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Alright duders, what the hell. Why doesn't this exist already? Someone has been sleeping on the job. I'm not going to point any fingers, but it was probably ZombiePie.
FEAR NOT, however, for reparations are now in order. If We, being an eccentric collection of Whiskeyphiliacs, and Whiskey Media, being an eccentric collection of personalities and personas, come together as one, this task should not be difficult at all.
Let us make this Hour every friday truly Happy.

The Whiskey Media Happy Hour Drinking Game

  1. The show does not start on time
    1. Doubled if the delay passes the 30 minute mark
  2. The show begins optimistically, with "lots of great stuff in store"
  3. Rorie and Ryan hold hands
  4. Brad photobombs
  5. Brad jolts awake when suddenly addressed, having been asleep for most of his time prior on the couch.
  7. Rorie shouts something and interrupts whoever is currently speaking
    1. double if it is a caller
    2. if rorie is drunk, then, well. yeah, nevermind. Of course he is. Carry on with your business
  8. Norm stares directly at camera for prolonged period of time
    1. licks something
    2. dances
  9. Someone insinuates the Happy Hour is now ending after something particularly dumb happens
  10. A new nickname for whoever is manning the chat is made
  11. Ryan takes his earpiece out of his ear because of something Vinny says to him
  12. Ryan makes an unforgivably bad pun (or Vinny... if he were ever on the happy hour! >:[ )
    1. said pun results in a condition 11
  13. Something is declared to be RACIST
  14. Will is blindfolded (for "science")
  15. Tested segment intrinsically involves alcohol
    1. Tested segment narrowly avoids killing/injuring someone
  16. If Tested segment is a competition between Norm and Will, pick a respective side and drink if:
    1. Your champion, will or norm, wins
    2. It is a tie
    3. Dave wins
  17. Ana sighting
  18. Sarah has fashionable boots
  19. Sarah swoons over a movie star
  20. Sarah and Tony are not amused with these shenanigans
  21. Vinny infuses a little "green screen madness"
  22. A broad-based remark is made that offends an entire nation
  23. When asked for "questions from the chat", the response boils down to "none that are good"
  24. Jeff says something that will undoubtedly be a meme come morning
  25. Three callers in a row come from a country where the English monarch is considered sovereign.
    1. Continue for each additional such caller, this goes on until the chain is interrupted
  26. At the very end, Ryan ends the show disgusted and ashamed with what has just taken place.


These have been put in a separate category, but the same rules apply. Each utterance is worth one unit of booze.
  1. "THAT'S RACIST", "Good sir", "Always be *blank*...ing" - Norm
  2. "I'm an asshole" - Will
  3. "And that'll be it for this week's happy hour" - Ryan
  4. "That's a thing", "Mayhaps" - Alex
  5. "IT'S BEEN A LONG ROAD." - Rorie 


If any of the following conditions are true, the amount that must be drank is doubled:
  1. Something on screen is on fire
  2. Dave is involved
  3. Someone on camera is blatantly drunk*
If any of these conditions overlap, then the amount that must be drank is quadrupled, octupled, etc.
Yes, we do realize that condition 2 implies condition 3 
*rorie does not count
If Will is blindfolded (9) while drinking alcohol(10) in a competition with Norman Chan(11) and narrowly avoids injuring some(10.1) while all 3 Bonus Points are in play... then may God help us all.
Got anything to add? Post it! There's a goldmine of excuses to drink untapped still!
Part credit for helping me come up with ideas for the list goes to my friend TheSlip.
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Hardcore Mode: The rules mentioned above PLUS whenever a cast member drinks, you drink. Things going to be getting messy all up in here! 

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Depending on what I'm drinking I think under those circumstances I would get killed.

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@DerekDanahy said:

" Depending on what I'm drinking I think under those circumstances I would get killed. "

This is true, but also unavoidable. This isn't the Sissy Media Happy Hour.
edit: that being said, perhaps thimble-sized cups are in order.
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Great list. Here are some others to consider:

  • Something blows up.
  • Technical difficulties. 
  • Tested almost kills/injures someone.
  • Ryan chides Vinny for his hijinks in the control room.
  • Everyone tries to give a new nickname for whoever is watching the chat.  
  • Someone British calls in. 
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Added those which didn't overlap! Not sure if I should add drinking conditions for callers, though, that's a can of worms I don't want to open.

