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I think that Sean Brawn from LittleBigPlanet Vita is the best new character of 2012.  

He is brave, strong and just plain awesome. I mean look as him! He has a mustache and a pipe! And his voice acting is just beautiful! He is also never afraid to jump into action, no matter the odds! I would love an "Adventures of Sean Brawn" spin-off game that is just him defeating bad guys with his own brand of poetic justice!

Who do you think is the best new character of 2012?

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Labrys. Best backstory in fighting game I've experienced.

EDIT: Clementine is also among the strongest, well-developed characters I've seen and I think I'd really appreciate Vaas once I get my hands on Far Cry 3, but for now I still stand behind Labrys. (This edit was also an excuse to add better official art for her.)

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@EquitasInvictus said:

Labrys. Best backstory in fighting game I've experienced.

I agree with this.

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Still one of my favorites of the year was Caius Ballad from FFXIII-2

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I'm probably going to get some grief about this, but right now, I think Handsome Jack is probably my favorite of the year.

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Vaas, his performance and motion capture is even probably on par or superior from the stuff you see in the Uncharted titles.

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Bren Turner is my pick. No one else is so excited about everything around him. He especially loves hamburgers.

P.S.- That face in the corner looks exactly the same even if he is drinking something. I love you so much, E.X. Troopers.

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@Richardpie said:

Vaas, his performance and motion capture is even probably on par or superior from the stuff you see in the Uncharted titles.

Came here to say Vaas.

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Haytham. I know people are down on AC3 but I was loving every moment he was onscreen. I wish the whole game had been about him.

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@EquitasInvictus said:

Labrys. Best backstory in fighting game I've experienced.

This is the correct answer.

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It's either Caius, Labrys, or Big Bo.

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Uhh ... Fidgit? I actually liked James Vega in ME3, him and Jack are the only interesting human squaddies in that series.

Overall this year kind of blows for new characters, at least compared to last year. Groose stole the show, let alone the entire cast of Ghost Trick.

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Clementine or Caius.

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I'm gonna say Vaas. Superb voice acting, crazy to the core.

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Man, there have been some pretty great new characters this year.

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Jondar. When you find out his vision was clouded by the coven's evil magic, you wonder if his betrayal can be forgiven, but then the templar slays him before you have a chance to decide.

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My vote goes to this guy.

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Clem or Vaas ... and while it's probably unpopular I really liked Handsom Jack.

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Labrys is my pick for sure, and I despised her at first. Didn't play walking dead yet but I'm sure Clementine would be way up there from what I've heard. I really like Vaas, but he's kinda not around enough to really be up there. Now if it was a best voice actor of the year category? Whoever did Vaas is the best this year.

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@kerse said:

Whoever did Vaas is the best this year.

Michael Mando. Too bad his character is so underused, because Mando poured his fucking heart into it. He even appeared in-character as Vaas in live action commercials for the game.

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Vaas Montenegro for sure.

Excuse me, for shizzle.

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My darling Clementine.

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If I ever get around to Binary Domain or Sleepy Dawgs, I'm sure they contain someone I would really like. But as for the ones I can actually comment on from experience, I'd say my bro "Pissed the fuck off" Asura.

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Labrys is pretty much the only real answer but Miley Verisse is a real close 2nd place.

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@LordXavierBritish said:

Also, Vaas.

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Wei Shen from Sleeping Dogs, Vaas from Far Cry 3 and Clementine from The Walking Dead.

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Vaas. Honestly a lot of the characters in Far cry 3 were really done well in my opinion. It's too bad Vaas didn't have as many moments in the game as I would have liked, but I also think it made each encounter with him something special.

I actually thought Buck was a well done character as well in Far Cry 3, even if he

turned out to be a super creepy rapist guy.
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Tiny Tina! ... or not

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Captain Martin Walker is my best character of the year. His character goes beyond a few smart lines, and is one of the main pillars of the plot. Runners up are Cain (even though he is woefully underused in the finale), The Radioman from Spec Ops the line and Old Salty Crab from Sleepy Dawgs.

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Haytham Kenway from Assassin's Creed 3, easy.

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Surprised no one has said Big Bo yet. For me I would have to go with Clementine. She was just so well written and voiced acted that I grew real attached to her in my play through of The Walking Dead.

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Correct answer? Pork Bun Guy.

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It's Vaas.

He gets you every time, man.

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Clementine or Lee

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Even if The Secret World wasn't all that from a gameplay perspective, I quite liked a lot of the characters. Sadly, most of them only have small parts. I don't know if that's a detriment to their chances of being nominated. If not, I'd say Jack Boone (voice acted by Steve Blum).

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Clem gets my vote. :)

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I'll say that Clementine wins this pretty much hands down, but also that I had a fondness for Kenny in my experience of The Walking Dead.

And I'll second the honourable mention of Haytham in Assassins Creed 3, he was an interesting chap. Nice to see the Templars from a different perspective to just EVIL.

And from Sleeping Dogs, I really liked Mrs Chu.

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Vaas is the best villain since Joker in Dark Knight to me, if Ubisoft ever make a Far Cry movie he should be the villain no doubt looks just like Vaas in real life.

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Vaas Montenegro. 
Michael Mandos performance capture-acting-work-stuff-thing-whatever and voice acting is so great and he's a well written character too. 

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How have I read 3 pages without seeing someone mention Big Bo?

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Asura and his rage.

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The Pomeranian. Nothing beats it.

PS3 box art (cropped)
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Vaas from Far Cry, Cain form Binary Domain, Nick from Lollipop Chainsaw and Face McShooty.

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Lee or Clementine or Mrs. Chu

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I vote Clementine.