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@sionweeks said:


God damnit. I had forgotten I had gotten this game. Such a massive disappointment.
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@Juicebox said:

Metal Gear Solid 3. I hated it, bought the HD collection and I still think it's horrid. They tried making an action game out of a stealth game, those controls are terrible for that setting, MGS2 and 1 were great but not this one. Snakes voice was intentionally made to be annoying as all hell. Played Peacewalker and it's much much better than 3.

Woah! MGS3 a great disappointment? I loved that game! Thought it was the best of all the previous MGS games by far. I pretty much forced my way through MGS1 only because I could see the game was something special even though it didn't ever truly appeal to me. I dunno why except that there was way too much chatter in the game, and the indoor environments were not my favorite. I bought MGS2 years ago used, and after playing a few hours of that put it down and after several attempts of trying to get with it, gave up on it for good.

At first i didn't like MGS3 either. I thought the camera sucked, I didn't like the many menu screens, and the game was difficult for me to cuddle up to. But I liked the outside environments and decided to put aside my criticisms and play anyway. After spending some time with the game I had a transition, almost an Ah ha moment. I felt like I learned to play the game the way Hideo intended it to be played, and it blossomed into this fantastic gaming experience. Now it is among my top five favorite console games of all time!

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360 box art (cropped)
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True Crime: Streets of LA

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Portal 2.

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@AlisterCat said:

This thread seems to crop up every couple of weeks. I will say what I always say. Never disappointed by the games I buy. I know what I'm in for, and I only buy games I like.

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absolutely agree with Red Dead Redemption. Got it from my buddy only last year who did not speak highly of it. Absolutely do not understand the hype for that one. Played it for a few hours, havent touched it since. Was bored out of my skull. All the repetitiveness of GTA IV with zero of the fun. how the hell did that win any goty's??

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Nier, I thought it would be right up my street. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it.

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@ProfessorEss said:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I've given it multiple tries and just can not see what anyone saw in it.

I agree.

Also GTA IV and LA Noire.

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@Mikemcn said:

Shogun 2, the realm divide mechanic is terrible, in other total war games if you decide you don't want a challenge and just want to take over vast amounts of territory, you can modify the difficulty accordingly, not so in Shogun 2, halfway through any game the difficulty spikes absurdly regardless of AI settings, unless you are willing to slog through for hours on end, getting your ass kicked, you have to give up.

I know what you mean. I built up my army and my economy then my economy suddenly took a nose dive. On top of that the AI started attacking me from every direction, even my "allies" started attacking me for no reason. Damn you samurai and your non existent honor.

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Star Ocean 4 on PS3. Man that combat system was shitty. Monsters were invincible during certain animations like getting up from a fall. Fucking bullshit.

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The 2006 Prince of Persia. I really thought that they were bringing the Prince back with that, but I was horribly disappointed.

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Oblivion and GTA4. GTA4 because the story was really good but I hated having to actually play it. I tried to play it with cheat codes and that still didn't lessen the pain of having to actually do the missions when all I really wanted was the story. Oblivion because I played Fallout 3 first and Oblivion felt like that, except worse in every way imaginable.

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@sickVisionz: Same here with Oblivion, Fallout 3 was just so fantastic, but I knew from the start when I went back to Oblivion that it wouldn't hold up as well.

Dragon Age 2. I put it in my Disk Tray with high levels of excitement, and then I never could even bring myself to finish the story, it was so awful.

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KOTOR 2 is another. Such a disaster.

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The Scott Pilgrim beat em' up. I really love River City Ransom so I had high hopes for the game after seeing some footage of it. It turned out to be pretty horrible, but I went through and got all the achievements anyway for the sake of having another completed game on my list. Then they went and released some shitty DLC for it to knock it off my completed games. So that game can pretty much go fuck itself.