#7 Posted by LackLuster (769 posts) -

damn i need booze

#8 Posted by audiosnag (1582 posts) -

What does it say about me that at a glance I thought 11 said "Sarah has fashionable boobs". Hmmmmm.
You're a genius Frood. Genius. Count me in.
Also boobs.

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I don't know if I'm going to survive that.

#10 Posted by TheSlip (47 posts) -

Is it sad that I'm extremely proud to be a part of this?

#11 Posted by Undeadpool (5059 posts) -
@ThatFrood: In order to avoid lethality, you could also you take "drinks" of whatever you're drinking rather than shots.
#12 Posted by CastroCasper (1311 posts) -

Ah this is too good. What about you have to finish your drink before the comic vine crew finish a dramatic reading.

#13 Posted by csl316 (10033 posts) -
@ThatFrood said:
" Something on screen is on fire "
I'm surprised how often that actually happens here.
#14 Posted by ThatFrood (3418 posts) -

Suggestions were made that this be converted into bingo form, and so it shall be. I'll work on a stylish bingo sheet for next friday! In the meantime more ideas are always welcome!
@Undeadpool said:

" @ThatFrood: In order to avoid lethality, you could also you take "drinks" of whatever you're drinking rather than shots. "

Jesus christ man! No! Heavens no! Don't take shots for each of these! You'd probably kill everyone around you as well as yourself if you did that!
#15 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5470 posts) -

I will drink fruit juice for this.

#16 Posted by TheGamerGeek (2501 posts) -

Whenever Rorie randomly yells something, take a drink.

#17 Posted by TJ311 (418 posts) -
  • any time brad acts like hes waking up
  • pulling a brad
  • anytime Cool Baby is mentioned
those are some off the top of my head.
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Now I want to see Dave, on fire, and piss drunk.

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This is the best, I'm totally doing this next Friday. 

  • Whenever Alex gets weirded out by Rorie + someone holding hands.
  • Whenever the show opens and Ryan isn't sat in the host seat.
  • Whenever a crew member's beard is mentioned - double up if it is compared to Will's.
  • Whenever a Tested challenge involves a contest between Will and Norm and Will wins.
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Someone British calling in is an absolute must.

#21 Posted by Yanngc33 (4461 posts) -
@shadyspace: agreed that or when the cast is squinting to try to understand someone's accent and when Ryan or Will thanks the caller for his question
#22 Posted by ThatFrood (3418 posts) -

Tested Competitions and British Accented Callers have been added!

#23 Posted by LLJK_Jasta (289 posts) -

This is brilliant.

#24 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (1837 posts) -
@csl316 said:
" @ThatFrood said:
" Something on screen is on fire "
I'm surprised how often that actually happens here. "
They bought that fire-stock footage, and BY GOD they will use it!
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One good HH and we're all dead.

#26 Posted by csl316 (10033 posts) -
@2HeadedNinja: lol
#27 Posted by Jimbo (10111 posts) -
  • The show misses its scheduled start (x2 if it's by more than 30 minutes).
  • The show misses its scheduled end (ditto).
  • Alex looks dejected (x2 if he holds his head in his hands).
  • Brad looks like he wants to punch somebody out (x5 if he does).
  • Ana sighting.
  • Prank call (x2 if Ryan gives the cut off signal)
  • A mic gets left on when it shouldn't be (x2 if they say something they shouldn't).
  • Somebody declares something to be racist (x2 if it's actually racist).
  • They show a movie trailer which justinTV is running as an ad (x1 per time you've seen the ad). 
  • They inadvertently offend an entire nation (x2 if it's intentional).
#28 Posted by ThatFrood (3418 posts) -
@Jimbo: These are all excellent, I'll modify the wording on a few and I'll probably combine the racist and offend an entire nation bit, but yeah, great.
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As an addendum to the Vinny green-screen one: take another drink as soon as anyone on-screen notices the shenanigans.
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This would kill me if I was drinking water.

