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#51 Posted by RazorRamen (47 posts) -

@mrpibb this appears to be fixed for me, thanks for looking into it.

#52 Posted by dbones80 (2 posts) -

Still can't play premium videos on my Amazon Fire TV. @razorramen Did it start working for you automatically, or did you have to do anything in particular?

#53 Posted by dvorak (1496 posts) -

I can't get any videos working through Plex on Amazon Fire TV, even using the code.

#54 Edited by TheeGravedigger (93 posts) -

Attempting to use plex to get giantbomb videos up on a chromecast, no luck.

Edit. An hour later, I got it working. I should write up some documentation, becuase I had a heck of a time getting this to run.

#55 Posted by RazorRamen (47 posts) -

@dbones80: Didn't change anything, it just started working. Checked today and it was still working.

#56 Posted by TheeGravedigger (93 posts) -

It was working, it has now died. And when I try to open it via plex, it says that the channel isn't responding.

#57 Posted by ZGoon (272 posts) -

I just started using Plex because I got a chromecast, and I can't even play the videos in the plex player never mind through chromecast.

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#59 Edited by Pyronite (39 posts) -

I'm not able to find where to add the link key (giantbomb.com/plex) anymore, and as a result, I can't see any subscriber videos.

Am I just missing it? There is no "settings" gear within the Giant Bomb channel anymore.

#60 Posted by ascagnel (76 posts) -

Does the Plex channel support sync? Right now I use Plex for basically everything, even on my phone & tablet, but I use GB Video Buddy since it lets me download videos ahead of time.

#61 Posted by splatdotoz (1 posts) -

@pyronite: I'm experiencing the same problem. Have you had any luck?

#62 Posted by Pyronite (39 posts) -

@pyronite: I'm experiencing the same problem. Have you had any luck?

No luck! Hoping someone who knows better than I do comes in and knows the answer to (or is able to fix) the issue.