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Fallout New Vegas, and I'm the only one on Earth who hates it. I loved 3 to death, but this one just pissed me off at every turn. Bought the special edition and everything since I missed out on the 3rd one's SE. *Sigh*

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So many games that have let me down over the years, Devil May Cry 2 was definitely the one that disappointed the most. After the brilliant original that defined the genre, the sequel just happened to be total shite. Waiting 2 years for its release, only to have my dreams shat on with a greatly inferior game.

Alundra 2 was another pile of wank. A complete waste of money that hit me hard after the original was so fantastic.

The most recent disappointment has to be The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword, an incredibly dull game that I couldn't bring myself to finish. The first game in the series that I didn't love.

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Probably Driver 3.

As a big fan of Driver, I had been following the game for years, and it showed a great deal of promise based on what had been said and shown. It was doing a lot of cool stuff with physics, it boasted like 80 vehicles, and it had third person combat. So I pre-ordered it, brought it home, and became almost instantly disappointed. The framerate made the game unplayable. Everyone had been bashing the gameplay, and it's true that the on-foot stuff was poorly done, but I found it literally unplayable just on a technical level. I could have forgiven it otherwise, and that is why it was so disappointing.

Thankfully I was able to get a refund. Blockbuster for some reason charged me $80 for the game.

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I'd have to say Fable 3. I will try to go back and play it at some point, but I think it wasn't the best $30 I've spent.

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Dragon Age 2. Also @Turbo_Toaster said:

Fallout New Vegas, and I'm the only one on Earth who hates it. I loved 3 to death, but this one just pissed me off at every turn. Bought the special edition and everything since I missed out on the 3rd one's SE. *Sigh*

You're an idiot, i can't believe that you Oh wait, you're a moderator...um 100% agree with you dude.

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I've bought a lot of really bad games, so it's a bit of a toss-up. I wasn't expecting much from the Game of Thrones RTS, and I actually found it to be mildly entertaining and the mechanics were somewhat interesting so I guess it wasn't too disappointing.

I'd go with Gothic 3. That game was such a piece of shit, especially following the awesome of Gothic 1 and 2.

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Enter the Matrix.

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Probably Brink. I love team-based shooters, but Brink was a miserable failure. I uninstalled it after the second day, and it hasn't been reinstalled since.

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Dragon Age 2. Took a week off to play it and was done after a couple of days. Not saying it was bad though. I think Ryan got it right on the Bombacast once by calling it polished mediocrity. It was really well done mediocrity.

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THe bourne conspiracy i would say is mine

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LA Noire.

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Dragon Age 2..

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@ShadowConqueror: I forgot how terrible that game was. I love warhammer, but that game was a dog.

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

@MasturbatingestBear said:

So this is similar to the topic about the worst game you ever bought?

Hmm, Crisis Core.

You never liked Crisis Core? I thought it was a great game that strengthened the story of FF7 as a whole by showing another side to Cloud and Sephiroth. It actually made me care for Aerith, unlike when I played 7. My favorite part of seven's story was the part in Nibelheim. Playing that was great and I loved the last ending.

I really enjoyed that game too. I would actually like to play it again, but I have no idea where my PSP is. Go figure.

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Xenosaga, fuck that game.

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@Hugh_Jazz said:

I've bought a lot of really bad games, so it's a bit of a toss-up. I wasn't expecting much from the Game of Thrones RTS, and I actually found it to be mildly entertaining and the mechanics were somewhat interesting so I guess it wasn't too disappointing.

I'd go with Gothic 3. That game was such a piece of shit, especially following the awesome of Gothic 1 and 2.

Gothic 3. That was my first Gothic game and I bought it upon release. It was so rough and ran so poorly it was deep into unplayable territory. But even so I could see the potential of the game and bore with it for a good while. Finally I had to throw in the towel, it was just too broken, even for someone like me who really wanted to like the game.

It has been patched up since then. Still isn't perfect, it has some weird issues with performance, the combat takes some getting use to, but it is playable. Gameplay wise I think it is a more fun action RPG than Oblivion, at least I enjoyed it more. I also like the game environment more than Oblivion. It is more earthy and real looking, and way more populated, both in town and out in the world.

