeals to the more mainstream as well.

And besides the LR, they haven't made another game this generation

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