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I will kill you

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Out of the two, I guess I'd go with the bookstore, but I'm more of the billiards-type guy myself.

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Seems like the 2 choices go hand in hand now - coffee plus a book is alright. But I don't know if I'd spend my night there... perhaps a part of the day. Night life is something else...

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Bookstore, I can totally lose myself in books so the night'll be over before the bookstore runs out of books...barely.

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Man people take things way too literally lol. I said "night" but I just meant, you know, like the evening with friends or what-have-you (i.e., friends or by yourself, it's up to you really. This is not a scientific poll!). 
Although they do kind of go hand-in-hand, but then again they don't. I have plenty of friends who go and spend a few hours at Starbucks and chat, but if I were to ask them to go to Barnes and Noble with me (which yes, also serves coffee) they'd say no . . . .
Personally I'd go with bookstore. I love to read!

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Barnes and Noble has both, so...

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Typically these places are too far away from my town (other than coffee shops) to warrant staying after like a 30 minute drive. I'd rather just stay around my home where I have a substantial book collection already from my father - also a coffeemaker. 
But yeah if I had to make a choice, I'd go with bookstore since they usually have both and the environment is more peaceful...

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Bookstore. I read books but I don't drink coffee.

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i votes coffee shop but really that means a bookstore, because i suck at clicking polls apparently. there is always a quiet cool corner of a bookstore where there are no assholes ordering some vential mcha fapachino milk or whatever shit that people who order coffee drink.

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Book store. Weird-ass, borderline shut-in clerks are easier to deal with than douchey hipsters buying drinks and listening to music that you can't pronounce. 

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I'd go to a Borders. They have a Gloria jeans Coffee in every one...

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Bookstore as that would probably be more entertaining, for myself, than being at a Coffee Shop for a night.

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@Synthballs: My Borders closed down about a year ago. :(
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the bookstore is likely to have it's own coffee shop, but regardless, i like bookstores

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Books don't taste as good as coffee.

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@nofx4208 said:
" the bookstore is likely to have it's own coffee shop, but regardless, i like bookstores "
This is true. But you know, there are small bookstores as well. That don't have coffee shops :P
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Of those two choices, "coffee shop" although don't many bookstores have coffee shops inside them these days?
Really, I'd rather "hang" at home.  Nothing good ever happens after 1AM so it's best to be at home before the witchin' hour.

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My bookstore has a starbucks in it... 
So I guess both?

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where is the strip club option?

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I don't drink coffee, so bookstore.

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@Atomasist said:
" I don't drink coffee, so bookstore. "
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@Vonocourt said:
" Barnes and Noble has both, so... "
haha a bookstore near me has both as well.
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With a friend - Coffee shop
Alone - Book shop

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We've got Borders on the east coast. Free internet, books, coffee.... sounds like a plan. 
Although personally... who reads books anymore? And I have wifi...and coffee if your a queer and can't stay up late.... so why wouldn't I just spend it at my house?

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@astrotriforce said:
" @nofx4208 said:
" the bookstore is likely to have it's own coffee shop, but regardless, i like bookstores "
This is true. But you know, there are small bookstores as well. That don't have coffee shops :P "
i suppose it depends on where said bookstores are XD
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Bookstore i guess

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There is a book-store in my town that has a coffee shop in it. Can I hang there for a night?

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Borders... Has both.

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Bookstore. I do not like coffee.

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Chapters has both, but I would never drink shitty Starbucks coffee, so bookstore.

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Both. I can talk about interesting books in a bookstore, and I can just chill in a coffee shop.

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This poll is stupid and I hate you. Bookstore.
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How about a bookstore inside of a coffee shop that is inside a bookstore?

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@Sovereign13 said:
" Books don't taste as good as coffee. "
they taste BETTER!
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I guess a book store. I like reading books and they might have computers to play with. 
Of course, casinos and strip joints are much more fun places to hang out if you have the $$$.

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probably a bookstore, after i get a migraine from drinking too much coffee whats left to do, talk to some elitist scumbag. At least at a bookstore i can search for some knowledge and maybe catch some z's.

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Bookstore. I hate coffee, and the smell of it.

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Barnes and Noble is a little like both. Anyways, the environment of a coffee shop seems more inviting in my opinion. So I'll take a coffee shop, even though I don't drink coffee.

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Book store.

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Bookstore, for sure. Most of them have coffee shops inside too. :)

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The Waterstones (UK book store chain) in my town has a Costa coffeeshop on the top floor. I win. Although it's closing down on Friday D:

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i guess coffee place but i don't hang around any of those. i don't drink coffee to much.

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I don't drink coffee too much either, but I sure as heck love me a Vanilla Bean Frappucino with peppermint added ;)

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Holy crap coffee shop has taken the lead! Despite what every comment says about preferring a bookstore!