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If we're talking recently, I'd go with APB. Yes, I was actually pumped for that game. I'd seen trailers, articles etc just showing off the general gameplay and customisation and I was drooling. I was one of a few hundred people to get into the original beta and actually had a pretty good time to start with. The community was tight and the customisation was as good as it looked in videos but the game weirdly got worse over time. Lag was a big issue for a long time but it was a small issue compared to the actual game structure. It was just boring and a chore. If it wasn't for the people I got to know, I wouldn't have bothered and once the game went public, our small, tight community went to shit. Higher level players abused their position over lower level players and hackers using aimbots and the like ruled the day and still do.

It's a real shame as the game had so much potential and even though development continues under APB: Reloaded, it's still the same basic game with the same problems. At this point in time, APBs production cost is easily over $50 million but has nothing to show for it. I'm not for comparison but I will in this case because there's such a drastic difference. I believe GTA IV had a similar budget and go back and play that game and you'll see how polished that game is. It may have bugs here and there but I mean from a design perspective. There is just so much detail to everything. Each building and street has its own unique characteristics. The AI react to your actions. Some will run away scared, some will fight you and do anything to stop you and other may even intervene. In contrast with APB, the world looks as though it was made out of concrete blocks with windows and doors. The AI lacks any definition of the word. Pulling them out of their car will result in them just sulking. Shooting someone on the street will make a few people run away but the majority won't care and will just keep walking. Even something as simple as jumping out of your car in APB has no repercussions, you simply spawn outside of it while your car plows forward.

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Brink. I should've listened to Jeff. :(

@mrcraggle said:

If we're talking recently, I'd go with APB. Yes, I was actually pumped for that game.

APB's probably my second biggest disappointment. Man, now I'm all bummed out.

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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi

Holy shit was this game bad. I will never be ashamed to say I absolutely love Dragon Ball Z but damn if this game was not the single most offense spawn of Satan ever put on a disc. I have enjoyed every single DBZ game released since Ultimate Battle 22 ( even Dragon Ball Z Sagas, but not Dragon Ball GT Final Bout, that was also disappointing ass). This game was a humongous leap backward for the series in terms of game play. It has the most insultingly basic and random pick a button game play ever in a fighting game. Just watch the quick look if you don't believe me. All I want from a Dragon Ball Z game is the ability to pick from a huge selection of characters and be able to chose if i want to battle at a distance or up close and yet it was able to do none of this. It's a shame too because the graphics looked fantastic, which in all honesty all I was hoping form this was Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 with a roster update and new graphics, but alas, no I ended up being severely disappointed.

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GTA IV is probably the one game this generation which I had the highest hopes for, and which disappointed me the most.

I spent quite some time with it, but I just didn't have as much fun as I thought I would be. In fact I was bored.

Honorable mentions goes to Dead Rising (awesome premise ruined by horrible game mechanics), Modern Warfare 2 and Tony Hawk's Project 8 (ruined by a crappy framerate).

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For me the game that springs iately to mind was Marvel Vs Capcom 3. I was all excited to play as s Redfield and punch Magneto in the face, but then the controls and mechanics were just the most unintuitive in the world for a newbie like me so I sold it pretty much the next day. Made me sad.

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Fable 2. I just got bored. Fable 1 was so much better!

#290 Posted by mrcraggle (1979 posts) -

@Absolute_Zero: Awww, now I feel bad :(

I've actually gotten back into it recently when they announced the valentines thing which was surprisingly fun. There are moments in that game (as rare as they may be) that are just some of the craziest and most awesome. I was in a game that was maybe 8 v 8 and our team had to take out a VIP and on the guys final life, all hell broke loose as I was close to death I threw a grenade in a do or die situation and blew up maybe 10 cars that surrounded us killing him. It was pretty epic.