#31 Posted by Bonsai (93 posts) -

What about anytime Will drops a meme.

#32 Posted by Tophar01 (144 posts) -

There seems to be a lake of comic vine specific things how about. . .? 
Sarah swoons over a movie star ?

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When someone calls in, drink if there are at least 5 seconds of stuttered back-and-forthing because the caller doesn't know they're on and/or are waiting for the Whiskey staff to say something.

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-when they declare "..and with that that concludes our happy hour" or "that about does it for us here" early
-jeff stares into the camera awkward-like while everyone else continues about their business
-when someone mocks the person holding their earpiece "to get updated news"
-when someone takes a drink on the show
-when someone states they need to slow down, or they've already had too much
-When rorie interrupts someone belting out some weird noise / or phrase

#35 Posted by ThatFrood (3418 posts) -
@Tophar01 said:
" There seems to be a lake of comic vine specific things how about. . .?  Sarah swoons over a movie star ? "
Yeah, I know! You'll have to help me out there, I only really visit tested/gb/screened, so those are the only personalities I really know. If you give me something good for gman and sarah I'll be sure to add it!
 Also, making the bingo sheet, trying to decide what the free space should be. "dave is drunk" is what I'm leaning towards.
#36 Posted by Spiritof (2141 posts) -

Someone (usually Alex) mentions their "balls".

#37 Posted by JTHomeslice (246 posts) -
@ThatFrood: How about, every time Tony does his voice. You know the one. 
Although, he hasn't done it too recently.
#38 Posted by nickux (1390 posts) -

No drinking for Norm dancing?

#39 Posted by heatDrive88 (2474 posts) -

Way too many rules. Drinking games are meant to be simplified and have no more than 3-5 rules.

#40 Posted by ThatFrood (3418 posts) -
@heatDrive88 said:
" Way too many rules. Drinking games are meant to be simplified and have no more than 3-5 rules. "
this is mostly a joke.
I'm sorry I offended your drinking game standards.
#41 Posted by RobReindl (22 posts) -

Don't forget to add if Norm licks something. 

#42 Posted by Spiritof (2141 posts) -
@heatDrive88 said:
" Way too many rules. Drinking games are meant to be simplified and have no more than 3-5 rules. "
Kinda agree. I've always played with one or two things that are certain to happen in multiples (with light penalties), and with a small hand full of rarities (that incur a harsher penalty).
I guess you could use this as a master list, then have different (smaller) drinking rules for each and every Happy Hour?
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  • A segment has to be extended due to technical difficulties
  • Rorie belts out "It's been a long road....."
  • "We don't have that clip"
  • Cool Baby is wearing something new
  • Batman
#44 Posted by Roddykat (237 posts) -

I can see nothing good coming from this...Make it so!

#45 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2690 posts) -

Jesus, they should do this on the happy hour. 
#46 Edited by ThatFrood (3418 posts) -
@SpiritOf: this sounds good! after awhile so many ideas came in that we basically realized we should make it a bingo sheet or something, so we're working on that. Too much of the material is good, is the problem! And keep in mind that, really, as the thing progresses a lot of the rules stop coming up. It's not like all of them are in play all the time. You're not at risk of drinking because of a tested related rule while Screened is talking about movies.
you take it as far as you would like.
#47 Posted by Wes (258 posts) -
@ThatFrood said:     


What if the amount you drink is directly related to the number of puppies?
#48 Edited by MarkWahlberg (4610 posts) -

Disclaimer: This is actually just the basic show premise they wrote when they were coming up with the Happy Hour.

#49 Posted by Dross (317 posts) -

Whenever Sara and Tony are looking annoyed at the the shenanigans the rest of the crew are taking part in.

#50 Posted by JohnDudebro (924 posts) -
@Wes said:
" @ThatFrood said:     


What if the amount you drink is directly related to the number of puppies?
If one or more of the puppies doesn't show up until halfway through the video, drink.