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Hey there, what's your personal game of the year 2011? I am kinda torn between Saints Row the Third, Dark Souls AND Skyrim.

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In all honesty, I haven't played most of the major releases so my list would be shorter than most. Either Gears 3, Saints row the Third or Dark Souls as those are the games I played and really enjoyed. Though theres still time to play Batman and Skyrim before the year ends, I just dunno if I will :P

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Ghost Trick, then Bastion, then Portal 2.

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@ProfessorK: Eeeeh Batman kinda disappointed me to be honest. I loved Arkham Asylum and although Arkham City added free roaming and more stuff I find the game inferior to it's predecessor ... also the story is like really bad and feels kinda forced.

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Skyrim is for sure my number 1, then Portal 2.

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I haven't played that many new releases this year. But if I had to list a few it would go from first to last; Skyrim, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters and Portal 2. I bought The Witcher 2, but really couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll try again some day.

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I haven't played Batman: Arkham City and Trine 2 YET, but unless they completely blow my mind, then my GOTY will definitely be The Witcher 2, followed by Portal 2.

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Most games I bought this year are games released in 2010 or earlier, so removing those from the equation... I'll have to go with Skyrim. It's the only game that has really captured my attention; everything else has left me somewhat underwhelmed. I haven't played Portal 2 yet, so maybe that will blow me away, but other than that there's been nothing I consider particularly noteworthy. I'm starting to think that these days I either expect too much, or I'm just not that easily impressed by games anymore.

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Uncharted 3 for me. The storyteing, atmosphere, music, voice acting... Best experience I've had a year

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I dug Uncharted 3 a lot. Gears 3 was pretty solid. Saints Row was totally rad. For whatever reason, I loved Bulletstorm. Haven't played Zelda yet..... Hell, I don't know.

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I was really excited for the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus pack, but since those games weren't TECHNICALLY released this year, I will withhold them from my list. As far as games that have been released this year, I really liked Skyrim (despite its bugs), Arkham City, and Rayman: Origins

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I'm gonna blow all your minds with my choice. SKYRIM!

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Of games I consider myself experienced enough with this year; 
- Skyrim, despite the PS3 version disaster. It is a game of games. 
Walkers up:
- Deus Ex Human Revolution is pretty much my #2 GOTY for the year., because it's a Deus Ex game all the way. Lost a little replay value after three laps through it but I'm hungry for more.
- Battlefield 3 could have been it if the map design been better (as in all maps but one are great for conquest, all maps but one are utter shite for Rush) and if the single-player did not deserve a shitting on.
 - APB Reloaded, if it wasn't for hackers fucking it up, the poor mission design, the unfair random chance, the bad spawn system, and so many more things, would be my actual GOTY. When everything works out right in that free to play game it is one of the best online action experiences I have ever taken part in, but that isn't very often. It's been like.. three times over this entire year that everything in one round of it felt fair to both sides of the mission and we all had a jolly good time and challenge.
Alpha Protocol is my 2011 2010 GOTY.

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Either Arkham City or Gears 3.

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*goes back to playing Skyrim*

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Skyrim. I have problems with making a top 10 list I'm satisfied with, so I'll just leave it at that.

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I'm going to cheat and do a few, but make it look legit by putting them into different categories.

RPG/Game made by Bethesda: Skyrim

Arcade Game/marketplace downloadable: Trenched Brigade

And that's all really, haven't bought many 2011 games this year... Probably going to buy SR:3.

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GOTY 2011

I thought if I did this now then I could keep updating it with this years games so come December I don't forget what I liked in January. :)

Also I'll leave every game I've played this year as an entry, so this won't be a 10 game long list sorry.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This is absolutely the game I have been waiting 5 years for. Love this game.

2. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Brilliant game. Incredible characters and a well written dynamic story. Also nipples.

3. Dark Souls

Great atmosphere, rewarding combat system, brilliant art style, and an absolutely massive game world.

4. Battlefield 3

You just cannot beat Battlefield's style of multiplayer.

5. Portal 2

Even though people call this just more of Portal that is by no means a bad thing. Fun puzzles, great characters and voicework, and a great sense of humour.

6. Saints Row: The Third

Big fucking purple dildo bats.

7. DiRT 3

Even though this is just a rally game and can only really excel in two areas (graphics and gameplay) it is still the best rally game I have ever played. The cars all handle really well, even when doing that stupid gymkhana crap. The only downside is the lack of actual rally drivers. Ken Block is a twat.

8. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I'm a sucker for being able to explore and the little details in this game are brilliant.

9. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Slow paced, satisfying WW2 FPS, with a highly detailed, realistic physics model, that dictates exactly how the bullets travel. Basically, unless you aim properly, you aren't shooting anyone.

10. The Binding of Isaac

Addictive little part-roguelike, part-zelda-esque adventure game, part Super Smash TV 4-way shooter. The upgrades make this game really special.

11. Tropico 4

Awesome game.

