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I keep missing out on these things dangit! >.<

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Good games to Flux, Spark, John, Mace and Petiew last night in BB: Extend. It was fun and as per usual once you start mashing time just seems to fly. Just one more turns into 20 more.

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I felt like I went through a gauntlet this past week in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend.

  • MikeFightNight - Valkenhayn
  • IrreleventJohn - Jin / Platinum
  • Mace - Noel
  • Ghost249 - Noel / Lambda-11
  • FluxWaveZ - Mu-12
  • MeganeAgain - Ragna
  • Ace / Petiew - Tsubaki
  • Gravitypenguin - Rachel et al.

Good games all! Thanks for putting up with my Makoto. Still doing what I can despite losing a ton.

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@infinitespark: D'AWWW that Makoto picture! Good games Spark, and I am seeing improvement in your play. I recommend checking out some Makoto matches on youtube to get a better idea of what tools to take advantage of in certain situations. I know checking out Dustloop forum and wiki on Valk has helped me immensely. Some people may disagree and say "Well, I don't want to copy other people, that's no fun" or "Meh, I don't have time. I'm not looking to take the game "that" seriously anyway" Well #1, seeing videos of your character helps inspire and lets you know what's possible. In turn new ideas can often flourish. And #2 I'm not saying spend a whole day reading flow charts and watching a hundred videos. You would be surprised what 15-30 mins of reading a wiki or looking at a video can do.

Also, if you ever want to play a few matches where I explain some of Valk's "tricks" (the ones I currently know any ways) let me know. Or if someone is doing something and you're not sure how it works, just ask them. If they know and don't answer, they are a douche bag. Feel better about yourself. If they themselves are not sure how the move/set up works, then go into practice and record the dummy doing it and figure out a way to deal with it. If someone is winning with gimmicky stuff and they know it and choose not to explain it, they are only fooling themselves and will never improve past a point. When your opponent has a better understanding of your tool set, then it forces you to come up with new stuff and mix your game up. That's why FGs are fun!

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@mikefightnight: Thanks Mike. I know you're helping me out and I definitely appreciate that. I have been reading up on that Dustloop wiki page and while I have picked up on some things, but I'm not exactly soaking up the information as quickly as I used to be. I'll do my best to return back to slowly add things little by little. To me, it's like trying to quickly study for an exam and once I have the exam in front of me, I blank out.

I do want to get better, but that only comes with more time in the lab, reading/watching to gather more information, and battling folks like you to implement what I learned and adapt. I know it's not easy. I guess... it's just tough when I'm bouncing around playing different games and also dealing with work and whatever else life throws at you. I'm definitely having fun with these sessions and it's one of the few things keeping me sane and happy from what's been a stressful year for me.

I also would be playing a bit better if I was playing on a pad instead of on a fight stick. But I don't want to leave my fight stick as a heavy paper weight as I received it as a birthday gift from my brother this year. It seems like I'm getting better at using though there are many things I still struggle at while using a fight stick.

Again, thanks Mike. I'll do what I can to learn, practice, and execute. And also... try to relax more too. I've been on edge way too much.

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@infinitespark: No problem, we all play these games to have fun and I always try to help out others and make them feel welcomed. I can also totally relate to your analogy about studying for an exam and blanking out when the test comes. I feel that's a common experience for many including myself. Happy to hear you're enjoying yourself and I hope things start to settle down and get better for you outside the game as well!

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@infinitespark: One good thing I'll say about the stick with Makoto, the parrying is MUCH easier then it is on pad, but go with whatever makes you more comfortable.

Edit: and Good games indeed! Your Makoto is pretty damn good compared to what I have of her (just a rough general knowledge).

@mikefightnight Team 'Murica!

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I'm planning on doing a Darkstalkers GB Casual Fight Night this tuesday! We will be playing DS:Resurrection on PS3. The compilation contains both DS 2 and DS 3. I know much more about 3 then 2, but I think it would still be fun to screw around in 2 if people want. It's been a little while but I know the mechanics of 3 well enough, so I can explain them to any new players tuesday night. Come on out and have some fun!

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Archives, archives, archives. Yes, it's that time again.

Loading Video...

Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04

I said I wouldn't upload these, but I may as well have my computer rendering something while I play my 3DS. Plus, not putting these up goes against my grand dream of all matches being archived in some form. While I usually try to capture replays so there are no frame drops, lag or obscuring HUD elements, Mortal Kombat doesn't support replays! These problems are compounded by the fact that NetherRealm forces a garish theater border in King of the Hill matches. As a result, it's present on most of the matches I didn't play because of my inattentiveness and hopes there would be a replay cache when our session was done. If we do MK again, I'll be sure to hide it away to the best of my ability.

That said, this fight night should've had the subtitle "Buttenator's Clinic" because he held a showcase of fatalities between MikeFightNight and I. 38 matches and he went undefeated. For me, it was... humbling, and a stark reminder that I should probably stick to the story modes of NetherRealm games. I'll admit that I was extremely salty for most of the session; you're all cool people, so you deserve honesty. However, watching the replays reminded me that it's a good thing to face adversity in fighting games. A lot of people drop this genre because of the losses they inevitably need to stomach, and getting back up takes more strength than entering the fray in the first place. While venues such as weekly get-togethers and this fight night are meant to welcome people into the fold, everyone still needs to bring their best when the punches start flying. I certainly didn't do as well as I wanted in MK, but I tried crashing my head against the rocks and came out feeling stronger after some reflection. I can't say I'll make marked improvements on my play (since I don't have a good "feel" for NRS games), but I'll still be around if anyone wants to have at it.

Maybe I was on edge because of the unfortunate events revealed the day before, but the night ended on a touching tribute to Ryan Davis. It was nice to have that solemn moment with our tiny gathering.

Loading Video...

Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03

Another sticky replay situation, since Darkstalkers Resurrection apparently deletes the unsaved replay cache upon exiting the game. So, this is another video grab straight from the online lobby complete with a stupid HUD element that blocks some of the action--one that I fail to hide away for some matches. Regardless, here's what I recorded, warts and all; I paused during the very last match, so apologies for that. I really hope Iron Galaxy has better alternatives for DiveKick. The matches moved really fast even with a 2 out of 3 ruleset. Four sets for the first three videos and five for the last. Match times are in the YouTube descriptions as per usual.

Darkstalkers might be back in the grave as far as Capcom's concerned, but this session earlier this week showed that it still has a pulse. Lots of varied play that night, from low to high tier and lame to rushdown. I didn't fare too well with Lilith, but I still love her despite her terrible options. Her DFC and rhythm game super move are all I need for a good time. I ducked out early to play some SSFIV on PC, but I had a fun time playing some DSR. Definitely check out the rest of the matches at MikeFightNight's Twitch channel and subscribe to it! Summer's almost over, but there are many more games left to play!

Speaking of getting my ass kicked, here's me and other Giant Bomb user, @ajayraz, playing some Dead or Alive 5.

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@dolphin_butter: Awesome work as usual Dolph! I like that you do this because it shows those who may be a little shy about coming out that were not all godlike at every game. People have FGs they are more strong in, or just like better so that's why I try to do a different game every Tuesday. If we were playing FGs that only I favoured it would be the same few every week! But that's not what this is about...

It's about max CPM.



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Excited for DOA5 Fight Night!

@ajayraz Won't you grace us with your presence, and body us!

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@esrever said:

Excited for DOA5 Fight Night!

@ajayraz Won't you grace us with your presence, and body us!


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@mikefightnight: Thanks for the kind words. I wish I could've stayed around for more DSR, but the person I was playing SSFIV with is kind of a rarity these days, so I had to jump ship immediately. Also wish I had Continuum Shift Extend so that I could capture footage of that, but I felt burned on buying the original CS, and knew another game was incoming sometime soon. I'll keep recording as long as I'm able to!

@esrever: @ajayraz: Looking forward to the DoA5 fight night. Though the one time we talked about it in Twitch, Mike said he used Sarah, so I'll probably be spending most of today rapidly learning another character. I haaaaaate mirror matches. XD

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@dolphin_butter: Lol, bro, I don't think you have to worry about that. No shots fired or anything, but you're Sarah is in a whole 'nother league. Besides, Mike uses Lei Fang... or anyone really. I've forgotten most of my Christie combos already


Still looking forward to some doa5 though!

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@esrever: Ha, well, even if there were a skill disparity, I think it's a waste of a varied roster to have two people go at it with the same character. Can be fun in some instances, though, I'll admit.

@ajayraz: Hopefully someone's good enough to challenge your ace in the hole. I think I've yet to beat you playing as her.

