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#1 Posted by Hishighness (38 posts) -

For me, it was PC. My mom used to bring home a Compaq 2670 from her work (Pictured right) and my brother, sister and I would play Wheel of fortune, Jeopardy, and other games I can't remember since it was like 25 years ago.

#2 Posted by Chop (1998 posts) -

If that doesn't count, SNES. 

#3 Posted by imsh_pl (3313 posts) -

PC I think.

#4 Posted by SMTDante89 (2582 posts) -

Super Nintendo and my first game was Donkey Kong Country.

#5 Posted by Djeffers03 (2545 posts) -

PC, then I got an original Xbox at launch. Im a teen so I wasn't allowed to get any consoles for a fair while.  
I used to destroy on Age of Empires <3

#6 Posted by Adamsons (873 posts) -


#7 Posted by laserbolts (5365 posts) -

Arcade. First console was the old nintendo entertainment system

#8 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -


#9 Posted by SadPatrol (502 posts) -

Super Mario world on the snes.

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#11 Posted by BeachThunder (12410 posts) -

Always be PCing =D
I think it was a 486.

#12 Posted by JessicaBoo (404 posts) -

I played Donkey Kong on the Atari :) 

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#15 Posted by Surkov (990 posts) -

I remember seeing C&C on my uncles PC. 

#16 Posted by august (3866 posts) -
Atari 5200, two-port model
#17 Posted by Skytylz (4039 posts) -

Atari 2600, super dope.  

#18 Posted by crusader8463 (14428 posts) -

Most likely one of those Tiger Handhelds. First full fledged system was the NES.

#19 Posted by Kidavenger (3628 posts) -


#20 Posted by Cwaff (1260 posts) -

Sega Megadrive. Or Genesis as you folks call it.

#21 Posted by The_Painted (181 posts) -

NES. Lots of Skate or Die, Robocop, and Super Mario Bros.

#22 Posted by TobbRobb (4841 posts) -

I think I played some simple PC games first, but the furthest pure game I remember is Sonic the hedgehog 2 on the megadrive "or genesis you dirty american dogs"

#23 Posted by benitobb (291 posts) -

Sega Master System

#24 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -


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#26 Posted by Sharpshooter (891 posts) -

The first games console I ever played was a Sega Master System. Got it as a gift from one of my fathers brothers that lived in England. At the time there was nowhere in Dublin that you could buy games so we had to make do with the two games that were built into the console. Safari Hunt and Hang-on. I know they were built in because both the cartridge slot and the card slot were empty, but the games still worked. You picked the game by putting in the appropriate controller, light gun for safari hunt & control pad for Hang-on.

I remember I was that green about the whole experience that it took a whole year before I actually figured out that you could actually change gears in Hang-on to go faster. Up to that point I thought it was just a short piece of track and the whole game was supposed to last no more than two minutes. My father was addicted to Safari Hunt. Later on when we got our first NES he got addicted to Super Mario Bros. Hell he would play it more than me and my brother put together. Then when I got my first Playstation he would give me stick about playing too much video games.

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#28 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1811 posts) -

Probably the SNES.

#29 Posted by DillonWerner (1520 posts) -

N64 or Gameboy Color

#30 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

PC since ever and forever. 
It was an old IBM computer in the mid 90s

#31 Posted by ZimboDK (843 posts) -

PC... Well, a 1984 PC, so it had a pricetag of around $10,000.

#32 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -


centipede fiend

#33 Posted by Branthog (5597 posts) -

PC, like a real man. Specifically, a VIC-20.

#34 Posted by Yanngc33 (4461 posts) -

An arcade cabinet

#35 Edited by B0nd07 (1701 posts) -

Intellivision, maybe PC/DOS; one of the two.

#36 Posted by Aronman789 (2671 posts) -

Playstation 1

#37 Posted by Nelander (177 posts) -

atari 2600

#38 Posted by TooWalrus (13256 posts) -

We had a NES... I remember my dad renting Monopoly. My parents wanted to play, they didn't let me. I still haven't forgiven them!

#39 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3683 posts) -

The Snes

#40 Posted by TehFedro (431 posts) -

SNES or N64.

#41 Posted by Psykhophear (944 posts) -
#42 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

Apple IIe (I think) and/or Commodore 64, can't remember exactly which

#43 Posted by shootermcclay (219 posts) -

NES circa 1990.

#44 Posted by Rattle618 (1456 posts) -

Either a Commodore64 or a PC, I cant really remember cause I was very young.

#45 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

SNES and Genesis.

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#48 Posted by Devil240Z (3430 posts) -

Probably NES. I think I played duck hunt for the first time when I was like 5 years old.

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