12. Dead Island

Again, I'm a sucker for exploring and loot, and this game has both by the bucket load. And the combat is really satisfying, even though I feel the analogue mode is pretty awkward and could do with being a lot more like Mount and Blade's combat.

13. Terraria

Actually a really cool game, but will likely drop off the list come December.

14. Magicka

The weird combination of Swenglish and the how insane this game can become definitely makes it some sort of contender for this.

15. Dungeons of Dredmor

Cool little Roguelike. I'm awful at them though so I've not played too much of it.

16. Brink

Good game in concept, but badly implemented.

17. Monday Night Combat

Cool game, but I just couldn't get in to it.

18. Crysis 2

Pretty generic sci-fi pro America FPS. Absolutely nothing compared to it's predecessor.

19. Dragon Age II

Fuck this game. I really can't believe Bioware thought this game was worthy of being a sequel to DA:O.

20. L.A. Noire

This game is shit.

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Witcher 2

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saints row or dark souls

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@PeasantAbuse said:


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Are these still coming up? Well, the last 2 minutes of Bastion were better than any other complete game experience that I had this year.

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Skyrim was a disappointment for me, I'm not sure where it would go in my top 10.

Deus Ex Human Revolution, Portal 2, Skyward Sword, Rayman Origins and Rhythm Heaven Wii were all really good. Other games like Kirby Return to Dream Land, Ghost Trick, Batman AC and Renegade Ops would go in a rung below those. That's about as specific as I can get, I'd have a tough time picking an absolute favourite.

Edit: I haven't gotten around to playing through Saints Row yet, unfortunately.

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Space Marine multiplayer

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@AlexW00d: Impressive list sir.

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I played a lot of great games this year, but Skyrim was definitely my favorite. So that. 
Arkham City is a close second.

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Skyrim for sure.

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Skyward Sword

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I still have to play Skyward Sword and Saints Row the Third before I make up my mind though.
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Currently juggling between Dark Souls and Skyrim in the #1 and 2 slots. Otherwise, I pretty much have my list sorted out.

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The new games I played this year were Bastion, Portal 2, DiRT 2, LA Noire and Skyrim.

They were all 5 star games. Good job, games industry!

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To the Moon. And I'm not kidding. These kind of games should be made more often. And I'm pretty sure they will. *Happy*

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with Saint's Row: The Third and LA Noire as runner-ups.

Skyrim is excellent, but I can't help but feel that Bethesda has been making the same game for the past decade, even going so far as to buy another IP just so they could make it exactly like the series they already own.

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Skyrim would be my GOTY pick with Saints Row the Third coming in a close second. Dark Souls would round out the top three.

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Have to go with Bastion. Every aspect of that game was executed perfectly to me, from the incredible art-style to the gameplay and RPG mechanics, the music, the narrator, the story, everything. It didn't overstay its welcome, had highly memorable moments and I'm still thinking about it to this day.

Perhaps I'll look back at 2011 later on and look at Skyrim as my GotY, but right now, I can't help but feel the best experience I had this year in games came from Bastion.

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Very few games I played this year came out in 2011, so it makes Skyrim a really easy choice.

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Either Shyrim or Dark Souls.

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I haven't played a bunch of new games this year, but Skyward Sword was the one I enjoyed most, therefore my 2011 GOTY.

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L.A. Noire

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The games that I played are the only ones I'll talk about.
PS3: Uncharted 3 
--Runner-up: Killzone 3

Xbox: Gears of War 3 
--Runner-up: Skyrim

PC: The Witcher 2 
--Runner-up: Battlefield 3

Multi-platform: Arkham City 
--Runner-up: Portal 2 

Overall: Uncharted 3
--Runner-up: Witcher 2
What'd you guys thinks of my picks? Meh? Lol

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Portal 2.

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@krabboss said:

Skyrim was a disappointment for me, I'm not sure where it would go in my top 10.

Deus Ex Human Revolution, Portal 2, Skyward Sword, Rayman Origins and Rhythm Heaven Wii were all really good. Other games like Kirby Return to Dream Land, Ghost Trick, Batman AC and Renegade Ops would go in a rung below those. That's about as specific as I can get, I'd have a tough time picking an absolute favourite.

Edit: I haven't gotten around to playing through Saints Row yet, unfortunately.

I didn't even list it in the top two for anything but 360, Skyrim. It didn't impress me THAT much.
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  • Best Indie Game: The Binding of Isaac
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@Marz said:
Witcher 2
Finally someone other than me said TW2 :)
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I'm holding off on Skyrim until I'm done with finals, but so far this year, I have spent a ton of time with Dungeon Defenders, Dragon Age 2, and Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Not necessarily the best games ever, but definitely worth mentioning. Other than that, I've been playing games that have been out a good while (and that don't start with the letter 'D').

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Bastion. That game surprised me. Immensely.

No other game did that.

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  1. Ghost Trick
  2. Catherine
  3. Bulletstorm
I've yet to play many of the significant games, though.
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Skyrim (surprise) followed closed by Uncharted 3 and Arkham City

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The Witcher 2