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@ajayraz: I'm scared now. Actually, I think I might have things going on and will have to duck out and not at all because ajay will murder us all. /kidding

@dolphin_butter What I mean is I don't think he has that character loyalty to Sarah that you do. He and I will probably just use a random assortment of characters, with me bouncing between Christie and whoever each round.

You should spend the day instead working on YOUR Sarah, for you will be our strongest weapon against Ajay!

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Hey guys, I'm going to say up front that I played DoA 5 for a good week on release and haven't touched it since a few random matches with @esrever yesterday. So don't expect much. @dolphin_butter, you can have Sarah ;) Mace is right I will be jumping around the roster quite a bit as I never played long enough to develop true character loyalties.

Also @ajayraz if you know some higher level DoA5 players feel free to invite them. I don't mind getting bodied on these Casual Fight Nights as I try show different FGs each week, but I always like those with higher skill levels to have equal competetion to keep things interesting.

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We are playing DoA5! Come on out!

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it's fun playing with you guys! let's see what i have on PS3...

Anarchy Reigns (barely played it-- never played online)

Dead or Alive 5 (probably the game i'm the best at. i think my Ayane is pretty good.)

Super Street Fighter IV AE (got this through PS+-- used to be pretty good but i'm just ok now)

been thinking about getting AH3, and will def be getting DOA5 Ultimate when it drops.

my psn id is AjayRaz

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@irrelevantjohn: I commented on it in Flux's forum about XRD. No word of lobby size or mic support. ;(

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We don't even know if it'll release outside of Japan within the same time frame.

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We are going to be playing an eclectic mix of FGs tomorrow night. Which ones depends on turnout and what people own. So come on out to my channel's chat and discuss what you want to play/see!

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Mike's Casual Session is live. We are planning to play a variety of games tonight. If there's a game you'd like to play, join us at MikeFightNight's twitch channel and vouch for which fighting game you'd like to play!


We currently have the following games planned: Street Fighter IV AE 2012, Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, and Arcana Heart 3.

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Besides from some weird connectivity issues and phantom mics during Tuesday run, it was very enjoyable! minus some games that we weren't able to play due to above issues >.>

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@irrelevantjohn YO! 10 up has arrived! Closer to 10.62 at the moment! Hopefully these are not just fake numbers. I will test some stream stuff later tonight when I get off.

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We are going to be playing Divekick, UMvC3 on (PS3) and Skullgirls (PC) tonight! I would of done a entire Divekick Casual Fight Night but word is it has no lobby support. So I will stream it for a shorter period trying to invite all who are interested to body me with kicks to the head. Then after I recover I will be doing a sort of joint showing of UMvC3 and SG!

Show up and have some fun!

EDIT: We did three plus hours of Divekick, so no other games were streamed. When Divekick gets a hold of you it doesn't let go.

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@mikefightnight: So according to steam SkullGirls will be unlocking on the 22nd...

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@irrelevantjohn: From what iv'e seen the SG "Beta" might as well be the full release. It still has lobby support at this moment right? Also, the second you buy SG do you have access to the Beta?

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@irrelevantjohn: Cool. I just wanted to clarify for anyone who may be on the fence about SG on the PC. It works as of right now with great netcode, lobbies and it's glorious. Also makes sense they are coming out "officially" on the 22nd. Coming out today against Divekick would be game suicide!xD I feel sorry for Saints Row 4.

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we live!

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We are playing Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend right now! Join us!

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We are playing DoA5U tonight! It's F2P so get it! Start time around 8 PM EST. Come on out!

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Tits the game is starting now!

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Yo, where's all the Marvel heads at? I wanna see those x-factor comebacks. Those 80k combos. Those team OCVs. That Pringles defense exposed. Those 5 golden letters. But most of all, those online TAC infinites on the PS3.

Personally, I won't be doing any of that stuff, but none of those things alone is why I like UMvC3. I like it because of the spectacle, because anything can happen. It has the ability to make anyone feel godlike. But only a few gods exist.

Now I know what you're saying. "Mike, shut the fuck up and tell me already! WHEN'S MAHVEL!?!?"


Press 1 if you know what's up.

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Will you do another DoA5U night? I totally missed out on the first one.

#195 Posted by Petiew (1378 posts) -

Man, I havent played with you guys in months. Never really been around Tuesday nights or don't have the game!

Would have enjoyed watching some Mahvel. WooferZ GreyMan FloeFace HyukHyuk

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@mpgeist: Yea, we most definitely will.

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Yo everyone, Get ready for some Dark Souls BlazBlue EXTEND in 30min!